FabKids Review June 2014










It’s been a year since I last reviewed FabKids, so I thought now would be a good time to give them another try.

The Cost: $29.95

The Products: FabKids is related to JustFab and Fabletics. Each month you will be charged the monthly fee which you can apply to a new outfit for your child.

Other Reviews: You can read my past FabKids reviews here.

fabkids review

Gingham Bow Dress – Retail Value $29.95

I absolutely love this dress for the summer months! It is so rustic and I want to buy my daughter a pair of little cowgirl boots to match!

Back Zip Heart Dress – Retail Value $29.95

This I bought for the cooler days and the fall months. I love the navy blue with the bit of neon yellow in the back. It has a very retro feel that I adore.


fabkids review


I couldn’t get her to stay still long enough to get a nice shot of what the dress looks like. This is a size S (4 – 5) and she normally wears a size 3T – 4T, the last outfit we bought last year was an XS and I felt it shrunk a lot after we washed it, so I like that this dress fit a little better.

Thoughts: The quality of the outfits is great, especially considering the price. I do not always like the styles offered on the site, but you can find a few gems like these two dresses every so often. While I do think their regular price listed is a bit inflated, the VIP price is right on mark with what I would pay in a department store for similar like, kind and quality. What do you think about FabKids?

Fab Kids Review – Kids Subscription Box

I’ve been wanting to subscribe to more kids subscription boxes for my daughter so I am going down the list of age-appropriate subscription boxes and trying them all! So far, I received the Fab Kids clothing subscription and I love it!

The Cost: $39.95, including shipping. You can get your first outfit for $19.95 when you sign up!

The Products: A complete three-piece outfit for your daughter up to age or size 12. You fill out a style profile and they present a few outfits from you to choose If you don’t like any of them, you can decide to shop through all of their looks. Fab Kids also has an entire wardrobes for you to choose if you are behind on your shopping!

I thought the stars on the box were really cute and so did my daughter! I had to keep moving her hand away so I could take the picture.

The hair clip is really cute. I didn’t think it really matched her outfit it came with, but it goes great with a few other outfits I have for her. It is also easy to put in her hair and doesn’t snag or bother her the way most other hair clips do.

This was the outfit I chose for her – it is so cute! The top reminds me of a deep sunset which is why I picked it out. The bottom has a few layers and I am sure it could get quite warm in there, so I think this might be reserved for cooler days. Since the top is so long on her, we can also wear it as a dress without the tights.

It was really hard to get her to stay still for me to take a picture. She kept dancing while listening to music out of the new headphones I received from my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box. You can still tell how adorable this outfit is! This is definitely my new favorite outfit for her.

Fab Kids is owned by the monthly shoe subscription, Just Fab, so it works similarly. You can preview your choices for that month and choose your outfit or decide to skip. I saw a ton of outfits I want for my daughter, so I may end up buying everything before next month!

What do you think of this kids clothing subscription box? Will you be trying it for your daughter?