Carnivore Club Review – Gourmet Meat Subscription Box

carnivore club


Carnivore Club is a new subscription box focused on high-quality gourmet meats to share with discerning foodies and meat-lovers alike. There are a few certified carnivores in my family, so when the company asked if I would like to do a review, I had to say yes.


carnivore club review

The Cost: $50 a month

The Products: Each month, Carnivore Club will curate a box of 4 – 6 cured and smoked meats, charcuterie and jerky from across the globe. Every box will also include a small handbook detailing what each meat is and how to serve it.


carnivore club review


Moroccan Lamb Coppa

This was the first item I chose because I love Moroccan food. It is infused with tumeric, aleppo peppers, caraway and cumin. I paired this with a variety of cheeses and homemade crackers. It was delicious and full of flavor. I think it would also pair well with a dark beer if you were to inclined.


carnivore club review

Nduji Salami

This was my first time eating a salami with the soft texture like this and took some getting used to. The flavors were delicious and had the perfect amount of spice once you get past the texture. People who are more well-versed in salami varieties probably do not have that issue.

Duck Jerky Sticks

I love duck jerky sticks. I’ve had them on several occasions and am always happy to have more because you do not come across them often. I am planning on saving these for a special occasion.


carnivore club review


Dirty Martini Salami

This salami was crafted after Bombay Sapphire – one of my favorite drinks. I had to have a martini while I tried this salami and it was a match made in heaven.

Pancetta Americano

This pancetta is a hybrid between the traditional Italian pancetta and American bacon. I decided to save this because I need to experiment with it!


Thoughts: I decided not to due my usual value breakdown because of the uniqueness of the products (I would no know where to begin to get values), and because I think the true value of this box lies within the overall curation. The portion sizes were plenty to satisfy a small get together while still leaving a little leftover for you to snack on as you clean up. I loved the selection of this particular box and would definitely get this as a gift for any of the meat lovers I know.


What do you think about Carnivore Club?