Graze Review August 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Graze. It is always such a happy surprise to find their box at my door.

The Cost: $5 a box (flexible shipping frequency)

The Products: Each Graze box contains four single-serving healthy snacks. You can check out my past Graze reviews here.

Cheddar Gorge – I normally do not like cheesy cashews, but they worked really well in this snack! My daughter, who is not a fan of cashews ate them up merrily! This is in my top 5 favorite Graze snacks so far.

Tropical Daiquiri – I thought the lime-infused raisins were a unique twist and the whole snack was a very nice treat.

Korai Chutney – Normally, I love everything chutney and Indian, but this was not the best snack for me. I would have rather saved the chutney for something else and eat the curry bites separately.

Hot Cross Buns – Okay, this snack is AMAZING! The cinnamon honey almonds were so addictive and the the orange raisins were delectable. Yum.. I want to eat this every day!

Thoughts: This was a really great box for me. I was able to find two snacks that I absolutely adore and find a snack that I am not to happy with which is actually a nice surprise because now I know they aren’t perfect. I really think I will have to see about getting a whole box of the Hot Cross Buns soon.

What do you think of Graze? What is your favorite and least favorite snacks by them?

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