Orange Glad Review and Coupon July 2013 – Dessert Subscription Box

When I first heard about the new dessert subscription box, Orange Glad, I could not be more excited. For a while, I was already searching around for a subscription that sent out scrumptious desserts each month. This literally answered my prayers. I was beyond thrilled when they offered me a chance to review their first box for free.

The Cost: $21.95 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code SUBMAVEN to save 10% off your subscription

The Products: Orange Glad searches the country for the best bakeries around and chooses the best to feature in the box. The boxes are expertly packed to keep treats fresh by the time they reach your door. You can read my Orange Glad reviews here.

I loved that they have their own labels to inform shippers about the contents. When I got home, my box was nicely tucked away from the hot sun.

On the bottom of the box, they have this sentence for you to finish and send back to them as a text or picture. I thought that was cute.

Most of the treats were wrapped in the foil which had two ice packs keeping everything cool. The ice packs long since melted, but everything was still a little cool.

I really appreciate a good, detailed product card, but the ingredient list is what I loved the most. So many people have allergies these days, so an ingredient list is vital to any food subscription.

Twenty Pixels Orange Glad pins

I thought these were very cute! I just need to find a place to use them now.

The Secret Chocolatier Chocolate and White Chocolate Bark – Value $2.50 approximately

I only tried the white chocolate so far and I love the macadamia in it. I am saving the other piece for a special occasion.

Yummes Complete Peanutbutterness – Value $5

This was incredible. I am so glad there was only one on the box because I would have eaten them all. In one sitting. Alone.

orange glad review and coupon


Alice’s Stick Cookies in Vanilla – Value $9.95

These cookies were melt-in-your-mouth good. They were rich, buttery and went well with the homemade lemon curd I made this weekend.

Fat Witch Bakery Brownie – Value $2.95

Oh my goodness, I ate this last night and it was the most moist and decadent brownie I’ve ever had. It was really on the verge of being gooey chocolately fudge, but still had that density and crunchy outer shell that let you know this was a true blue brownie. Yum, yum yum.

Sweet Lydia’s S’More Bites – Value $4

I have not tried this yet because I want to wait until movie night with my daughter. I think this is the perfect summer treat and I am so excited to try it out! I think this was the one dessert I was most excited about.

Thoughts: I am so happy to have Orange Glad in my life! This is the perfect monthly treat I need .The total value of this was over $25 and every product was incredible. I cannot wait to see what future boxes hold.

Have you tried Orange Glad’s inaugural box? What did you think? If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to use my code for 10% off!




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