Bug Out Box – Monthly Box for Preppers

Here is a little known fact about me: I am zombie-obsessed. Literally obsessed. I am even a  part of a Zombie Preparedness Initiative. So anything that can help me prepare for Z-Day has my immediate attention.

Bug Out Box is a monthly subscription that offers your between 5 and 8 products and samples that can help you survive any emergency situation. The cost is $19.99 plus $7.95 in shipping and handling. The company promises to deliver essentials that you would absolutely need in an emergency survival situation. I don’t normally like subscriptions that charge you an additional shipping fee, but I get it. I am more interested in subscriptions with fun things I can use now, but I can’t help but find this concept intriguing.

I first heard about Bug Out Box a mere 24 hours ago from Jodi, the owner of Freetail Therapy via her Facebook page.When I heard about her experiences with them, however, my interest dropped to nil.

According to her Bug Out Box review, she received 9 products, most of them valuing around 50¢. In total, the value of her box reached $19.06, not including a bonus item that is valued around $5. Naturally, she went to the company and voiced her disappointment in the box.

In most cases, a company will apologize and do what they can to make things right. Not in her case.

“So far Bug Out Box has not returned my emails, they have deleted my [Facebook] posts on their page, taunted me by liking one of my posts that said they deleted me post, then deleted that post, and now they have banned me from the page, even though I haven’t posted anything else.”

I don’t know about you, but when I am a paying customer, I expect some sort of customer service. Not this type of childish treatment.

Have you tried Bug Out Box before? What were your experiences like?

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