Phone Case of the Month Review May 2014

phone case of the month review


I’ve been getting Phone Case of the Month for a while now, but I always seem to forget to take photos of my cases before slapping it on and getting it dirty two seconds later. I wanted to do a quick review of my latest case while I could!



phone case of the month review


The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Each month you will get a new novelty phone case for your Iphone or Samsung.

The Concept: This subscription gives you a selection of new and unique phone cases to keep your phone safe and stylish.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Phone Case of the Month reviews here.

The COUPON: Use code ILOVEPCOTM for 50% off your first case.



phone case of the month review


Nerd Love

This is a really cute case and I love how different it is. It is certainly not something I would pick out for myself, but I am happy to have it.


phone case of the month review

Thoughts: I like the variety that you get with Phone Case of the Month and that everyone gets a different case from one another each month. It is definitely worth the money for me to get something new and step outside of my style comfort-zone wit my phone! What do you think about Phone Case of the Month?


Weight Loss Bulu Box Review + 50% Off Coupon May 2014

bulu box review weight loss

Bulu Box is a fitness subscription box that sends different supplements and other samples that will help you reach your fitness goals. I’ve been subscribing to them for a while and I enjoy their boxes.

bulu box review weight loss

The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Bulu Box sends 4 -6 product samples and promo codes for various fitness-related products and services. They have two boxes: Classic and Weight Loss.

The Concept: This box was created to help take the guess work out of the different fitness products that are available by letting your sample them before you invest.

Other Reviews: you can read my past Bulu Box reviews here.

The COUPON: Use code BULUGAN362 for 50% off any subscription. (When you do your reviews which result in a $5 credit to spend in their shop, it is like getting your boxes free)

bulu box review weight loss

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins for Adults and Kids – Retail Value $1.53 each
We get these a lot in my boxes and we use them. They are okay and have a nice balance of vitamins and Omega 3s, but it has an aftertaste that I do not like.

bulu box review weight loss

Ridge Crest Herbals Anxiety Free - Sample

FitMiss Burn – Sample

This is a sample I would have liked to see in a bigger size because it is so hard to tell if it works for you with just one serving size.

bulu box review weight loss Power Crunch French Vanilla Protein Bar - Sample

I tried their bars before. The French Vanilla is my least favorite, but the others are really tasty.

Hemp Pro70- Sample

This is a natural hemp protein powder. It is flavorless which makes it great to mix into your yogurt.

Thoughts: This box was not really up there in value, but I subscribed using a 50% off code and do my reviews. Reviews are 10pts each and 50 pts is the same as $5 to spend in the shop, so I am basically getting my boxes free. I find that the boxes improve the more you complete reviews and subscribe (I only recently renewed my subscription.

What do you think about Bulu Box?


PupBox Review June 2014 Puppy Subscription

pupbox review


PupBox is a new subscription box geared toward furry babies. I was thrilled when they asked me to review their box.


pupbox review


The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each month, PupBox will curate a box of goodies based on your puppy’s age, personality, fur type, environment and more. The box will also include fun tips about caring for your puppy and a few tricks you can work on together.

The Concept: This box is mean to be a fun way to help foster a fun, educational “puphood,” made easier with the discovery of new products your puppy will love.


pupbox review

My Little Wolf Duck Hunter Dog Treats – Retail Value $5.99

I love that these snacks are softer for those little puppy teeth. They are also low in calories and are all natural.

Crump’s Naturals Liver Fillet Dog Treats - Retail Value $6.99

I love these natural dog treat an that they have no preservative or artificial colors.

pupbox review

Blue spider Plush Squeaker Toy

This squeaker toy is so cute and my grandmother’s dog loved it!

Orbee-Tuff Blue Dog Bone extra small – Retail Value $6.99

My grandmother’s dog is a tiny Papillon, so a lot of dog bones are too big for her, but this is the perfect size.

pupbox review

Himalayan Dog Chew Seasoning Powder- Retail Value $7.64

I never heard of seasoning for dogs before. It seems a little strange, but I am eager to see how the dog likes it.

BarkWorthies Sausage Roll - Retail Value $4.20

pupbox review


TUG Rubber and Rope Dog Toy – Retail Value $8

This toy is great for a high-energy dog that loves to play. It would probably be good for a larger puppy to use.

Thoughts: Overall, I like the concept of the box and love the extra information and guidance they include. I also like how each box is tailored to the puppies age. I am very happy with my box and I know I will be making a few other puppies very happy to with all the new treats I have! What do you think of PupBox?

