Julep Maven Boudoir Collection Review January 2014

Julep Maven BouDoir Collection January

When I saw the Julep Maven Boudoir Collection for January, I knew I had to get a box. I could not decide which box I wanted, so I decided to upgrade to the Ultimate Collection that included the Resort Collection add-on which is coming separately.

julep maven boudoir collection january

The Cost: $19.95 a month, including shipping for a standard subscription, upgrades have an additional cost, depending on which upgrade you choose.

The Products: Each month, you get to choose the style profile you like the most. Julep Maven has a selection of nail polishes, makeup and/or other beauty items in each profile style. You can check out my Julep Maven reviews to see what you can expect each month.

julep maven boudoir collection january

Julep Maven Essential Cuticle Oil – Retail Value $18

I already have this cuticle oil, but you really can never have enough!

Nail Buffers – Retail Value $4?

I think these were an extra item? I couldn’t find any info on them anywhere.

julep maven boudoir collection january

Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover – Retail Value $18

I tried this last night and it was really interesting. When I was pushing back my cuticles, the formula turned into this almost solid sticky form which scared me a split second because I thought it was my cuticle skin coming off!


Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops – Retail Value $14

I’ve been wanting to try these Quick Dry drops for ages now. I am thrilled to finally be able to have it in my collection. So far, it does it’s job pretty well, but I only tried it on the silk finish which tends to dry faster than the creme polishes.



julep maven boudoir collection january

Hope - Stark white satin

I am not a fan of my white Julep polishes because they tend to dry super slow. Since this is a satin finish, I am hoping it will dry faster, especially with the drops.

Farrah - Lilac silk

This color is so pretty on your nails! I am wearing it now and I cannot get over how much I love it!

Annemarie - Warm cocoa crème

This is not my favorite color. I am not the biggest fan of brown polish, but I am sure I can find some nail art I can attempt using this color.

julep maven boudoir collection january

Hannah - Sage crème

I like some green colors, and I think this could potentially be a nice Spring color, but again, it is not my favorite.

Mae - Soft lavender satin

I love Mae. I did a swatch of the color and I can’t wait to try it  out later on my nails.

Noelle - Sandy beach silk

The finish is what saved this color. It isn’t something I would ever normally wear, but because of the finish, it makes it interesting enough to try out.

julep maven boudoir collection january

Mona - Storm cloud grey crème

I love my grey colors. I wear a lot of grey clothing, makeup and polish and have a running joke that I live my life in greyscale so this is right up my alley.

Abigail - Light peony pink silk

This is another favorite. I am pairing it with Farrah and they make such a sweet romantic duo!

Margot - Old Hollywood gold shimmer

I can’t say enough good things about this color. I love the vibrant gold and shimmer. It really is very glamorous!

Thoughts: This is not my favorite collection and a part of me wishes I did not get the whole collection and instead opted for only certain colors, plus the nail treatments. I do look forward for receiving the Resort Collection which I am sure will make up for some of the shades that were not my style here. The colors I did like in the collection I ended up adoring once I saw them in person!

What did you think about the Julep Maven Boudoir Collection?




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