Coco Rocha Fancy Box Review May 2014

coco rocha fancy box review I love how unique the Fancy boxes are. I haven’t had a chance to try the Coco Rocha Fancy Box, so I decided that I would take the chance to sign up now.

coco rocha fancy box review

The Cost: $39, plus shipping

The Product: The Coco Rocha Fancy box is full of products hand picked by Coco. Each box has a value of $80+

Other Reviews: You can read my past Fancy box reviews here.

The COUPON: You can use the code FOLLOWUP10 for 10% off anything on Fancy

coco rocha fancy box

coco rocha fancy box review

Product card.

coco rocha fancy box review

Brides Magazine – Value $12

I was hoping to get a magazine with Coco on the cover, but this was not a great magazine for me to get (my fiancee and I are no longer in a relationship), but Coco does look stunning in this magazine!

coco rocha fancy box review

Senhoa Champagne Delight II Bracelet – Value $45

This is modeled after the bracelet Coco wore during her own wedding which I thought was really neat. The bracelet has this wonderful vintage look that I adore.

coco rocha fancy box review

Hangster Photo Display – Value $13

This is such a cute way to hang photos. I can definitely picture hanging these up in my office.

coco rocha fancy box review

Studio Sarah Thank You Card – Value $6

It’s not the most exciting thing to get in a subscription box unless it is one of those stationary boxes. At least it will get used..

coco rocha fancy box review

Cargo Essential Smokey Eye Palette- Retail Value $34

I love palettes like this and I love the neutral colors. Not to mention the packaging is very cute too!

Thoughts: I did not know what to expect with the Coco Rocha Fancy box. I will use a lot of the products, while others may not get as much use (like the magazine). It is a good box and the products I will use are the higher values products in the box which is good. What did you think of the Coco Rocha Fancy box?

Fancy Box Review April 2014

fancy subscription box

This was my first time getting a regular Fancy Box subscription and I was really excited because I had no idea what to expect. You can choose categories of items for your box and I chose: women, Home and Kids.

fancy subscription box

 The Cost: $39, plus shipping (It is $7.95 to ship to me)

The Products: Each month, you can find unique products you may not otherwise discover. Each box has a value of $80+

The Concept: Every month, Fancy aims to tickle your fancy with a unique assortment of products.

Other reviews: You can read all my Fancy box reviews here.

The COUPON: Save 10% on anything from with the code FOLLOWUP10

fancy subscription box

Here is the product card they included. I love that the regular Fancy boxes have a clear theme each month.

fancy subscription box

 Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder - Retail Value $21

I’ve only tried small samples of dry shampoo powder and it was interesting. I am excited to get a full-size bottle to really see how it works. I understand it helps to give you lots of volume (something I have too much of already), but the idea of a dry shampoo is so different for me that it is an even trade off for an in-between washing refresher. It smells nice, too!
fancy subscription box

 Branch and Twig Assorted Colored Pencils - Retail Value $15

These colored pencils are so cool! I’ve seen them on Fancy, so it is really exciting to have them in person. I love that they are made from real tree branches and twigs because it adds to the uniqueness of the pencils. Of course, my daughter took the pencils and she had a blast coloring with them!
Fancy subscription box

 Chalkboard Decals by Wallies – Retail Value $10

Chalkboard decals are the best. I was really happy to get this in my box. I love that you can easily remove the sheets and reposition them without damaging your walls.

fancy subscription box

 Gold Lightening Studs by Amano Trading – Retail Value $22

These gold lightening studs are so adorable! I paired them with the cloud necklace from my Kelly Rowland Fancy box and got a lot of compliments on the look. This is my new favorite pair of studs to wear on the weekends.

fancy subscription box

Kinfolk Issue 11 – Retail Value $18

This book is focused on the home and includes articles about home renovations, recipes and interviews with renown chefs and designers. I only had a chance to flip through the book, but I can’t wait to sit down and take a deeper dive in what it has to offer.

Thoughts: The total value of the box was $86, which is right on target with the guaranteed minimum value of the box. I really liked the theme this month and we have a lot of new and unique favorite products because of it. I can’t wait to get next month’s Fancy box!

What did you think of the April Fancy Box?