Splendies Review June 2014

splendies review may


Splendies is a women’s underwear subscription that sends three nice pairs of underwear to you each month. They kindly offered my this package to review.


splendies review may


The Cost: $12 a month

The Products: You get three surprise pairs of underwear each month. You can opt to get no thongs for an extra $2

The Concept: Splendies is a way to keep your underwear drawer full of fresh new underwear.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Splendies reviews here.

The COUPON: Use the code MAVEN to save $4 on your first package!


splendies review may

Purple with Lace Trim 

This is my favorite pair because it gives the more coverage and has a nice breathable cotton which is what I really look for in a good pair of underwear.

splendies review may

Black floral with Lace Trim

This is something I would buy on my own, it is actually very similar to several pairs I’ve bought in the past !

splendies review may


White Lace Starts Thong

This is super cute – I love the star and lace combo.

Thoughts: I thought all three pairs were super cute this month and very nice for Spring. The quality of the underwear is always really great and I am happy with what I received this month. What did you think about Splendies this month?

Treatsie Review May 2014

treatsie review may


Treatsie is a candy/chocolate/sweets subscription box. I’ve tried a couple of boxes before and like them, so i was excited to get the May box.

treatsie review may


The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: Gourmet candies and other sweets from artisan and small-batch companies.

The Concept: Treatsie is a way for you to discover gourmet candies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Treatsie reviews here.

The COUPON: Welcome44 should get you $10 off your first box.


treatsie review may

Willamette Valley Strawberry Rhubarb, Marionberry, and Raspberry Sweet Heart Pâte de Fruits – Retail Value $3 each

These little fruit pâte were delicious. They were like Turkish Delights. 

treatsie review may

CC Made Popcorn in classic, Rosemary & Cashew, and Pistachio Caramel – Retail Value $6(ish) for 3

My first taste of CC Made was from the December PopSugar box and I loved it. I was thrilled to get a chance to try two more flavors. This is probably the best caramel popcorn I’ve ever had.

treatsie review may

Serendipity Confections Sea Salt Caramels - Retail Value $3 for 2

I was surprised at how large each of the caramels were. They were so creamy, salty and uber tasty. 

Thoughts: I may be in the minority, but I prefer a variety of different products, rather than several flavors of one product from the same company. While I enjoyed the sweets a lot, this still bothers me about the box. Besides this, I think the box was very good and the value was definitely there. What do you think of the May Treatsie?

Vegan Conscious Box Review May 2014

conscious box reviews

I signed up for a deal on the three-month subscription to Conscious Box and this is my last box of that subscription. I was most excited to get this box because the company made a huge announcement that they were going to send larger samples – something a lot of people (including myself) have been asking for!

conscious box reviews

The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: Conscious Box has three boxes from which you may choose: Classic, Gluten-free and Vegan. Each box is filled with earth-friendly samples for beauty, health, lifestyle and food.

The Concept: Conscious Box believes that sometimes living eco-friendly can be difficult with a lot of different marketing and research telling us different things. Their box is meant to cut the guess work out of finding healthy and earth-friendly products.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Conscious Box reviews here.

conscious box review

Product card

conscious box reviews

 Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water

I love coconut water, my daughter prefers their flavored coconut water, so I was able to enjoy it on my own.

GoGo Squeez in Apple 

This is one of my daughter’s favorite on-the-go snack so we were happy to see this.

conscious box reviews

Pura Vida Sprouted Flax

I love using ground flax as an egg replacer in my baking when I need a plant-based alternative. I know this will go to good use for me.

Mrs. May’s Trio Bars

This was tasty and flavorful, but it is was incredibly hard to chew (as in, almost break a tooth hard). I am thinking it may have been a bad batch.

conscious  box reviews


MRM Vegan Bone Maximizer

Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes

I love these towelettes because they are the perfect thing to toss in my purse for a quick refresher.

Flents Biodegradable Lens Wipes

This came at a great time because I lost my lens wipe for my camera, so this will tide me over until I can order a new one.

conscious box reviews

 Weleda Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m never a fan of foil samples like this, but it will come in handy to wash my daughter’s hair on our beach trip.

conscious box reviews

 Traditional Medicinals Relaxation Teas

Via Nature Sensitive Care Lotion

consciousbox review

BioBag 3 Gallon Bag 

At first I was really confused as to what I was meant to do with it. It is a bag for compost, or is it just starting it is compostable? – turns out it is the later.

