The Fantasy Box Review and Coupon! August 2013 – Adult Subscription Box

There are many adult subscription services around, but never thought about subscribing since my fiancee is out of the country. I’ve always been curious as to what they may be like, so when The Fantasy Box asked me to do a review, I had to say yes.

The Cost: $34 a month, including shipping for the Essentials Box (more deluxe boxes available at higher prices)

The Coupon: MAVEN2013 gets you 20% off your first box!

The Products: The Essentials Box contains 3 – 5 premium products (some samples in the Essentials Box only), plus a scenario with instructions for a couple.

His and Her questionnaires. You are supposed to answer and discuss your questionnaires (which contain the same questions) and compare your answers. This is a very fun way to relax, laugh together and slowly get things started.

Once you are ready to start the second half of the evening, you decide who should be the leader and who should be the follower. You are not supposed to read anything until you’ve decided who gets which part.

Ren Rofe Lingerie Lace Babydoll and Thong- Value $18

I really like this outfit. I have not tried it on yet, but I can tell it is just my style and I cannot wait to see what it looks like on. I was not able to find the exact outfit online, but I saw several similar sets by the brand online.

Satin Blindfold – Value $5
Sliquid Silk Lubricant – Value $1

Ovo W1 Bullet – Value $15

I thought this was adorable (is it weird to call something like this adorable?) This is the perfect pocket-size product to bring with you to nice getaway with your significant other.

Thoughts: Even without trying anything from the box just yet, I still really enjoyed everything. The overall experience The Fantasy Box created was fun and exciting. I love that the outfit is adventurous, but still very classy. It is perfect for people who may be a little shy dressing up. My only suggestion to the company would be to find a way to minimize the reading involved before acting out any scenarios. I think some people may be a little too anxious to read through everything!

What did you think about The Fantasy Box? Is this something you and your significant other would be interested in trying?

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The Other Box Review August 2013 – Date-Night Subscription Box

My fiancee and I have been in separate countries for a very long time. We are planning to get married late Spring of next year and we made a promise to each other to go on a lot of dates to reconnect before then. When The Other Box, a date-night subscription service, contacted me to do a review, I was more than happy to oblige!

The Cost: $25 a month, including shipping

The Products: The Other Box delivers a date-night in a box. They include materials for a themed date and fun suggestions for the night. Dates are great for couples night or even date nights with the kids or friends. It is not a typical subscription box at the moment and you have to manually purchase your box each month, but they do have plans on becoming a full-fledged subscription soon.

The theme for this date is mini-golfing. I’ve only been mini-golfing twice in my life, but always had fun. I know this is something my fiancee would love to do for a date night!

In each box, they will include a suggestion or game or the night. With this theme, the game is called “FORE” and you are supposed to ask each other questions that begin with “Fore/Four.” For example, “Four! Of your all-time favorite movies.” or “Four! Places you would like to go on vacation.”

The Other Box Water Bottles – Value $20 appox.

I love these bottles. They are really great at keeping your drinks cold for a long period of time. Did I also mention that the logo for the company is really cute?

Golf Balls – Value $4 approx.

We used to have our own golf balls, but I have no idea what happened to them. My daughter saw these and I had to constantly keep her from trying to throw them or bounce them on the hardwood floors! Before her dad comes back, I will probably use these to help our daughter work on her swing.

nuun Drink Tablets – Value $2 approx

I never heard of nuun, but I understand they are great for workouts. These would definitely come in handy when out on the golf course on a hot summer’s day!

Thoughts:  This was a great “first date” and certainly something my fiancee and I would love to do. The values here are all estimations based on similar products I found online. In my opinion, the true value of the box rests in the experience The Other Box provides. Taking this as my primary basis for the review, I believe that The Other Box is definitely worth the cost of the box and I cannot wait for the second date!

What did you think of The Other Box? Is this a box you would be interested in for date-night inspiration?

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