Kelly Rowland Fancy Box April 2014

kelly rowland fancy box

It’s been a while since I last received a Kelly Rowland Fancy box, so I decided to get another box. With so many great celebrity boxes, it is so hard to stick to just one or two of them!

kelly rowland fancy box

The Cost: $39 a month, plus shipping

The Products: Each box will have handpick items from Kelly Rowland with a total box value of at least $80.

The Concept: This is a great box to get to get to know Kelly through the products she loves and shares with you.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Fancy box reviews here.

The COUPON: Get 10% off any Fancy order with the code FOLLOWUP10

kelly rowland fancy box

 Little Biggie Cloud Necklace by Kelly Shami NYC - Retail Value $80

I was surprised to see the value fo this necklace, only worsened to learn that my daughter accidentally broke the necklace. Fortunately, it is an easy fix now that I have my jewelry making kit from MJ Project DIY!

Bad Ass B*tch Soy Candle by Ms. Betty’s - Retail Value $18

Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever had a candle that smelled so amazing before! I would love to buy more of these candles, just not at this price.

 Understand Rap by William Buckholz - Retail Value $13

This book is really funny, but maybe explains things to the extreme. I don’t really see any use for this book except for a gag gift.

Here is an example of some of the book’s explanations.



Hip Hop Sicles – Retail Value $8

I don’t have any personal use for these, but I think my youngest sister and her friends may enjoy using this for their parties.

Thoughts: I really loved the necklace and the candle, but other than that, the box was not really for me. I will at least have two gift I can keep for later use.

What did you think of the April 2014 Kelly Rowland Fancy Box?

Fancy Mystery Box Review – Women’s Medium Box

fancy mystery box review

I got the Fancy Mystery Box when they first launched ( I did not post a review about it, but you can see the photo of my box on Instagram) and I really loved my box. When Fancy offered me this box to review, I had to say yes!

fancy mystery box review

The Cost: Fancy Mystery Boxes vary in price. The medium box is $20

The Products: Each Fancy Mystery Box will be a box of surprise items created to tickle your Fancy.

The Concept: The Fancy Mystery Box is a great way to allow you to discover unique products and also get a feel of what the regular subscription boxes they offer are like.

Other Reviews: You can read all my Fancy box reviews here.

The COUPON: Use FOLLOWUP10 for 10% off anything in the Fancy shop.

fancy mystery box review
The New York Times, 36 Hours USA & Canada: Southeast – Retail Value $15

I have one of these books from my JLH Fancy Box from a few months back. I did end up keeping it because it was still really great to read through. I will probably end up keeping this book as well.


fancy mystery box review

Paddywax- Travel Often: New York – Retail Value $ 15

I was not a huge fan of the Rome candle I got from my JLH box, but the New York candle smells amazing.

London City Notebook – Retail Value $5?

I think this notebook is really cute. It has a surprising amount of paper in it, so I know it will get a lot of use.

fancy mystery box review

DCER Box of Temporary Tattoos – Retail Value $20
At first I was not too excited about the temporary tattoos. I haven’t used one since post-finals parties in college. A few of them are really cute and my daughter loves sporting them!

Thoughts: You are definitely getting your money’s worth in terms of value with the mystery boxes. I was worried when I saw two items that were similar to items in a previous JLH box, but was happy to see they were different variations. I think it is a good example of the type of products you can get from their subscription boxes and would be a great option for anyone who has a bit of commitment-phobia with the subscriptions!

What do you think of the Fancy Mystery Boxes?

Tyler Florence Fancy Subscription Box Review February 2014

I was so excited to see my February 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box in the mail the other day! They were late sending the January one, so it’s nice to get back to back boxes, especially since I have yet to find a product I didn’t love in this box.
The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: This Fancy Box is curated by Tyler Florence who handpicks a selection of high quality kitchen items worth $80+

The Concept: This box is meant to help you be better in the kitchen through the discovery of useful kitchen gadgets and ingredients.

Other Reviews: You can read my Fancy Box reviews here.

Short Stack Editions Eggs and Buttermilk – Retail Value $12 each

I love these little recipe books! I really want to get the rest of the collection now. I’ve been browsing these for a while and I found a ton of recipes I want to try!

 Citrus Zester Zinc Positive – Retail Value $15

I already have a zester that I love, but it is not as fancy as this. I love that it creates strips of zest which are perfect for those finishing touches for your meals.

