Vegan Presence Review October 2013

Vegan Presence Review

I am always so excited to get my Vegan Presence box in the mail each month. I was especially excited to see what Fall items were included in the October box. There were some delays in getting the review done due to shipping issues and my transfer to a new blog platform.

Vegan Presence Review

The Cost: $23 for a trial package or $20 a month for a 3-month subscription.

The Products: Vegan Presence searches for some of the best vegan food, lifestyle and beauty products. You can read all my Vegan Presence reviews here.

Vegan Presence review

Pur Bliss Pumpkin Pie Bliss Candle - Value $6.95

I was beyond thrilled to see this in the October package. A pumpkin pie candle was on my Fall wishlist for a while now. I could not bear burning the candle for a while, so I left the candle tin opened and the scent was strong enough to provide some aromatherapy in our small foyer. I need more of these candles in my life!

Vegan Presence Review

Juvo Raw Green Protein and Raw Superfood samples – Value $1 each

In the letter, Andrea of Vegan Presence noted the taste of the Juvo powders was mild enough to drink alone with water so I gave it a try. The taste is indeed very mild, but I was not used to the scent. I recommend just putting it in a smoothie another preferred drink.

Vegan Presence Review

Juvo Slim Natural Raw Meal and Natural Raw Meal Whole Food - Value $1 each

I think Juvo is my favorite plant-based meal replacement/protein drink. Most other brands have consistencies and tastes I do not like, but Juvo mixes very well in everything I’ve put it in so far!

vegan presence review

Barre Black Swan Chocolate Berry – Value $2.50

I’ve tried a few of the Barre bars and loved them, this was probably my favorite.

vegan presence review

Flying Bird Botanicals Jasmine Green Tea – Value $14

I’ve been drinking this tea every day since getting it! I cannot get through my morning without having a cup. We got Lavender Mint drinking chocolate in my first Vegan Presence which I also really love. Slowly but surely, this is becoming my favorite hot beverage brand!

vegan presence review

Derma E Soothing Cleanser, Soothing Serum and Soothing Moisturizing Creme – Samples

Vegan Presence review

Chocolita Raw White Chocolate Bar – Value $3.79

Okay, when I saw this was white chocolate, I was still thinking it would be white in color. It wasn’t until I tried this chocolate did I remember that so-called white chocolate is not actual chocolate and this is. It is also fair trade, organic and has a low glycemic index making it safe for diabetics. By the way, it’s delicious.

Thoughts: Vegan Presence gets better and better each month. I think this is such a great discovery box if you are interested in living a healthy and earth-friendly lifestyle, vegan or not. I am always pleasantly surprised at the new discoveries and their excellent customer service. The total value of this box is over $30 and definitely worth every penny.

What did you think about Vegan Presence?


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