KLUTCHclub Cooking Essentials Box Review – Health and Fitness Subscription Box

KLUTCHclub has a great reward system where you are able to gain “KLUTCHbucks” through your activity. You can use these bucks to purchase products from their store or a selection of their Special Edition boxes. I decided to try their Cooking Essentials box.
The Cost: 300 KLUTCHbucks (not available for regular purchase at the moment)

The Products: The Cooking Essentials box is a one-off subscription box that delivers healthy cooking ingredients, a recipe book and snacks.

Agar Agar Sample – Value $1
The first thing I noticed about the box was that it included this molecular gastronomy recipes, plus a few tools. I’ve never used Agar Agar before, but now I think I need to make some vegan caviar!

Zoye Vegetable Oil – Value $2.50
Truvia Stevia – Value $3

Manitoba Hemp Hearts – Value $9
Pure Matters Chocolate Protein – Value $4

I love Hemp Hearts thanks to subscription boxes and just ran out of my last bag so I am so happy to get this!

I’ve tried a plant-based protein drink before and I was not a fan. This brand was a lot better, but it is something I would definitely need to add more flavors to before finishing it.

King Arthur Flour Whole Flax Meal - Value $5

What I did not know about flax meal is that it can replace eggs or the fat in your recipes! This helps make your recipe healthier and lower in fat. I am planning on baking some cookies using this. I will let you know how it goes!

Thoughts: I am really excited to have a lot of these products and I can’t wait to try out some of the ingredients. Everything will be used. Considering the name of the box, however, I was expecting different products.

What did you think of the Cooking Essentials KLUTCHclub box?

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