Graze Review October 2013 – Snack Subscription Box

Graze review October

Graze is my absolute favorite snack subscription box I’ve had so far. The snacks are healthy (or at least mostly healthy!) and taste phenomenal. I look forward to trying their snacks every couple of weeks! 

Graze review October

The Cost: $6 a box, sent every 2 or 4 weeks (I locked in a price of $5 a box being subscriber before the expansion)

The Products: Graze makes their own delicious healthy snacks and sends out four single-serving portions whenever you have a snack craving. You can read my past Graze reviews here.

Graze review October

Spicy Corn Taco - hot chili peanuts, edamame beans and roasted corn

I actually used this as a topping on nachos to add a bit of extra crunch and spice and it was so good. I really recommend trying it out, or even adding it to a taco salad!

Graze review October

Chocolate Pretzels - chocolate sauce and poppyseed pretzels

Oh my gosh, the chocolate dip tastes like creamy chocolate pudding and goes so well with the poppyseed pretzels. My daughter ate most of the pretzels and I went ahead and ate the chocolate dip on it’s own.

Graze review October

Jelly Donut - raspberry fruit strings, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and sponge pieces

Oh my goodness, this is good. I mean, this is really good. I need a box of just this alone. I am very close to asking them for their fruit-infused dried fruit in a bag because it’s the best I’ve ever had.

Graze review October

Pina Colada - pineapple, coconut flakes and mango

I already tried Pina Colada before and think its delicious, but with all the snack varieties, I was surprised to get a repeat snack so soon!

Thoughts: This was a really great box of snacks this week. I found two more snacks to obsess over and the other two were just as amazing.

What do you think of Graze? By the way, I still have a couple of spots open. My code is: J24HL4T2P





    • Amanda says

      I agree – I really think they need to sell Family Size versions of each of the snacks… not that I would share with my family; I just need more for me! haha

  1. LoveBeautyNglam says

    I put my name in for an invite when the site opened up it’s list months and months ago and I finally got an email a few weeks ago!! I just received my first box and I absolutely love love love it! This is one I’m definitely keeping on. I love that you can change the subscription to every week, 2 weeks or 1 month.

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