BroBox Review August 2013 – Men’s Subscription Box

What I love most about BroBox is that it is one of the most affordable subscription boxes for men. Their products also have a more mass appeal for more men in America. BroBox kindly sent me this box for review.
The Cost: $14.95 for one month

The Products: BroBox focuses on everything your average guy will need from snacks to workout supplements and everything in-between.

Chipins in Sea Salt and Buffalo Wing – Value $1.50 each

I tried both snacks and thought they were wonderful. The Buffalo Wing was a pleasant surprise and the Sea Salt was the perfect salty snack.

Perky Jerky in Beef and Turkey – Value $1.50 each

My family loves jerky, but we are not big on the Perky Jerky. I tried both and left them on the counter where they remain.

BroBox Wrist Sweatband – Value $3
I thought the muscle soak was a really great addition to the box. I know my fiancee will love all three products during one of his workout sessions. 

Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream - Value $3.75

Thoughts: This was another great box from BroBox! Last month, I said BroBox was the best box for your average American man, but thinking it over, this is a really great box for any man who is looking to sample a few great products without spending a ton of money.

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Bro Box Review July 2013- Men’s Subscription Box

BroBox is a new men’s subscription service perfect for your typical American man. All the essential and innovative products minus the fluff. They were kind enough to send me a box to review

The Cost: $15 for your first box, afterward you have the ability to get your next box for $11
The Products: BroBox sends out a variety of men’s products including food, fitness and lifestyle samples. You can read my June BroBox review here
Admittedly, I took this as my own snacks for work today. They were bothscrumptious  and I really want to buy more!
We have a ton of energy and protein drinks right now, but we always use them and lie trying new brands. 
Call me immature, but the name of this brand kept me giggling for a while. We love it just for that!

I thought these were really interesting. They claim to be able to keep You dry for up to a week before needing to re-apply. It also does not wash off and means you can forgo deodorant for good!
BroBox Hand Grip – Value $10
I thought this was a really great bonus item in the box. Surprisingly, it went to immediate use when my father found it and he also requested they include Chinese hand balls in the next box. 

ITrain Gift Card – Value $25

I have a few of these already. I like the idea of them, but watching workout videos on my computer and phone never really worked out for me. Maybe my fiancee will like it once he is back in the country. 
They also included a few coupons from a few of the featured companies. 
Thoughts: I was quite pleased with this box. I normally cringe when I see smaller samples, but considering the products themselves I realized I did not need a whole lot to get a feel for the product. Although this is clearly a men’s subscription, I found products my fiancée and I (and my father!) can all enjoy.

What did you think of the July 2013 BroBox? What was your favorite product?

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BroBox Club Review June 2013 – Men’s Subscription Box

BroBox Club Review
Bro Box Club is a new men’s subscription box geared toward your average American guy. They had their June box on sale, so I had to get one to try out.

The Cost: $14.95 a month, including shipping
The Box: Bro Box sends out a selection of unique lifestyle product samples that any man would like without the typical high costs of other men’s subscription boxes. Unlike other subscriptions, Bro Box also does not automatically draft your account. Instead, they send you instructions on how to get your next box at a reduced cost if you are interested. This allows you more flexibility if you decide you want to skip a few months, but forget to go online to request it. You can read all my BroBox reviews here.
BroBox Club Review

This wrapping made me laugh a little. It really does seem to fit with what I think of a “Bro” Box.

BroBox Club Review
Even though I knew what was going to be in the June Box, it is a whole new experience getting it in person.
BroBox Club Review
Turbo Truffles in Peanut Butter, Hot Rod Hazelnut, Toffee Tornado and Chocolate Mint – Value $3.95 for 4

These were great. I had one at work and it was the perfect pick-me-up I needed to get through the day.

Lenny and Larry Muscle Brownie in Peanut Butter – Value $2.75

I had this after a workout. It was filling, tasty and not to sound overly feminine, it was also fairly low-calorie compared to other protrein bar/brownies.

BroBox Club Review
Dude Wipes – Value $1.50 for three

I love that these can just be tossed in the toilet. This is perfect for guys who just want to toss things out and not have to think about where.

BroBox Club Review
Bold For Men Dry Shave Gel – Value $1.33 for two samplesI think my fiancee will love to try this. He is always looking for new shaving tools to try out.

BroBox Club Review
Aero Shots in Raspberry and Green Apple – Value $2.99 eachI never knew anything like this existed. It is an air-based energy shot to give you an extra boost whenever you need it. My mom saw these on my kitchen table and immediately popped them in her purse.

BroBox Club Review
Bro Box Multi-Functional Gadget – Value $5?I was not able to find any information on this little gadget, but I think it is really neat. I know my fiancee will love this!


Thoughts: Overall, I really liked this box. The total value of the box is at least $20 which is pretty good considering the price of the box. There are plenty of items I know my fiancee will love.What do you think about the Bro Box? Will your or your significant other be trying this one out?