Vegan Pizza Time! Teese Mozzarella Makes for a Revolutionary Lunch

When I received the April 2013 Vegan Cuts box, I was thrilled to see both Teese mozzarella and Parmela Parmesan in the box. I never tried vegan cheese before and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with these cheeses. My whole family loves pizza, so I am putting the cheese to the test by making them a homemade whole wheat vegan cheese pizza.

This is the pizza dough I made using my new stand mixer. It is so much better using a mixer instead of mixing everything by hand – and faster too!
This was my second time making my own crust by hand. The first time was when I was in college and it was a disaster. I don’t have a pizza pan, so I didn’t bother making sure it came out like a circle. Maybe next time I will for aesthetic purposes!


This is my daughter. She decided she wanted to make a mini pizza with me.
The infamous Teese mozzarella cheese! I used pretty much the entire thing. I used a small bit yesterday morning to make cheesy eggs for my daughter’s breakfast.
I probably went a little overboard crumbling the cheese on. The texture is really different. It isn’t anything like mozzarella, it crumbles similarly to goat cheese and smells a bit like it too.
The finished product! I was surprised at how well it melted since vegan cheese is infamous for not melting very well


Now, it is time for the taste test. We decided to go for a quick walk first before trying it out.
The Verdict: When we got back, I gave her a slice and she ate it right up. My sister tried a slice too and she said it was alright and definitely did taste like pizza. She wasn’t so sure how she thought about the cheese. Now it was time I tried it and…… Meh.
It does taste like pizza, but the texture of the cheese was not appealing to me at all. It did not have that chewiness that cheese gets once it’s cooled down a bit. Instead, it was softer. Again, I couldn’t help but think of goat cheese with a light mozzarella taste I think I am a little biased because I was very hesitant to actually try it once I made it. Something about eating something that is supposed to be cheese, but knowing that it isn’t just made me feel weird. The really strange part is that I don’t have a problem eating vegan meat at all. Maybe I will give it a try again later and see how I feel.
Have you tried Teese vegan cheese before? What did you think? What did you end up doing with your cheese from your Vegan Cuts box?
If you haven’t signed up for Vegan Cuts yet, I highly recommend checking them out!

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