Eco Emi Subscription Box Review March 2014

eco emi subscription box review march

I was really excited to get this month’s Eco Emi because I liked the February box, but had a feeling that the March box would be even better. I love that they include so many eco-friendly products that I have yet to discover which is my favorite part about subscription boxes. This month’s theme is Slumber Party!

eco emi subscription box review march

The Cost: $15 a month

The Products: Eco Emi sends 5+ eco-friendly products for you to try. Most items are beauty products, but you can also find great home and lifestyle products as well.

The Concept: Eco Emi helps you discover more earth-friendly product to make living a greener life easier and more fun!

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eco emi subscription box review march

Shea Butter by Karitex – Retail Value $10

Shea butter has a ton of uses. I’ve never had any in a large quantity like this before, so it’s nice to have a stock of it around.

eco emi subscription box review march

Almond Bar by Kuli Kuli – Retail Value $2.89

This bar is gluten-free, vegan and incredibly delicious! It’s really filling and has a decent amount of calories for a snack which is a bonus.

Red Popcorn by Kitts Kernel – Retail Value $1  

I only pop my popcorn on my stovetop, but I’ve never used red popcorn kernels before, so I am excited to see the texture and flavor difference!

eco emi subscription box review march

LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes – Retail Value $0.42

I love my LA Fresh makeup wipes and these are great for on-the-go touch ups!

LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Pads – Retail Value $0.42

Dawn Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals – Retail Value $8 (Full-Size)

This has a wonderfully sheer tint to it. I love that it is vegan and gluten-free.

2N1 Lip Therapy and Cuticle Treatment by the Lano Company – Retail Value $5 (Full-Size!)

Multi-functional beauty items are always a win in my book! I was so intrigued by this product that I immediately put it on my cuticles and my lips. It feels like the Dr Lipp Nipple balm.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this month’s theme and certainly got an idea of what they were aiming for. Popcorn and a bit of pampering is always fun. It would have been even better if they included a face mask! Still, I really liked everything in this box and was really excited to get full-sized products.

What do you think of the March 2014 Eco Emi box?

Eco Emi Review February 2014 – Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

eco emi review

I’ve wanted to try Eco Emi for a while now, so I wsa really pleased when my first box finally arrived. Eco Emi is an eco-friendly subscription box that focuses on helping you discover natural beauty and lifestyle products.

eco emi review

The Cost: $15, including shipping

The Products: Eco Emi sends 5+ earth friendly samples for you to try including products for your skin, hair, nails and home, as well as tea and snacks.

The Concept: Eco Emi wants to help people discover more natural options to incorporate in their life and help in making the world a “greener” place to live.

  eco emi review

eco emi review

Pure Organics Chocolate Vanilla Paste – Retail Value $1.35

Yum, I do not know what I will use this for, but it sounds amazing. I also want to try the cardamom and rose chocolate paste.

Wild Garden Roasted Garlic Hummus Dip – Retail Value $0.86

I love Wild Garden Hummus Dip and so does my daughter. This was gone within the hour.

eco emi

Goodlight Natural Tealight Candles – Retail Value $2.49 (Full Size!)

eco emi review

Jersey Shore Sun Vegan Lip Balm – Retail Value $5

Blissoma Lavish Face Mask – Retail Value $4.25

I a;ways do a spa day on Saturdays, so this will be used asap. It is supposed to help with eczema, dermatitis, chapping, and dryness and has a ton of properties to help relax the skin.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eyelash Conditioner - Retail Value $1.50

I loved the eye lash conditioner from my HauteLook Beauty Bag and I am really excited to try this one out. It is full of vitamins, herbs and other nourishing products for your lashes!

Aubrey Organics Hairspray – Retail Value $1.99

I don’t use hairspray often, but it is nice to have a natural product to use for those times that I do need it.

Thoughts: This was a really nice first box. I love a lot of the products here and most of them are completely new to me which I love. Definitely a winner for me.

What did you think of the February 2014 Eco Emi box?