Boxtera Review February 2014

february 2014 boxtera review

Boxtera has done a huge overhaul for their subscription box. I personally loved their original snack box, but their new box filled with their own healthy snacks is pretty good too. I was really excited to be offered this box from the company to review.

february 2014 boxtera review

 The Cost: $19.95 a month, including shipping

 The Products: Each month, Boxtera will send you 5 bags of full-size healthy snacks for you to try.

The Concept: Boxtera, is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and eating well without compromising taste.

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february 2014 boxtera review

Banana Ribbions – Retail Value $6.99

These were the best thing in the box. I don’t think I shared with anyone. They are chewy, sweet and so addictive. I think they would also go great as a topping to some banana oatmeal.

february 2014 boxtera review

Mango Chews – Retail Value $6.99

We love dried mango and for some reason, it is really hard to find any that is not coated in sugar in my area so these were a really special treat for us.


BBQ Banana Chips – Retail Value $4.99

I got these in my last Boxtera box and while I really like them, I did kind of wish I got the watermelon seeds simply because I’ve never tried them before. The banana chips were still gobbled up by everyone.

february 2014 boxtera review

Wasabi Bean Medley – Retail Value $6.99

I had a handful of the Wasabi Medley and it was great and I wish I could have had more, but my mother ended up stealing the bag from me.

february 2014 boxtera review Honey Almond Crunch - Retail Value $6.99

This is my daughter’s favorite mix. I love the variety of nuts and dried fruit.

Thoughts: This was a really good box this month. I really loved the dried fruit so much, I wish I didn’t eat it all already because I want more! The Wasabi and Almond mixes are almost all gone too. I really love the portion sizes and the variety of the different flavors. I also find it really interesting how each snack stimulates all the different tastebuds.

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Boxtera Review December 2013 – Snack Subscription Box

boxtera review

I tried Boxtera back in May and was really impressed with the selection of high-quality snacks they included. When I found out that Boxtera changed around their subscription to include their own brand of snacks, I was really intrigued about what kind of snacks they would include. I was thrilled when they offered me this box to review.

The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: Boxtera recently changed around their subscription service offering. Now you can expect 5 healthy snacks in generous family-size portions. Each snack will stimulate a different taste sense. You can also purchase extra snacks from each month’s box in the Boxtera marketplace. To see the difference between their current subscription and their previous model, you can also take a look at my past Boxtera reviews.

boxtera review

Each box comes with a product card with photos of each snack and which taste sense the snacks stimulate

boxtera review

They also included a recipe using one of the snacks from the box. I thought it was such a perfect addition to the box, especially considering I am always on the hunt for new recipes using subscription box ingredients. I will be trying out this recipe to put on the blog soon!

boxtera review

Kabukim Sesame Bites Crunchy and lightly seasoned Kabukim and Sesame coated peanuts - Retail Value $6.99

These are the sesame peanuts in most Japanese rice cracker mixes. I was never a big fan, but my family loves them.


boxtera review

Tangerine Slices Tangy & sweet dried tangerine slices – Retail Value $6.99

The tangerine slices were phenomenal! I decided to keep these on the side so I can use them in another recipe.


boxtera review

Hibiscus Flowers Delicious dried hibiscus flower blossoms – Retail Value $6.99

The Hibiscus flowers was the first snacks I saw in the box – before I even noticed the recipe card and I knew I wanted to cook with them. You can imagine my excitement when I did find the recipe card! These are very sweet and chewy and would go well in a sauce or on their own for a sweet snack.

boxtera review

BBQ Banana Chips Spicy and sweet BBQ flavored Banana Chips – Retail Value $6.99

The BBQ banana chips were received with mixed feelings. I loved them, but some family members were not fans. I thought they were wonderfully sweet and crunchy with a barely-there sweetness.

boxtera review

Pub Mix Lightly seasoned snack mix with pretzels, sesame sticks, rye chips, crackers and peanuts, crunchy and delightful – Retail Value $6.99

This pub mix is a classic snack and they were delicious!

Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see this turnaround from Boxtera. The snacks were very tasty and the value of the box was great. I can’t wait to see how the recipe turns out and to see what other snacks they have in store for us!

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Boxtera May 2013 Review – Snack Subscription Box

This is my very first Boxtera box and I am incredibly impressed!

The Cost: $35 a month, including shipping – less with a longer subscription!
Products: Healthy snacks and nutritional supplements.
My first impressions of the box: This box was loaded with goodies!
Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit in Beach Bash Value – $2.40
Cliff Kid Fruit Rope in Fruit Punch Value – $1.99
Cliff Kid Fruit Rope in Tropical Twist Value – $1.99
EBoost Energy Powder in Orange Value – $1.50 each
Herbal Zap Immune Support Value – $1
Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies Value – $1
Home Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Value – $1.99
Real Food Barre in Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan Value – $2.75
Annie’s is my favorite go-to for quick meals and snacks for my daughter. I am always happy to have them around! I’ve seen the Real Food Barres featured in other boxes, I am glad to be able to try them out for myself, thanks Boxtera!
Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs Value – $1.99
Half Pops in Natural Butter and Pure Ocean Sea Salt Value – $2.50
Cliff Kit’s Organic in Fruit and Nut Bar Value – $2.75
I am eating the Half Pops now – they are so good! I will definitely be buying more of this.
The Cheeky Monkey was an experience. I never had a sweet curl puff before and am really glad to have the opportunity to try them!
Salveo Sweet Potato Tater Pops in Original Sea Salt Value – $1.99
Salveo Tortilla Chips in Nacho Cheese Multigrain Value $1.99
The Real Deal All Natural Snacks – Sriracha Veggie Chips Value – $1.99

479° Popcorn in Black Truffle + White Cheddar Value – $2.99

The popcorn was incredibly delicious. I know they have a Fleur de Sel and Caramel flavor that I must buy immediately!

flapJacked in Banana Hazelnut Value $2.99
Peter Rabbit Organics in Apple and Grape – Value $1.99
I’ve been wanting to try flapJacked for a while, so I am happy to have some to try out. I love the flavor too!
Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls Value – $1.75
Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale in Vampire Killer Value – $3.50
The nut butter ball was incredible, so was the kale chips. My daughter loved the kale chips so much, she hogged the whole container!
At the bottom of the box along with a few advertisements was a coupon for Brad’s Raw Foods and a sample of alternaVites in Mixed Berry which is a powered vitamin supplement. The vitamins were good, but did have an aftertaste, so I recommend keeping some water nearby! Value – $1
Thoughts: I thought this box was amazing. In total, the value was about $45! The snacks were great and there is still plenty to last me a little while longer (although I have a feeling once my family gets wind of the snacks, they won’t last through the night!). I am really happy to try a lot of new snacks and see a few of my personal favorites in my Boxtera. I feel like this box was curated especially for me! I highly recommend you try them out!