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bounty new york tea box review

I first discovered Bounty New York a few months ago and added them to my Subscription Box List. Although they have not yet launched an official subscription service, their one-time artisan boxes were irresistible for me. I was shocked and utterly delighted when they approached me with news that they are in the process of starting a subscription and offered me their Tea Time box to review. I could not have said yes any faster or more enthusiastically.

The Cost: $29.95 or $39.95, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code MAVEN for free shipping on all orders!

The Products: Currently, Bounty New York offers a few one-time purchase boxes. Tea Time, which includes two artisan teas, organic oatcakes, honey and black current jam. Gardener’s Box contains goat milk soap, lavender healing salve, sisal veggie scrubber, a note card with wildflower seeds, and packets of seeds in arugula, calendula and basil.The Hudson Valley Bounty Box is a “best of” box full of the curator’s favorite products from the area. It includes maple syrup, raspberry jam, pickled green beans and apricot and pistachio granola. Each box also contains Tasting Notes, telling you about the artisan or farmer that produced each product.

bounty new york tea box review
bounty new york tea box review

The purpose of Bounty New York was to create greater exposure of locally made goods from farmers and artisans. This was a way to bring people closer to their food and foster a deeper connection between the producers and consumers in a world where it is easy to become lost in a faceless world of endless consumption. I personally have a passion for locally made goods and the stories and care put in the products they make which is what makes this box particularly special for me.

bounty new york tea box review

Although I knew what was in the box, it was much more impressive to see in person.

bounty new york tea box review

Infinite Roots in Nourishment Tea  - Value $10
SerendipiTea in Earl Grey – Value $10

I never drank much tea until I moved to London where tea is an entire food group of its own. Now, I am able to spot a good blend of tea a mile away. I have to say that no other tea was able to impress me as much as these. The flavors in the Nourishment Tea, which is a mint and herb blend are perfectly matched in just the right proportions. It was smooth and utterly relaxing. I recommend drinking it just before bed or when you simply need to relax and take a couple of minutes of “me time.” Out of the two teas, this one that is best suited for my needs.

The Early Grey is grown at one of the oldest tea garden estates in Nilgiri, India. The flavor is bright, full bodied and has the slightest kick of spice. This is the perfect tea to wake up with or enjoy in the afternoon with a snack.

bounty new york tea box review

Beth’s Farm Kitchen in Black Currant Jam – Value $8
Cooper Street Kitchen Spelt Oatcakes – Value $4

The Black Current Jam is incredible! It is full, thick and sweet with just the right about of tang to let you know this is not the same processed food you are used to from your grocery store. I spent an entire night going through their website and have a full cart of products to try. I am most excited to try their Strawberry Ruhbarb jam which is apparently one of their best sellers.

The ingredients for the oatcakes are all locally sourced and organic and you can really taste the difference. These are rich, buttery and have just a tiny hint of saltiness to them. They pair amazingly with the jam which helps dilute the richness a bit.

bounty new york tea box review

Cooper Street Kitchen Whotegrain Oatcakes – Value $4
Ray Tousey Honey – Value $2

The bees from Ray Tousey’s farm are free to roam and pollinate the blossoms of the fruit that grows nearby. It is sweet, with a wonderful apple aftertaste. I love that Ray Tousey also has a winery that offers tastings on the weekends. I may have to make the trip up this summer!

bounty new york tea box review

I am not a food photographer by any means, but I was so inspired by the box, that I had to share the tea I had this morning. I made a very light Earl Grey this morning. I already had the mint earlier and couldn’t handle anything too strong after. I love the ability to adjust the strength with loose leaf tea! For the record, I do not normally drink my tea out of such fancy cups!

bounty new york tea box review

I ran out of the oatcakes, so I made my own rosemary biscuits to pair with the jam. It was a great combination.

Thoughts: I feel as though I am limited in my ability to express how wonderfully curated the Tea Time box is, nor the talents of the farms and artisans featured in the box. We are all long due for more subscriptions like this. As such, I am so happy to announce that Bounty New York will officially launch their subscription service in October! I genuinely cannot wait to see what their subscription has in store for us!