Bluum Kid’s Subscription Box Review January 2014

bluum kids subscription box review

Bluum is one of our favorite kid’s subscription boxes. There was a mix up with our account, so we ended up not getting the December box, so we were extra excited for the January box.

bluum kids subscription box review


The Cost: $25 a month

The Products: Bluum finds some of the best age and gender appropiate products for your child to include in their box. You can also find an occasional product for mom included. You can read my past Bluum reviews to get an idea of what you can expect.

bluum kids subscription box review


Happy Family Happy Yogis in Mixed Berry – Retail Value $5.39

All the Happy Family snacks make regular appearances in our home. We were really happy to get this in the box.

Luna – Bars – Chocolate Dipped Coconut - Retail Value $1.25

This bar was completely frozen because of the weather outside, so I decided to eat it that way and it was absolutely delicious.

bluum kids subscription box review


Fiesta Toys Happy Kritters Cuddle Bear – Retail Value $17

This bear is so soft and cuddly. It looks a little “tired” to me, but my daughter loves it and that is all that matters! She’s been bringing it around with her everywhere she goes.


bluum kids subscription box review Parragon Books Miles of Fun – Retail Value $10.99

My daughter took this apart immediately and we’ve been using it as a fun way to go over different words for her to learn.

Priddy Books – Fairy Tales Color And Activity Book – Retail Value $6.99

This activity book has so much for us to do. It includes short stories, games and places for us to color and draw. I love it as a distraction when I need to get a few things done around the house.


Thoughts: This was a pretty good month for us. We love our snacks and my daughter is really attached to her bear already. We’ve always managed to find a few items we love from our Bluum boxes and the value is usually pretty great. This box in particular has a value of about $40.  I am really looking forward to our February box!


What did you think of the January Bluum box?


Bluum Kid’s Subscription Box Review and Coupon November 2013

bluum kids subscription box


For some reason, I’ve been having nothing but issues. My mailman decided he didn’t want to deliver my boxes anymore (do I really get THAT many?!), then I’ve been having issues getting posts to publish. It’s been a very frustrating week! There – rant over! About the box, I’ve kept Bluum over the other kid’s subscription boxes because I liked the variety of the products and found the price to be very good for the value. There are a few more toddler subscription boxes I want to try out, so I am hoping for a few good Black Friday deals!

bluum kids subscription box


The Cost: $25 a month, including shipping

The Products: Bluum delivers a selection of hand-picked products based on your child’s age and gender. You can read my past Bluum reviews for a better idea of what you can expect for a 2 year old girl.

The Coupon: Use coupon code PAMPERS or HALFOFF for 50% off your first box.


bluum kids subscription box

Scratch & Grain Baking Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffle Cookie Kit - Retail Value $7.99

Baking Made Simple - Retail Value $7.19

These were more items for me than for my daughter. I know in the product description, they added these as a fun activity for us to do together, but I know I will have more fun with it.


bluum kids subscription box

Turn & Learn Baby Animals - Retail Value $7.99

We already have this book and my daughter loves it. This will make a great gift this Christmas!

bluum kid's subscription box review

Clairvoyant Soothing Lip Balm Wild Honey - Retail Value $10

BabyLegs in Janelle - Retail Value $12

I love Babyegs – I used them constantly when my daughter was younger because it allowed us to see the cute prints of her cloth diapers while keeping her warm. She doesn’t wear her BabyLegs much anymore, so these will be gifted to another baby.



Thoughts: This was a really great box overall, but I felt like it was curated mostly for mom than for baby. The two kid-specific items are products my daughter will not be able to use, but they will be great gifts. The total retail value of this box was over $45 which is great for the price.



Bluum Review September 2013 – Baby and Toddler Subscription Box

In an effort to give my daughter a bit of a treat (and get her as equally addicted to subscription boxes!), I decided to resubscribe to Bluum. Our first box was great and I was hoping our next box would be just as good!

The Cost: $24.95 a month, including shipping

The Products: Each month, Bluum sends out a selection of toys and essentials according to your child’s age and gender. You will also receive something

Puzzle Town At the Zoo – Value $12.95

My daughter loved this book so much – she is really into animals right now, so this could not have been more perfect.

Wellements Tiny Voices Respiratory & Immune Support Elderberry – Value $11.99

I Like Book for Women – Value $19.95
I was really happy to get the Wellements because my daughter has a bit of a cold.
So many people rave about the I Like Book, but I never really saw why. I am happy to have one now so I can find out for myself!

Island Picnic Reusable Organic Snack Bag – Value $10

I am a cloth diapering, reusable everything kind of person, so to have another reusable snack bag to use is a huge hit with me!

Luna Fiber Bar in Vanilla Blueberry – Value $1.50
Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars in Whole Wheat Raspberry – Value $1.25 each

I had the Luna Fiber bar for the first time and it is such a nice treat! It tastes more like a regular bakery treat rather than a kind of good-for-you snack.

Thoughts: This box was pretty good. There were some great things for my daughter and for me! I do wish there were fewer products for me in the box and more for my little girl. Other than that, I can’t think of anything  I do not like about the box!

What do you think about Bluum? What were your favorite products this month?
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Bluum Review June 2013 – Baby & Toddler Subscription Box

I’ve heard a lot of varying opinions of Bluum and I thought it was about time i tried it for myself and see what my daughter and I thought about their toddler subscription box.

The Cost: $24.95 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code PAMPERS for 50% off your first box

The Products: Bluum sends out toys, books and other interesting gifts to engage your child according to their specific age group. They also usually send out a small gift for mom. Each subscription also comes with a year long family or parenting magazine subscription.

I need to warn you in advance that the photos are a little on the “meh” side because I was taking them away from home. We took the box on vacation with us just in case it had anything we could use while away!

This month’s theme was Born to be Wild, which is really suiting for my daughter now that she is really getting into lots of adventures!

I also received a really great coupon book for Happy Family which is pretty awesome.

Melissa and Doug Bubble Buddy – Value $6.99
Paul Frank Monkey in White – Value $5
My daughter screamed and danced once she realized the Melissa and Doug package was bubbles. This was definitely the best item in the box. 
We both loved the monkey, especially since it is her new favorite word. She loves to tote him around! 

Kidz Bandz  in Pink – Value $19.99

I am really not a big fan of these sunglasses. My daughter is not either. We both prefer the regular sunglasses and she does not have any issues keeping them on. We may gift these to a younger child.

Happy Family Happy Munchies Rice Cakes in Blueberry & Beet – Value $2.80
Happy Family Happy Creamies in Carrot, Mango and Orange – Value $3.59
Happy Family Happy Munchies Rice Cakes in Apple – Value $2.80

We love the Happy Family brand and was so excited to find these (plus the coupons) in the box! My daughter isn’t a fan of the rice cakes, but I like them! She ate the creamies on her own and would only give me two!

7th Heaven in Moroccan Clay Exfoliating Mask – Value $2.99 each

I love how these smell and that they are multi-functional. I exfolliated before letting it set, and exfolliated while washing off the mask. I just wish they included two different masks instead of two of the same.

Thoughts: So far, Bluum is a winner for us! We both loved nearly everything in the box and cannot wait to see what July holds. As a new mom, I always feel lost on what new toys and products to try, and I think a subscription such as this definitely helps!