 Shortstacks Maple Syrup – Retail Value $13

Yum, you can’t go wrong with a bit of fancy maple syrup in my opinion. I love quality real maple syrup, but I hate the prices, so to get any in a box is a real treat.  I will be pairing this with homemade buttermilk waffles from the Buttermilk recipe book.

 Spoon Spatula Art and Cook – Retail Value $13

Maybe not the most exciting item in the box, but certainly useful. You can never have enough spoon spatulas around!

 Primula Tempo Coffee Press 6 Cup – Retail Value $18

I am not a big coffee person, but something about a coffee press really makes me want to be the kind of person who has coffee in the morning. I think I will be trying it out when I can get some quality ground coffee.


Thoughts: I love that this box had a clear theme. And the theme happens to be centered around my favorite meal of the day: breakfast! Everything in this box will be used, even the coffee press because I just cannot help myself. Tyler Florence is certainly proving to be one of my favorite subscription boxes.

What do you think of the February 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box.

Tyler Florence Fancy Box Review January 2014

I think this is the latest I’ve ever received and reviewed a Fancy Box. Apparently there was an issue with getting one of the products that was supposed to be in the shop, then there were shipping delays due to the weather in my area. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to finally see my Fancy box at the door and tore through it.


The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Each month you will get product handpicked by Tyler Florence. All boxes are estimated to be worth $80+

The Concept: This Fancy box is to help you become better in the kitchen by giving you unique kitchen essentials and ingredients.

The Coupon: Use code FOLLOWUP10 for 10% off any purchase on Fancy

Other Reviews: You can read my Fancy Box reviews here.
Precision Pierced Stainless Steel Colander – Retail Value $25

Colanders are a must-have in any kitchen and you have never have enough. I was so happy to get this because I only have one other colander that I regularly use.

Pizza Wheel – Retail Value $10

I already have two pizza cutters, but this is my favorite cutter by far. I think it is time to get rid of my old pizza cutters.
Tyler Florence Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce – Retail Value $9 (each)
I was really excited to try a sauce from Tyler Florence. Unfortunately, I received two of the vodka sauces instead of also receiving a puttanesca sauce. As it turns out, they ran out of sauce.

 Cipriani Pappardelle – Retail Value $8

I love this pasta. It is my first time eating this type of pasta and I was surprised at how thin, yet durable it is. It is great with seafood!
Acacia Salt Cellar – Retail Value $16

This is such a simple item to get, but I absolutely love it. It is so nice to not have to use a salt shaker or grinder for salt. Since I do a lot of baking, this also helps with measuring the amount of salt. I need.

Thoughts: This was a really good box for me. I love that the Tyler Florence box is always so practical for me and I am glad that I decided to switch my subscription for a while. Even thought this box was very late, I think it was worth the wait.


What did you think of the January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box?

New Valentine’s Day Fancy Box Available Now!


Fancy just released a special limited edition Valentine’s Day Fancy Box They have two options available for a man or a woman.

The Cost: $80, plus $9.95 shipping

The Coupon: FOLLOWUP10 works on this box to get 10% ($8) off.

The Boxes: The Valentine’s Day Fancy Box has two boxes. One for her and one for him.

The ‘For Her’ box includes:

- Quay Kitti Pink Sunglasses

- Golden Arrow Necklace by A Mano Trading

- Fancy Nail Lacquer

- Papabubble x FANCY Heart Candy

- Strawberry Valentine Truffles by Roni-Sue

- Lovely Valentine Card by StudioSarah

The ‘For Him’ box includes:

- Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream

- Pure Badger Shaving Brush by SimplyBeautiful

- Monocle Speaker by Native Union

- Tumbador Seven Deadly Sins Valentine Chocolates

- Papabubble x FANCY Heart Candy

- Lovely Valentine Card by StudioSarah

They recommend you purchase before the 12th for an on-time delivery for Valentine’s Day.


Will you be buying the Valentine’s Day Fancy Box?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review January 2014

I received an email from Fancy asking for my shirt size for my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box, so I was super excited about getting my box this month. Last month was a bit of a let down because of the two repeat items, so I was really expecting this month to be a lot better.

