Club W Review – Wine Subscription Box


club w review

Club W is a new wine subscription box that delivers 3 – 6 different wines to you based off your taste profile. I love my wine, but always pick out the same few brands each time, so when they kindly offered me this box to review, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

club w review

The Cost: $13 or $14+ a bottle (3 bottle minimum), free shipping for 6+ bottles

The Products: Each month, Club W will select three wines for you to try based off your taste profile and your ratings for previous bottles you’ve tried. \

The Shipping: Currently Club W does NOT ship to: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah

club w review

2011 #TBT Pinot Noir, California – Retail Value $13

The classic cherry flavor of the wine is sweet and spicy without ever being overpowering

I have not had the chance to try this bottle yet, but the description is certainly calling my name! I am going to experiment with this wine during the weekend.

club w review

2011 The Specialist Cabernet Sauvignon, California – Retail Value $13

 a bold example of a fruit-forward wine that demands regal regard. You are going to want something substantial like a dark chocolate cake or a hearty rack of ribs to play off the earthy clove and bell pepper flavors that lurk beneath the jammy top layer.

As you can see from the photo, I finished this bottle of wine before I could even take a photo. This was absolutely amazing and I would love to have it again. I opted to go for the chocolate, pairing this with a chocolate chili pepper ice cream and it was divine. The wine was smooth, but the flavors robust and divine. (Obviously, I don’t do much wine tasting or describing!)

club w review

2012 Chateau Allégret BlancRetail Value $13

 “…aromas of pineapple and apricot. Lemon custard flavors and a touch of bright grapefruit create a glass with ripe freshness and balanced acidity. It’s a dry wine that would be great to drink a little warmer than your usual chill to round out its flavors.

I have since tried this wine and was really impressed. I am not much a white wine person, but chose to try this one because it was recommended to me. I could definitely sense the citrus notes they described and found the wine to be very smooth and pleasant to enjoy on its own after a long day.

Thoughts: So far, I am really enjoying my Club W subscription. I think this is a great subscription to discover new wine if you are someone like me who tends to go for the same wines over and over again. They have a diverse selection beyond what they recommend for you on your profile, which means someone who is a little more advanced in their wine drinking would be able to pick and choose wines they know would fit their tastes. After taxes and shipping (on 3 bottles) a box is about $50 a month which I think is worth it to be able to try three nice bottles of wine and you have the option to try out their more expensive bottles as well.

What do you think about Club W? Is this a wine subscription you would be interested in trying?

Rue La La Deal for Club W!


club w deal

Rue La la just released a new deal for the newest wine subscription box, Club W! You can get a half case for only $35 (plus $19.95  shipping - regularly $78)! That’s a 55% savings!

Each case will include:

  • 2011 The Specialist Cabernet Sauvignon, California – This is a bold example of a fruit-forward wine. Earthy clove and bell pepper flavors lurk beneath the jammy top layer.
  • 2010 mrlt. Merlot, California – A long smooth finish combined with plum and blackberry flavors make this an excellent wine to pair with grilled meats.
  • 2011 #TBT Pinot Noir, California – The classic cherry flavor of this vino is sweet and spicy without ever being overpowering. Pair this red with Ahi tuna or poultry.
  • 2012 Cosmopolitan Sauvignon Blanc, California –This Sauv pairs well with almost anything. The tart lemon candy flavors are tempered by hints of green tea, making for an incredibly refreshing white wine.
  • 2011 Score Red Blend, California – This red blend achieves a wide variety of fruit flavors including strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and plum.
  • 2012 Geronimo! Chardonnay, California – A fresh take on America’s most popular wine, you’ll taste oranges and tropical fruits, but it’s the golden apple flavors that add a little extra oomph.

This is not going to be for a subscription – just a one-off box. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to try out the Club W subscription service (review coming later today) and I was really impressed with the quality of their wines. I will definitely be buying this to stock up on my wine collection.


Will you be taking advantage of the Rue La La deal?