Weight Loss Bulu Box Review + 50% Off Coupon May 2014

bulu box review weight loss

Bulu Box is a fitness subscription box that sends different supplements and other samples that will help you reach your fitness goals. I’ve been subscribing to them for a while and I enjoy their boxes.

bulu box review weight loss

The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Bulu Box sends 4 -6 product samples and promo codes for various fitness-related products and services. They have two boxes: Classic and Weight Loss.

The Concept: This box was created to help take the guess work out of the different fitness products that are available by letting your sample them before you invest.

Other Reviews: you can read my past Bulu Box reviews here.

The COUPON: Use code BULUGAN362 for 50% off any subscription. (When you do your reviews which result in a $5 credit to spend in their shop, it is like getting your boxes free)

bulu box review weight loss

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins for Adults and Kids – Retail Value $1.53 each
We get these a lot in my boxes and we use them. They are okay and have a nice balance of vitamins and Omega 3s, but it has an aftertaste that I do not like.

bulu box review weight loss

Ridge Crest Herbals Anxiety Free - Sample

FitMiss Burn – Sample

This is a sample I would have liked to see in a bigger size because it is so hard to tell if it works for you with just one serving size.

bulu box review weight loss Power Crunch French Vanilla Protein Bar - Sample

I tried their bars before. The French Vanilla is my least favorite, but the others are really tasty.

Hemp Pro70- Sample

This is a natural hemp protein powder. It is flavorless which makes it great to mix into your yogurt.

Thoughts: This box was not really up there in value, but I subscribed using a 50% off code and do my reviews. Reviews are 10pts each and 50 pts is the same as $5 to spend in the shop, so I am basically getting my boxes free. I find that the boxes improve the more you complete reviews and subscribe (I only recently renewed my subscription.

What do you think about Bulu Box?


Bulu Box Review March 2014 and 50% off Coupon Code!

bulu box review

Bulu Box is a fitness subscription box geared toward exercise and weight loss. I subscribed when they had a 50% off deal, and they recently started another!

bulu box review

The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Bulu Box sends 5+ health and fitness samples. They have a regular fitness box and a weight loss box. You can review each product for 10 points. 100 points is the sme as $10 to spend in the shop.

The Concept: Bulu Box is a way to discover different fitness and weight loss samples that you may find useful for your personal goals and get an opportunity to purchase full-sized versions for free with your points.

The COUPON: Use coupon code BULUGAN362  for 50% off any subscription (Expires 3/23)

Other Reviews:  You can read my past Bulu Box reviews here.

bulu box review

Rootology Breathe Free - Retail Value $1.90

I had these in a previous box and was excited to get them because I suffer from allergies. Unfortunately, I did not really notice any differences in my allergies using it.

NuvaTrim Gourmet Weightloss Coffee – Retail Value $2.53

I know a lot of people would like for their coffee to help them lose weight! I am not much of a coffee drinking, but I will need to give this a try.

bulu box review

VanaPain PM in Strawberry – Retail Value $3.20

This is a sleep aid and pain reliever. I think this is supposed to help after those really tough “Biggest Loser” type workouts. Sleep aids make me nervous, so I will pass this on to my mother who seems to always be achy and have difficulty sleeping.

Body Glove Surge Energy Gel in Chocolate – Retail Value $2.99

I get these in my fitness boxes frequently. I never use them because I don’t like the taste.

bulu box review

K-Pax Energy (30 pills) – Retail Value $22.46

This is a multivitamin, mood elevator and energy pill in one. This is a very generous sample too.

Havvn Go Stick in Orange Mango - Retail Value $2.16

This is supposed to increase energy, but also help make you more beautiful from the inside out, I am assuming from vitamins, minerals and hydration. It tastes pretty good and does help with energy.

Thoughts: The value of this box is really good at just over $35. I paid only $5 for this box and I will get $5 in points for my reviews, so I am pretty much getting the box for free! That is one thing that I really love about this subscription. The values and the samples aren’t always great, but I love the point system and the fact they have a lot of deals on subscriptions!

What did you think of the March 2014 Bulu Box?

IHeartMD Review February 2014 – HealthStyle Subscription Box

iheartmd review

One of the most popular goals for many people in the beginning of the year is to live a healthier lifestyle. A great way to do that is with paying more attention to your heart health. This is where IHeartMD comes in. It is a new subscription box that focuses on your cardio health. I was really happy when they kindly offered me a box to review because I am trying to get healthier as well.


iheartmd review

The Cost: $30 a month, including shipping

The Products: IHeartMD sends 5 – 8 heart healthy snacks, plus drinks and wellness items. You also have access to a member’s area that has recipes, a place for you to submit questions to their on-staff cardiologist (did you know one of the co-owners is a cardiologist? One dollar of every box you order is also donated to charity.

The Concept: IHeartMD is on a mission to help make people healthier and more able to prevent health problems as opposed to reacting to them.


iheartmd review




iheartmd review


I like that the product card gives you so much information about why they chose the product and how it pertains to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

iheartmd review

Ghirardelli Intense Dark 72% Cacao Twilight Delight Squares

I have never been a dark chocolate person and these are seriously dark. They are better for you, so I will try to make an effort to go for darker chocolates.

iheartmd review

Pearls Olives to Go!

