Adore Me Review April 2014

adore me reviews

I love Adore Me, I think they are my favorite place to get cute and comfortable underwear. I was so excited to get my next pair in the mail!

The Cost: $39.95 for a pair ($49.95 for plus-sized sets) (Your first set is only $19.95)

The Products: Adore Me has a huge selection of bras, underwear, corsets and even night wear and shapers for you to choose.

The Concept: Adore Me’s subscription is set up like JustFab or FabKids. At the beginning of the month, you have the option to skip, otherwise you will be charged $39.95 to spend in the shop on any item of your choosing. You also get a loyalty bonus of a free set every six sets you buy.

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adore me reviews

Ramona Contour DD+

I love this set. I love the mix of the lace and pinstripes. I am also really in love with the light pink rose color. The fit is great and is one of the most supportive bras I’ve worn in a while.

Thoughts: I definitely think this is one of my new pairs from Adore Me. I am really impressed with the fit and support. I would probably end up paying way for for a matching bra and underwear set like this, so the value is definitely there for me.

What do you think about Adore Me?


Adore Me Review February 2014 – Women’s Lingerie Subscription Box

adore me reviews

I love Adore Me and their subscription service. Getting a nice, quality bra with matching undies is such a treat since I was stuck in nursing gear for the longest time. I recently went through my drawers and got rid of a lot of my older stuff, which coincidentally was also my “cuter” pairs of underwear. To compensate for that, I thought I would be daring and get a cute corset from Adore Me to try out.

The Cost: $39.95 a month ($49.95 for plus sizes)

The Products: Adore Me offers a subscription service similar to Little Black Bag, FabKids and JustFab where you have a window at the beginning of each month to let them charge your account the subscription cost and use that credit to pick out a pair of underwear you like, or skip the month. They offer bra and underwear sets, corset sets, nightgowns, and shapers. You can read my past Adore Me reviews here

The Coupon: Coupon code VALENTINE should also work for $10 off your order. I believe this expires today 2/11

adore me reviews



adore me reviews


Heidi – Retail Value $49.95

I decided on Heidi because it was a simple black design and just looked so cute. I am happy to say that it looks even better in person! I love the lace detailing and the materials feel like they are great quality and will hold up. I also like that it is a sleek design and not very embellished. Despite the va-va-voom factor of this corset, I don’t plan on sharing this with anyone. I am actually going to be wearing it as shapewear/confidence booster during my everyday life. It is something I used to do all the time an I want to get back into it.


Thoughts: I think this is a really great value for the price, even at full-price I think it is a steal. The corset sizing does run very small – I would say about 2 sizes down, so if you plan on getting a corset and want to keep it comfortable without the actual cinching, keep that in mind.

Today, 2/11 is also the last day to order to guaranteed Valentine’s Day shipping from Adore Me. They do ship very fast – and they are offering free express shipping on all US orders.

Adore Me Review September 2013 – Women’s Lingerie Subscription Service

adore me review

I really loved my first Adore Me set, so I decided to order my next box right away instead of waiting for next month. Adore Me is a women’s lingerie subscription service that delivers a new bra and underwear set each month
The Cost: $39.95 a month, including shipping. $49.95 a month for plus sized sets

The Products: After signing up and taking a style profile, Adore Me will create a show room based on your tastes each month. You can choose your set from this show room or anywhere in the shop. When your new showroom opens, you can opt to skip the month and not be charged, choose a set to ship out, or just let Adore Me draft the $39.95 for you to apply to a future purchase when you are ready.

Sets include bras and underwear, corsets, and sleepwear. Your first pair is automatically half off, making it only $19.95.


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adore me review

This is the Darlene set. I love the black lace overlay – it is so simple and slightly romantic, but I don’t feel overly dressy when I wear it.

adore me review

These are the bottoms. I love that they have a choice of bottoms to go with the bra so you can choose to go more skimpy or add more coverage.

Thoughts: The quality of this set is great and it fits true to size. I would definitely pay more for a set like this in a department sale, so this is definitely a steal! I am already eyeing a couple other sets to ship over. Being able to have a new pair of undergarments sent to me each month is a convenience I truly appreciate! My only concern is that the first pair was sent to me in a box, however, the second was sent wrapped in the tissue paper, as usual, but mailed in a polymailer without a box. I hope this was a one-time thing.

What do you think of Adore Me?



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Adore Me Review September 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

Adore Me review September 2013

Adore Me is a women’s lingerie subscription service that sends out a quality set of underwear to you each month. It works similarly to JustFab and Shoe Dazzle in that you get a showroom each month and can skip the month, or have a charge that month to apply to a new set. My underwear drawer needed an update, so I decided to give them a try!

Adore Me review September 2013

The Cost: $39,95 for a matching set of underwear

The Products: Adore Me has a wide selection of bras and underwear as well as sleepwear, legwear and even corsets. Unlike many clothing subscription boxes, Adore Me caters to women of all sizes. You can read all my Adore Me reviews here.

Adore Me review September 2013

Laelia DD+ – Value $49.95

The DD+ line is for curvier women with larger cup sizes. They are $10 more for VIPs compared to the other sets. I chose this pair because I did not have a good neutral in my collection.

Thoughts: I loved the first pair I received and certainly think it is worth the price. The pair I chose was very well-made and fits true-to-size. I am already shopping for my next pair – I don’t think I can wait until next month!

What do you think about Adore Me?

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