 The Cost: $39, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Jennifer Love Hewitt handpicks different items that reflect her personality to share with you each month. Boxes typically have a value of $80+ You can read all my Fancy box reviews here.


Black Diamond Earrings – Retail Value $20

These earring are so cute and I love wearing studs for work.


Message in a Bottle USB – Retail Value $28

I love this USB. I’ve been meaning to get a new one, so it was really convenient to get one in my box – especially considering how cute this is!

Cake Candelabra – Retail Value $8

I think this is a really cute step up from having candles stuck in in a cake (especially when you get to the point when you need more candles than your cake can fit!) It also makes a great prop and I will find a way to use it on A Cookie Named Desire at some point.

Very Fancy Tee by Baron Von Fancy – Retail Value $28

This t-shirt is super comfortable and soft – I just don’t know if I would ever spend almost $30 on it


Thoughts: I really love this month’s Jennifer Love Hewitt box, it is such a nice box to get after being so disappointed in the box I received for December (which they compensated for by providing me with a $30 credit). I hope that things continue on this way!


What did you think about the January JLH Fancy Box?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review December 2013


jennifer love hewitt fancy box review

I was pleasantly surprised to find my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box at my door this Saturday morning. Usually boxes are sent out at the very end of the month, so this was unexpected to say the least. Boxes this month were different from previous months as there apparently were variations in this month’s box.



The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Each month you will get $80+ in products picked out by Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can read all my Fancy Box reviews here.


Camera Lens Mug – Retail Value $15

I’ve always wanted this lens mug so I was beyond thrilled when I saw this in my box. I was considering buying one on my own and now I don’t have to. This will be my new office mug!

Ted Baker Travel Jewelry Roll - Retail Value $40

This jewelry roll is just gorgeous! I love Ted Baker. There is a Ted Baker shop right in the town center of where I used to live in Richmond and my fiancee and I would go there just about every other day and window shop. As much as I love this roll, I will be giving this to my sister as a Christmas gift since it will be perfect for her when she goes on a trip in January.

This is the inside of the jewelry roll.



Steep Up to the Plate Teabag Rest - Retail Value $10

This item was a repeat from a couple of months ago. I loved the tea plate then and I love it now – I just was not expecting to get another.

Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet – Retail Value $18

The bracelet was in the first box and I love it a lot. I’ve thought about gifting it to a friend, but I could not bear to give it away, now we can be bracelet twins!


Thoughts: I love the two new products, but I was not so thrilled to get two duplicate products, especially seeing other boxes. I am not sure why there was such a variety and difference among the Jennifer Love Hewitt boxes this month. I emailed the company and they offered to either take the two items and replace them or I could take a gift card. Since I do like the tea plate and will be able to gift the bracelet, I opted for the gift card. Hopefully next month is better!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Subscription Box Review November 2013

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

Every month I most look forward to my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy subscription box. I’ve been loving the fact that each box has their own theme and could not wait to see what the November theme was. For those of you who asked, the JHL Fancy box ships at the very end of each month and does not arrive until we are well into December.

 jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

The Cost: $39, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Each month, Jennifer Love Hewitt hand selects different products that reflect her personality. Each box is valued at $8o+. You can read my past Fancy box reviews to get an idea of what is included.

Tokyo Passport Manager by Zero Per Zero – Retail Value $30

I love the design of this passport manager which is the Tokyo underground train system. Every person I know (except for me) has been to Tokyo, so this would make a great gift since I haven’t been doing much travelling lately.

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

Passport Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty – Retail Value $15

I love the Mighty Wallets because they are eco-friendly and ultra-durable. I gave my Batman Mighty Wallet from my November Lootcrate to my sister for her birthday. I think I might keep this one for myself!

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

Wanderlust Rome Candle – Retail Value $15

I love the smell of this candle. The scent is described as a mixture of olive oil and lemons. I think that description is dead on.

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

The New York Times 36 Hours: West Coast – Retail Value $15

This is great if you are going on a trip around the west coast or already live in the area and want to discover new places in your area.

Here is an shot of the inside.

Thoughts: As an avid traveler, I do love the travel theme a lot, but half the items will probably end up as gifts. The value of the box was good at about $75, but a little lower than the promised $80. I cannot wait to see what the December box is like!

What do you think about the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy box? Which is your favorite Fancy box?