Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review Summer 2014

fortune cookie soap


If you haven’t noticed, I am very behind on reviews. I received my Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box earlier this month and it is just as good as every other box they send. I cannot wait for them to start a monthly box (rumor is that it is in the works!) The summer theme was Candy Aisle, inspired by the board game Candy Land!


fortune cookie soap


The Cost: $19.95

The Products: Fortune Cookie Soap sends 6 – 8 samples of not-yet-released product lines and scents every season. Each box also includes a $10 gift card to spend in their shop.

The Concept: This quarterly box is a way to give you an insider trial of their upcoming products and learn about launch releases as well as their quarterly sales.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Fortune Cookie Soap Box reviews here.


fortune cookie soap Here is the product card for the box.


fortune cookie soap

Sweet Dreamsicle Wax Tart

I don’t have anything to use the wax tart on (but I just ordered a Scenty warmer, so I should have one soon!). The smell of the dreamsicle is so intoxicating though, I am almost tempted to lick it !

Rock Your Socks Off Solid Sugar Scrub 

Again, this smells incredible. It’s like every grape candy you’ve ever had amplified. I love how exfoliating it is too. It lasts for a few showers which is great.

fortune cookie soap

Lick Your Lips Fortune Cookie Soap 

This reminds me a bit of mint ice cream, which I think is what they were going for when they made it. I would have liked the scent to be a bit more creamy.

fortune cookie soap

Lollipop Your Cherry OCD Hand Sanitizer

This smells like a cherry Blow Pop. It’s fantastic.

The Sweet Spot Sparkle Mist

This is like a slightly tropical fruit salad. It’s very yummy. I was a little worried about the glitter, but it is not as intense as I originally though.

fortune cookie soap

Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot Microdermabrasion Scrub

I love citrus scents like this! I’ve been pairing it with my lemon-y Juice Beauty moisturizer.

fortune cookie soap


Captains Buried Booty Whipped Cream

This smells like Captain Crunch cereal, only much better. I love their whipped creams and will probably get this in full-size along with a few other scents.

Blow Me Lip Scrub

This smells like that really hard bubble gum you used to get by the handful in school. You know, the one they included in the box (pictured with the product card)  I adore it.

Thoughts: This box was super sweet and I loved how they created a whole experience by adding some candy with it. I was delighted opening the box and it left a lasting happy feeling that I always get with my FCS boxes. It remains my top favorite box to get each quarter. What did you think about the Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box?




  1. MARY JANE VEN says

    Does FCC send you an email when they ship out the boxes? Also, I just discovered your site and I too am obsessed with sub boxes. Which ones are your faves?

    • Amanda says

      Yes, they send an email with tracking. They started shipping a little while back and I just got my latest box yesterday (spoiler: it’s awesome!) my absolutely faves are this box and popsugar hands down!

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