San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee

This was a really nice strong brew, I will definitely buy more of these

Spatone PurAbsorb Iron

I received this in other boxes and I still have not used them. I am afraid of how it may taste!

consciousbox reviews

 ECOVER Dishwasher Tablets

I’ve been searching for a new eco-friendly dishwashing tablet because the Honest Company tablets have not been working well for me. These did a really great job at getting my dishes clean and removing the cloudiness that was forming from the other tabs I was using.

CaCoCoSuperfood Drinking Chocolate

This stuff is phenomenal. I used it in a brownie recipe and it is beyond delicious.

Thoughts: The box is definitely changing and improving, but there are still a lot of small samples in the box which means is still not worth keeping a full-price subscription for me. I am definitely interested in seeing how the improvements progress and would certainly sign up again should another good deal for the box come up again. I loved a lot of the product samples (especially the chocolate!) so it is still a decent box to get to find a couple of new product samples. What did you think about the new Conscious Box?

Orange Glad Review and Coupon May 2014

orange glad review may


A while back, I had a 6-month subscription to Orange Glad and I absolutely loved it. The desserts and treats in each box were always so delicious. I was thrilled when they offered me another box to review.

orange glad review may


The Cost: $15 a month, plus shipping

The Products: Orange Glad sends 5 – 6 delicious baked treats from bakeries around America. You can get double the treats for an additional $12.

The Concept:  This box was created to help you discover more of the amazing baked goods smaller batch companies in America have to offer that you may never otherwise discover.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.

The COUPON: YUMMY10 will take 10% off your first box.


orange glad review may

CiCi’s Handmade Italian Butterhorns  -Retail Value $2.50

These were amazing. I loved how they were crunchy, flaky and super cinnamon-y.

orange glad review may

Cranberry Orange Welsh Cakes Retail Value $3.22

These were really delicious. I loved every moment of eating them. My only concern is that they are super high in calories!

The Sconehenge Baking Co Ultimate Brownie (Gluten Free) - Retail Value $2.45

This was heavenly and you really couldn’t not tell that it was gluten-free.

orange glad review may


Baking Betty’s S’mores Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie   – Retail Value $2.78 each

These cookies were good. They tasted a lot like homemade cookies which gives it a fresher flavor, but also makes me think I could have made them.

Thoughts: I loved everything in the box except for the cookies which I thought were still good, but nothing too spectacular. I can’t stop thinking about the butterhorns and the Welsh cakes! What did you think about the May 2014 Orange Glad box?

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review Summer 2014

fortune cookie soap


If you haven’t noticed, I am very behind on reviews. I received my Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box earlier this month and it is just as good as every other box they send. I cannot wait for them to start a monthly box (rumor is that it is in the works!) The summer theme was Candy Aisle, inspired by the board game Candy Land!


fortune cookie soap


The Cost: $19.95

The Products: Fortune Cookie Soap sends 6 – 8 samples of not-yet-released product lines and scents every season. Each box also includes a $10 gift card to spend in their shop.

The Concept: This quarterly box is a way to give you an insider trial of their upcoming products and learn about launch releases as well as their quarterly sales.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Fortune Cookie Soap Box reviews here.


fortune cookie soap Here is the product card for the box.


fortune cookie soap

Sweet Dreamsicle Wax Tart

I don’t have anything to use the wax tart on (but I just ordered a Scenty warmer, so I should have one soon!). The smell of the dreamsicle is so intoxicating though, I am almost tempted to lick it !

Rock Your Socks Off Solid Sugar Scrub 

Again, this smells incredible. It’s like every grape candy you’ve ever had amplified. I love how exfoliating it is too. It lasts for a few showers which is great.

fortune cookie soap

Lick Your Lips Fortune Cookie Soap 

This reminds me a bit of mint ice cream, which I think is what they were going for when they made it. I would have liked the scent to be a bit more creamy.

fortune cookie soap

Lollipop Your Cherry OCD Hand Sanitizer

This smells like a cherry Blow Pop. It’s fantastic.

The Sweet Spot Sparkle Mist

This is like a slightly tropical fruit salad. It’s very yummy. I was a little worried about the glitter, but it is not as intense as I originally though.

fortune cookie soap

Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot Microdermabrasion Scrub

I love citrus scents like this! I’ve been pairing it with my lemon-y Juice Beauty moisturizer.

fortune cookie soap


Captains Buried Booty Whipped Cream

This smells like Captain Crunch cereal, only much better. I love their whipped creams and will probably get this in full-size along with a few other scents.

