Vegan Conscious Box Review May 2014

conscious box reviews

I signed up for a deal on the three-month subscription to Conscious Box and this is my last box of that subscription. I was most excited to get this box because the company made a huge announcement that they were going to send larger samples – something a lot of people (including myself) have been asking for!

conscious box reviews

The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: Conscious Box has three boxes from which you may choose: Classic, Gluten-free and Vegan. Each box is filled with earth-friendly samples for beauty, health, lifestyle and food.

The Concept: Conscious Box believes that sometimes living eco-friendly can be difficult with a lot of different marketing and research telling us different things. Their box is meant to cut the guess work out of finding healthy and earth-friendly products.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Conscious Box reviews here.

conscious box review

Product card

conscious box reviews

 Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water

I love coconut water, my daughter prefers their flavored coconut water, so I was able to enjoy it on my own.

GoGo Squeez in Apple 

This is one of my daughter’s favorite on-the-go snack so we were happy to see this.

conscious box reviews

Pura Vida Sprouted Flax

I love using ground flax as an egg replacer in my baking when I need a plant-based alternative. I know this will go to good use for me.

Mrs. May’s Trio Bars

This was tasty and flavorful, but it is was incredibly hard to chew (as in, almost break a tooth hard). I am thinking it may have been a bad batch.

conscious  box reviews


MRM Vegan Bone Maximizer

Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes

I love these towelettes because they are the perfect thing to toss in my purse for a quick refresher.

Flents Biodegradable Lens Wipes

This came at a great time because I lost my lens wipe for my camera, so this will tide me over until I can order a new one.

conscious box reviews

 Weleda Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m never a fan of foil samples like this, but it will come in handy to wash my daughter’s hair on our beach trip.

conscious box reviews

 Traditional Medicinals Relaxation Teas

Via Nature Sensitive Care Lotion

consciousbox review

BioBag 3 Gallon Bag 

At first I was really confused as to what I was meant to do with it. It is a bag for compost, or is it just starting it is compostable? – turns out it is the later.

San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee

This was a really nice strong brew, I will definitely buy more of these

Spatone PurAbsorb Iron

I received this in other boxes and I still have not used them. I am afraid of how it may taste!

consciousbox reviews

 ECOVER Dishwasher Tablets

I’ve been searching for a new eco-friendly dishwashing tablet because the Honest Company tablets have not been working well for me. These did a really great job at getting my dishes clean and removing the cloudiness that was forming from the other tabs I was using.

CaCoCoSuperfood Drinking Chocolate

This stuff is phenomenal. I used it in a brownie recipe and it is beyond delicious.

Thoughts: The box is definitely changing and improving, but there are still a lot of small samples in the box which means is still not worth keeping a full-price subscription for me. I am definitely interested in seeing how the improvements progress and would certainly sign up again should another good deal for the box come up again. I loved a lot of the product samples (especially the chocolate!) so it is still a decent box to get to find a couple of new product samples. What did you think about the new Conscious Box?

Conscious Box Review March 2014 Vegan Box

conscious box review

I’ve been on a mini hiatus from the blog to catch up on things in my personal life, but now I am trying to get back on track, so hopefully I can get the next few reviews and giveaways done in a timely manner! Last month I signed up for the free three-month subscription to Conscious Box. The last time I tried their boxes was almost a year ago. I was not too impressed with my first box, but they continued to get better and their customer service was always good, so I was excited to restart a subscription.

conscious box review

The Cost: $19.95 a month (I paid $19.95 for three boxes to cover shipping)

The Products:  Conscious Box offers three boxes: Classic, Vegan and Gluten-Free. The vegan box is filled with vegan, earth-friendly products and samples.

The Concept: Conscious Box aims to help you discover new eco-friendly products to make a more natural lifestyle easier to maintain.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Conscious Box reviews here.

conscious box review

Crystal Body Deodorant

I have a few of these wipes and I like to keep them in my purse for emergencies!

Traditional Medicines Organic Chamomile Tea

Bonelli Simply Sesame

I used this with some hummus chips and this made a delicious snack.

conscious box

Alo Vella Wrinkless Cream

Via Nature Lotion

Derma E. Skin Care Solution Sample Kit 

I have another sample like this from another box and love it. These aren’t really your typical foil samples because they are larger and you can get a few good uses. I liked this sample a lot.

conscious box review

Mighty Leaf Teas

I really love Mighty Leaf Teas, so I was glad to find these in the box! I’ve already enjoyed the mint tea last night before bed and it was so relaxing.

