Box of Dread Review January 2014

box of dread review


When I found out there was a subscription box called Box of Dread and it was based off everything horror-related, I squealed with joy. I squealed even louder when I was kindly provided a box to review.

box of dread review


The Cost: $20 a month, including shipping

The Products: Box of Dread finds the best horror merchandise around, including movie-related novelty and promotional products and collectibles.

box of dread review


Alien Ripley Action Figure – Retail Value $19.99

I am not really into action figures, but I think this was a great addition to the box and would be something I know a lot of people will love. I am gifting this to someone I know will appreciate it.

The Frighteners Deluxe Movie Cards – Retail Value $1

This is one of those rare cases where I actually found prices higher than this online, but since the sticker price on the cards state this price, this is what I am using. I used to collect different kinds of cards, so this brings me back to those days. Again, these will be gifted.

box of dread review


Insidious 2 Hurricane Lantern – Retail Value $10?

My daughter loves this lantern and I think it was really cool to get this because I couldn’t find it anywhere online (my price is just an estimate) and i love the movie.

Insidious 2 IV Bag Water Bottle – Retail Value $5?

This is another really cool product for Insidious 2. I think the shape is really fun and I love that it can be folded down a lot for easy storage in your bag.


Thoughts: This is a really neat subscription box and although I had to guess on most of the items’ retail value, the one item that was easy to find was worth the cost of the box alone, so everything was extra already. I would love to see Box of Dread continue on with delivering such unique items, but I do think they could improve in the overall presentation of the box.