Blow Me Lip Scrub

This smells like that really hard bubble gum you used to get by the handful in school. You know, the one they included in the box (pictured with the product card)  I adore it.

Thoughts: This box was super sweet and I loved how they created a whole experience by adding some candy with it. I was delighted opening the box and it left a lasting happy feeling that I always get with my FCS boxes. It remains my top favorite box to get each quarter. What did you think about the Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box?

Birchbox Review and COUPON May 2014

birchbox review may

I am super late posting about Birchbox. I got this box about a week and a half ago… I’ve just been so busy with my food blog that I have been falling behind with my reviews!

birchbox review may

The Cost: $10

The Products: Birchbox sends 4 – 5 beauty and lifestyle samples and an occasional treat. Most of the products are high-end brands or newly emerging brands. You can buy full-size products in their shop with the points you accumulate from doing reviews of your samples.

The Concept: Birchbox was created as a way to help consumer test out new products without having to spend a lot of money on full-sized products you may not like.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Birchbox reviews here.

The COUPON: Use code BBSUBYEAR to get an annual subscription for only $99 (normally $110)

birchbox review may

Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil – Sample

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - Retail Value $9

I have this primer from another subscription and I ended up really liking how it made my skin feel. It leaves a very soft, matte finish on your skin and is super light weight.

birchbox review may

Smarty Pants Vitamins – Sample

I’ve tried these vitamins several times in the past and they’ve been alright. I am not a huge fan of the flavor, but it is much better than taking a pill!

birchbox review may

COOLA Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion – Retail Value $2.66

I love COOLA products and this after-sun lotions has great reviews. I am saving it for days we spend out in the sun at the park or the beach. I am really concerned about taking care of your skin when dealing with the sun, so this is a product that I know I will be buying more of in the future.

Pixi Beauty Shea Lip Balm - Retail Value $4

I’ve only tried a few Pixi products and while most of them are pretty good, this was nothing spectacular. I do like the color and it does feel nice on my lips, but I have a lot of other balms that I do like more.

Thoughts: This was a good box, but not my favorite. I am really happy to get the COOLA and the Smashbox primer.  What did you think of the May 2014 Birchbox?


The Boodle Box Review May 2014

boodle box review

There are a lot more subscription boxes for young girls these days (hopefully there will be a few more for young boys as well!), which is great because I know a few young girls who get box envy and would love their own subscriptions. When Boodle Box kindly offered me a box to review, I was eager to say yes!

boodle box  

The Cost: $24.99 a month (save with a prepaid subscription)

The Products: The Boodle Box was created for young fashionista girls who love to discover new age-appropriate products. You can find some of the trending and top products from popular companies.

The Concept: This box was created as a fun way for younger girls to get a surprise based on their fashion-forward interests.

boodle box review

 Cina Steel Magnolia Nail Decals - Retail Value $2.95

These are super cute and a fun way for younger girls to decorate their nails if parent’s aren’t yet comfortable with using nail polish colors, or to use with this nail polish provided.

Nails Inc Haymarket - Retail Value $3

I love this color, it is so perfect for the warm weather.

boodle box

Large Blue Swirl Lollipop Bath Fizzy- Retail Value $2.20 (approx)

This lollipop is not in fact candy, but a bath fizzy. I love products like this, so I am really excited to try it out at bath time with my daughter.

boodle box

Lilly Pulitzer Market Bag – Retail Value $12.95

I love this bag! The print looks even better in person and it holds a ton of groceries.

boodle box

Katy Perry Purr Perfume – Sample

I was glad this was such a small sample. It is a nice sweet scent for a younger girl and enough to keep said girl from going too crazy with it.

Marina’s Closet Accessories Hair Tie  - Retail Value $2.50

I thought this was super cute. The band is really hard to stretch, so I use it with another hair tie when I put it on my daughter.

boodle box


Neon Silicone Chain Link Bracelets – Retail Value $1 ?

Cute. I see a lot of kids wearing these, so I was expecting something like this in the box.

Thoughts: I thought this box was a great crowd pleaser for their target audience. As an adult getting this for a young girl, it would definitely be something I would consider for a birthday gift. I’m excited to see what the will include for their June box!

What did you think of the launch box for The Boodle Box?