Vibrant Health Raw Green Food

I love using raw food meal in my smoothies and energy snacks, so this will be used.

conscious box review

Vintage Italia Pasta Chips

These were very tasty. My daughter and I gobbled them up immediately. They are crunchier than your average chip and there is a lot of depth to the flavor.

conscious box review

Thank You Card

This was really cute and I’ve already used it!

conscious box reviews Coupons

Thoughts: Like with my first box from Conscious Box, I am not too excited about the foil samples. I did not do values simply because I do not normally do values on foil samples. The value is not here for me and I hope that the next two boxes will be better. I love discovery and did discover new brands from the box, but I would prefer to have fewer, but larger samples per box. That being said, I did like a lot of the samples I did receive.

What did you think of the March Conscious Box?


Conscious Box Gluten-Free Review July 2013 – Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Conscious Box is an earth- and health-conscious subscription box that focuses on natural living and helping the earth. I love that the samples the include range from snacks to items for the home. I feel as though I do not get enough samples for my home, so this is always a nice treat.

The Cost: $19.99 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for only $7!

The Box: Food, home and lifestyle products that are all-natural and good for the earth. Each product is meticulously checked for any potentially harmful or unnecessary chemicals and by-products. They offer three boxes from which to choose: Classic, Gluten-Free and Vegan. You can read my review on the June Conscious Box here.

I love the themed photo and matching postcard with every box. It makes it a real treat opening the box. 

Conscious box is always packed full of different samples. I always think of this box as a sample smorgasbord!

Eco Nuts – Value $3.69
Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt – Value $5

I’ve been wanting to try Eco Nuts since I first started using cloth diapers on my daughter and learned about them. They are actual nuts that have super-cleaning powers and leave no nasty chemicals behind.

As a food-lover, I really enjoy discovering new types of salt, so this was a welcomed product in the box. I love that it is full-sized too!

Elan Veda All Sinus – Value $0.50
Ultima Replenisher in Lemonaide – Value $1
Good nature Organice St. John’s Wort Tea – Value $0.50

At first, I was not sure that the vial was – it took a bit of investigation before I realized it was not actually perfume.

I have quite a bit of tea in my collection now, but none with St John’s wort which has a ton of medicinal properties, so I was really happy to try it out.

Flavrz Drink Mix in Superfruit Sports and Fruit Punch Energy- Value $2.60 for 2

I’ve been getting a lot of Flavrz in my boxes and I just love them! They are the best summer treat for me and my daughter!

I am not a huge fan of vanilla protein drinks, but I will at least give this one a try. You never know!
I love that they included drops to relieve your eyes from staring at a computer. I feel as though I spending of my life in front of a computer screen these days!

I love reusable anything! I went a little crazy with the cloth items when I began to cloth diaper my daughter, so the bamboo sheet fits right in my kitchen!
I was a little perplexed by the wooden spoon, but I suppose it will come in handy when I give my daughter a nice cold treat this summer. 

I thought this was interesting nice heard of fruit and vegetable washes before, but never meat! I already used the kitchen cleanser and the fruit wash. I am still a little wary of the meat cleanser though. 

I’ve had this Skout before in the last box. I liked it, but would have still preferred something else in the box. At least another flavor.  
I seem to be growing quite a large lip balm collection. I really like that this actually is supposed to make a good lipstick base to longer wear. 

Mineral Hygenics Coupon
True Natural Coupon

I appreciate that Conscious Box does not consider this as a part of the value for the box.

Thoughts: Overall, this was a pretty decent box! I got about $30 worth of samples, a lot of them I was very excited to get and everything will definitely be used. After receiving Conscious Box for three months now, I decided that although the samples are smaller, I do really enjoy and appreciate the variety that I get.

Do you get Conscious Box? What version do you get? What did you think about my July box?

Conscious Box June 2013 Review – Eco-Friendly Gluten-Free Box

When I received my first Conscious Box in May, I was left feeling a little disappointed. In my opinion, I would prefer fewer, but larger samples rather than more smaller samples. Their June Gluten-free box was a huge improvement!

The Cost: $19.99 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use Code FIRSTBOXFREE on a monthly subscription and only pay $7.95 for your first box!

The Products: All natural full-size and sample-size products that are good for you and the earth. You can expect anywhere between 10 and 20 products in each box. They have three box options: Regular, Gluten-free and Vegan. I subscribe to the Gluten-free box. You can read my May Conscious Box review here.

One thing I do love about their boxes is that they are so well-presented!

One of my products leaked in the box and mucked up the packaging and left everything a sticky mess.

Skout in Apple Cinnamon – Value $2.50
100% Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm – Value $2
Son for Men – Value $1.75
Clean Ethics Bottle Bright – Value $1
Rise bar in Almond Honey – Value $2.50

The Skout bars are really great! Sorry they are in two different pictures – I was rushing my pictures at the time!

