Dollar Shave Club Review

dollar shave club reviews

In my quest for Christmas presents for my father, I remembered one subscription I knew he could not do without. The Dollar Shave Club is a shaving subscription service that sends out a premium razors each month. The best part? Your subscription can be as low as $1 (plus shipping of course).

dollar shave club reviews

The Cost: $1, $6 or $9 a month, depending on the number of blades you want each razor cartridge to have. Shipping is free on the $6 and $9 razors.

The Products: Each month, Dollar Shave Club will send you a razor with 4 cartridges (5 if you get the $1 package). I decided to get The Executive with 6 blades in each cartridge.

dollar shave club reviews

The Executive 

With 6 blades, you are definitely going to get a close shave. I like that this particular razor comes with a trimmer which comes in handy. The razor also has  an aloe, vitamin E, and lavender lubricating strip.

Thoughts: The price for this razor is a real bargain, I think. We tend to forget about razors until we are in the shower then forget about them again the moment we get out, so having a subscription like this is invaluable. What I did not know about the Dollar Shave Club until after I placed my first order is that you can add on shaving butter and wipes for $8 and $4 respectively.



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