Bonjour Jolie Review February 2014 – Time of the Month Subscription Box

bonjour jolie review february 2014

I haven’t tried very many time of the month subscription boxes, so I was really excited when Bonjour Jolie provided me with this box to review. I admittedly did not know much about the kind of products they included, so the whole experience was going to be a surprise which I really liked.


bonjour jolie review february 2014

The Cost: $16 a month, plus $5 shipping to the US (additional shipping internationally)

The Products: Each month Bonjour Jolie includes up to 25 feminine products, plus treats to eat and pamper yourself and the occasional gift. They also offer First Period Boxes for women who have just started to get their periods.

The Concept: Bonjour Jolie aims to make your time of the month as pleasant as possible by arming you with everything you need, plus fun extras to help you forget what time of the month it is.

bonjour jolie review february 2014

 The Treats:

Russell Stover Marshmallow Heart – Retail Value $1

Yum, I actually never had one of these marshmallow hearts before, but I really loved this.

Double Decker Moon Pie – Retail Value $1

I ended up eating this right after taking the photo. It’s been years since I had a moon pie, so this was a very welcome trip down memory lane!

Tootsie Rolls – Retail Value $0.25

Hershey”s Kisses – Retail Value $0.25

Stash Teas in Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Hazelnut and Red Velvet – Retail Value $1.50

At first I was excited to try the chocolate teas. I was really disappointed by the chocolate hazelnut and could not finish the tea. It tasted like watered down chocolate which just was not pleasant for me. The chocolate mint was really nice though.


bonjour jolie review february 2014

 The Pampering:

New Zealand Chocolate Truffle Bath Salts – Retail Value $3

There is nothing better than a chocolate-scented bath except for eating chocolate while you are taking a bath.

Chocolate Decadence Soy Candles – Retail Value $1

The chocolate scent is really nice in these candles, but the scent is very subtle once you light the candle.

Chocolate Lip Balm – Retail Value $4

I used to have a hot cocoa flavored lip balm before, so I was happy to get a replacement because I love chocolate lip balms!

Chocolate Minted Hand Soaps – Retail Value $1


bonjour jolie review february 2014

The Necessities:

U by Kotex Pads, Liners and Tampons – Retail Value approx $10

I really like the variety Bonjour Jolie provides for women. They have a huge selection of brands and 25 different items is more than enough to get anyone through their time of the month.


bonjour jolie review february 2014

Advil Sample Packs – Retail Value $0.50

Epielle Feminine Wipes – Retail Value $1

bonjour jolie review february 2014

The Gift:

Silver Heart Locket Necklace – Retail Value $16

This silver heart is just so pretty. I absolutely love it.


Thoughts: I loved this box. I think Bonjour Jolie did a really great job in creating an experience for you and doing what they can to help get you through the week. The only way they could have made this box better would be to have your favorite celebrity crush hand deliver it to you (mine would be Jeffry Dean Morgan). I can’t think of any suggestions for improvement based off my experience, except to perhaps include more chocolate because you can never have enough.