I was really happy to have the Bottle Bright because I have a Bobble I use regularly and I never feel like I get it clean enough on my own since it is not dishwasher safe.

At first, I was overjoyed to have a product so boldly named Chicken Poop. I thought it would be similar to Monkey Farts which is an addictively amazing scent. This is actually actually a very lavender scent that I probably won’t wear during the day, but may be an option to keep my lips moist before bed.

Sneakz Chocolate Milkshake – Value $2.50
Skout bar  Value $2.50
Blue Sage Naturals Seabuckhorn Soap – Value $2
Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Moisturizer – Value $1

My daughter was really excited to see the Sneakz. I would never normally give her chocolate milk, but it’s good for her to have a treat every so often, plus it is packed with veggies.

We were going away for a few days when I received my Conscious Box and I wanted to bring some of the products with us, the mini soap was perfect for our trip. It has a nice fresh scent and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized .

Flavrz in Superfruit Sports and Citrus Hisbiscus – Value $3.90 for 3
Nature’s Baby Organics Bubble Bath – Value $2.50

I first tried Flavrz in my June Love With Food box and I was pleased to see more in my Conscious box. It is definitely a better alternative to Mio.

The Nature’s Baby Organics is what leaked in the box. You can see that it was still foaming in the bottle when I opened it. A good amount of it is lost now.

Slumberland Snacks Sleep Squares – Value $1.75
Naked Wines Gift Cars – Value $50

My sister tried one Sleep Square. She said it definitely helped to make her more relaxed and ready for bed, but did not feel any more recharged the next morning. Perhaps it takes two squares for that.

I am gifting this Naked Wines to a friend because I understand I will be getting another in another box later this summer.

Thoughts: Overall, this was a much better box than May’s Conscious Box. Check out my review for May here. In total, the value of the box is over $25, not including the $50 gift card. I loved every sample I received and definitely plan on buying the full-size versions of many of them. I just hope that next month will be even better because it is the final and deciding month of my subscription!

Update: Conscious Box was super about the mishap with the bubble bath and sent me a whole new replacement box! That was really above and beyond what I expected since there was minimal damage to anything.

Conscious Box Gluten-Free May 2013 Review – Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

This was my very first Conscious Box. I was excited to sign up because I heard so many different opinions, I wanted to get a feel for the company first-hand. This is a review of the May 2013 Gluten-free Conscious Box.

What really struck me was the presentation of the box. It was really cute!

Healthy Kids Nutritional Shake 

This was the first thing I noticed and I was excited to have my daughter try it. She’s been very picky about her vegetables, but I don’t like all the additives in PediaSure, so this is a nice healthier alternative. I am not a fan of vanilla though, so we will see how my daughter feels about it!

EarthPaste toothpaste in Wintergreen and Cinnamon. 

I’ve tried cinnamon toothpaste before and I thought it was a really interesting way to mix things up.

Bija tea in Lemon, Ginger and Echinacea
MRM Relax-All

I don’t use any type of sleeping aid, but I am sure my mom would love to try it out.

Waxelene Petroleum Jelly Alternative
Pollen Ranch

It’s funny because I never heard of Waxelene before, but after getting this sample, I saw it mentioned in about three magazines! 

I could actually smell the Pollen Ranch through the box before I opened it. It has a strong licorice/fennel scent to it. They have a recipe in the back, so I may try it this weekend.

Jenise’s Jammers Almond Energy Bar

I love trying new gluten-free bars. I am not on a gluten-free diet, but these types of bars are a lot more natural and flavorful! Plus, I love almonds!

Ethical Electric free Conscious Box offer
Mac N Mo’s Morseliscious Treats coupon

When I saw the Man N Mo’s, I kept searching my box for a cookie, but sadly it is just the coupon.

Veria ID shampoo and conditioner
Dapple dish washing liquid plus coupon
Suki Body butter cream salve

I love Suki, so I am always happy to get one of their samples! 

The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food
Ecover dishwasher tablets
Ultima Replenisher in Lemonaide

I don’t have a dog, so I am going to give away the dehydrated dog food to my boss. I’ve been meaning to go out to get dish washing tablets, so with this, I can hold off for a little longer.

Logona baby shampoo, condition and lotion.
Herbamare herb-infused salt
ACTZ cosmetics coupon

Thoughts: I will definitely use most of the samples here, but I wish that some of the samples were bigger. I am someone who would prefer fewer larger samples instead of several smaller samples. At least this way I can test out many different brands this month!

What did you think of this month’s Gluten-Free Conscious Box

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