Bespoke Post Seared Review

bespoke post seared review

Ever since getting the salt block in my Mother’s Day Taste Trunk, I’ve been obsessed with trying new recipes with it. I decided I needed two salt blocks. One to use cold and the other to use hot. I knew Bespoke Post came out with Seared which included a salt block, so I decided that it was the perfect way to try out this popular men’s subscription box.

bespoke post seared review

The Cost: $45 a month

The Products: Each month Bespoke Post curates a box of awesome items based on a theme. You can opt to get that month’s box (or a past box), or skip that month. The Seared box comes with the salt block, plus some great grilling recipes – perfect for Summer!

The Concept: Bespoke Post was created as a way to expose men to some of the finer quality items they may never otherwise discover.

The COUPON: Use code REJECTED for 30% off your first box!

bespoke post review seared

Here is some information about how to use the salt block.

bespoke post seared review

Himalayan Salt Block - Retail Value $34.95

This salt block is huge. This is the reason why I decided to get this particular box because a larger salt block would work better for heated recipes where I am more likely to use it to grill veggies, meats and seafood.

WMF Profi Plus Butterfly Turner - Retail Value $24

This is such a fancy looking spatula utensil. Apparently you cannot put it through the dishwasher, but it is perfect for getting under anything you may be grilling on the salt block.

bespoke post seared review

Essential Cane Habanero & Sweet Onion Sugars - Retail Value $5

You can use these sugars for pretty much anything. I am so excited. I think they would work the best in a cocktail, but I will need to try to go out of my comfort zone and experiment with them. I tasted the sweet onion and it is so delicious. Sweet and savory all at once.

Thoughts: The value of this box is really there, at well over $60. I love that Bespoke Post in general exposes you to something completely different and many of their boxes are great for everyone, not just men. I am really excited to use everything in the box. What did you think of the Bespoke Post seared box? What did you make with your salt block?