About Me

Subscription boxes are a new obsession of mine and I want nothing more than to find out about all the best companies out there and share them with everyone. Here, you can find a one-stop resource for everything subscription box related. 

My name is Amanda. I am the mom of one amazing little girl. We are both proud third culture kids and love nothing more than to explore the world around us and connect with other people filled with the same wanderlust. 

I have a degree in Marketing Communications with a concentration in internet marketing and consultation. My day job is in a small office where I spend entirely too much of my time on the phone (no, I am not a telemarketer!) I’ve also been a freelance writer since 2010 doing mainly website content and private commissioned work. I had the opportunity to work with some pretty great companies along the way. (You can find some of my articles on Bounty TowelsDaily GlowwiseGEEK and Kudzu among others). I think it is my background that really drives my need to share my love and excitement over subscription boxes with you!




What made you decide to do a F.A.Q?

To be honest, I don’t think I get many questions about myself, but I thought this would be a good way to be proactive and hopefully touch on a few things you may have wanted to ask, but haven’t!

How do you afford all your boxes?

This is a question I do get asked a lot and the honest answer is: I don’t. For the moment, I am raising my daughter on my own (with the help of my family), so I have to watch my budget carefully. I use affiliate links to help subsidize the costs of many of my boxes and also get a few boxes for free. If it were not for this, i would be reviewing far fewer boxes each month. 

If you have used one of my links before, I sincerely appreciate it! I like to show my appreciation by sharing my reader’s referral links from time to time, so by using the links here will also help other readers get a few free boxes! If you want to be considered for a chance to have your referral link posted on the blog, follow me on Facebook because that is where I will tell you which boxes I am accepting referral links for and how to send them to me.

Do you get free subscription boxes?

Yes, I do. Sometimes companies will offer me a box to review. If there is a box I really want to try out, but cannot fit it in my monthly budget, I will actively reach out to a company and ask to do a review.

You get a lot of stuff from your subscription boxes, where do you put it all?

I usually end up giving a lot of it to my mom or two younger sisters. The leftovers I will either save for gifts or donate to the local women’s shelter in my area. My day job recently became associated with Purple Purse and became close to one women’s shelter in particular, so I love being able to do something nice for the women there. It’s not a lot, but I like to think it makes a small difference!

Why did you decide to start a blog to review your subscription boxes?

I’ve always loved discovering new products and services and sharing them with people. When I discovered subscription boxes, no one in my personal life understood my love for them. I knew I would be able to find like-minded people online, so I decided to use a blog as an outlet for my discoveries. 

My original intention for the blog was to include a lot more than just subscription box reviews. I also wanted to share recipes (If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you will find I talk a lot about what I am cooking that week!) as well as beauty tips and how-to’s using products I get from my boxes. Did you ever see my slightly embarrassing recipe for Chocolate Chip Cranberry Quinoa Cookies? It was one of my first blog posts! I still plan on expanding once I go self-hosted (I am on blogger at the moment), so be on the look out! I’ve already started on a couple of recipes to share!

I got a newsletter talking about your website changes, where are they?

They are coming – just slower than anticipated! I recently ran into a few personal problems that held off my ability to do any changes, but they are coming! 

I want to start blogging, how do you recommend I start?

That’s awesome news! I can’t wait to see it! For a while now, I’ve been wanting to share some of my advice as a blogger and as an internet marketer. (I’ve noticed there are a few essential things I know I don’t do, but should, so I thought this would also be a great way to keep me in check!) I plan on writing a couple of posts on the subject to help you out. If you’ve already started a blog and want me to check it out, please send me the link! I LOVE discovering new blogs and reading about other people’s lives and perspectives! 

You talk about your fiancee a lot and mention he is away, what is the deal with that?

My fiancee, Vlad, and I met in London where I was going to university. when my visa expired, I was not able to get it renewed (it’s a long story!). At the time, I also found out I was pregnant, so I came back to America instead of appealing the decision so I could have family help me with our daughter. Since Vlad was only settled in England and not a citizen (he is from Estonia), he is getting his British citizenship before coming to America so we can get married and have the option for dual citizenship for our daughter. 

It’s really difficult at times (most of the time!), but as third culture kids, we both agree it is very important that she have dual citizenship so she can travel more freely when she is older! 

Tell me random facts about you.

I am a little crunchy (meaning I am a bit of a modern-day hippie). I believe in attachment parenting and exclusively pumped milk for my daughter. I also donated breast milk to a few preemies whose mom was not able to produce milk. 

Besides baking and beauty products, I also love everything zombie and even belong to a zombie preparedness initiative (nerd alert!). I also knit and have been trying to grow my own garden for a couple of years now. 

As I said before, my fiancee is Estonian and Russian was his first language, so I am trying to teach my daughter Russian. I swear she talks to me in Russian, but since I have not been as diligent with teaching myself, I am not completely sure!

I want to talk to you more/I have more questions! 

Yay! Email me at amanda@subscriptionmaven.com or contact me via social media. I am really loving instagram these days. You can also leave me a comment below. I am almost always online and like I said, I love meeting new people!

If you are from a company and want to talk about doing a review or giveaway, please email me and we can talk over the details more.