I have been eating a lot of olives lately, so I am glad to know they are so heart-healthy. I also like that these have no added flavoring, so I can tailor the taste to what I am in the mood for that day.

Matt’s Munchies Premium Fruit Snack

These make a great sweet treat for my daughter and myself (when she lets me have one). I would never buy them on my own because of their cost, but it is always nice to find them in one of my boxes.

iheartmd review


Mary’s Gone Crackers

I’ve had these before and love it! I had it with some heart-healthy homemade hummus and it was the perfect midday snack.

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal in Cranberry Apple

I got this once before and I loved it! It’s really nice to get more.


iheartmd review

Naked Wines $50 Gift Card 

I still have a collection of unused Naked Wines gift cards. This is one of the most unpopular gift cards to get in a subscription box, but it makes an appearance so often.

iTrain $50 Gift Card

I also have a few iTrain gift cards on hand, but I have been considering trying it out.

Thoughts: I decided to not do a price breakdown because I already knew by looking at the box that the values without the gift cards was going to be well under the $30 you pay per month. The gift cards are a great addition for some people, but not for most. I think the true value of this type of subscription rests in the additional benefits you receive online such as the informative articles and ability to get a chance for a Q&A from a cardiologist. Which is a good thing considering that this box is about promoting a heart-healthy lifestyle.

What did you think of the launch box for IHeartMD?

Bulu Box Weight Loss Review December 2013

bulu box weight loss review december  Bulu Box is a fitness subscription box and is the first to have its own subscription focused solely on weight loss. I’ve been subscribing to Bulu Box for a while now and lately I’ve been really enjoying my boxes.

bulu box weight loss review december

The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: The Bulu Box Weight Loss subscription sends 4 – 5 samples geared toward active lifestyles and weight loss. You can read all my Bulu Box reviews to see what you can expect during a typical subscription.

bulu box weight loss review december

Me Strength Drink Mix - Retail Value $1.17 each

This drink mix has 0 calories, carbs, sugars or stimulants. It’s pretty delicious too!

Mango Peach Barlean Fish Oil To-Go – Retail Value $0.48

One thing I hate about taing fish oil is the overly fishy taste, so anything that helps lessen that is a welcome product for me to try.

bulu box weight loss review december

Mediterranean Snacks Tapas To-Go – Retail Value $2.99

I love hummus and lentil chips, so I was excited to bring this to work with me, but the lentil-to-hummus ratio was way off and I practically had the whole tub of hummus left. Next time I try this, I will probably bring baby carrots with me.

bulu box weight loss review

Creative Bioscience 30 Day Diet - Retail Value $34.95 (Full-Size!)

I was so excited to get this full-size product in the box. When I first subscribed, I was hoping there would be more products like this in each box so whenever I do get a such a product, I get really excited.

Thoughts: The total value of this box was $40.76 which is incredible considering I paid only $5 for the box (I used a 50% discount on my subscription). I loved all the samples and am impressed with the full-size product in the box. My last box in my subscription is in January and I think I will be getting an annual subscription to Bulu Box!

Fabletics Review December 2013 – Fitness Subscription Box

My Fabletics outfit for December arrived yesterday, and I think it’s my favorite one yet!  Fabletics  is a monthly active wear subscription, and was co-founded by Kate Hudson. Outfits start at $49.95, and you can easily skip a month if nothing strikes your fancy. This is my third month subbing, and I can attest to the superior quality and no hassle returns. For whatever reason, cool workout gear makes me want to go use my treadmill, so I guess that’s money well spent, right?


This month I chose the 3 piece “Activate” outfit which included the Oula tank, Asaro legging, and Vaasa sports bra. $50 for 3 pieces of workout gear?!?! Yes, please! J Fabletics is also offering a promo for 50% off your first outfit, so you could score this for as little as $25 shipped! In addition, they have a great rewards program, which enables you to accrue points toward free outfits. You can earn points from both purchases and by reviewing products.


  fabletics review


Fabletics bottoms feature compression fabrics, non-chaffing stitching, and a cute hidden pocket. The Asaro leggings are perfect for both working out, and they also look great tucked in my snow boots paired with a tunic!


  fabletics review december


I wasn’t sure about the color combo I chose, but I was feeling adventurous and I really do love it! I chose the Vaasa bra in “Citron” and the Oula tank in “Fiery Red”. These two pieces look great paired together – the cross back straps on the bra peek out of the racerback tank – totally practical, but fashion forward. I’m excited to see what Fabletics  has in store next month! I’m hoping for a cute jacket or tunic! What outfit did you choose this month?


*This review was kindly provided by Meg, a Subscription Maven reader, to share with everyone!

Bulu Box Weight Loss Review November 2013

bulu box weight loss review

My Bulu box weight loss subscription always surprises me with the variety of products. Some of them I really appreciate discovering, while others are not as memorable for me. So far, this was one of the best boxes I’ve gotten from them so far.

bulu box weight loss review november

The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Bulu Box offers a regular fitness box as well as a weight loss subscription box. You can expect 4 – 6 different samples and supplements each month. You can read my past Bulu Box reviews here.

bulu box weight loss review november

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil – Retail Value $0.50

Natural Miracles Menstrual Magic – Retail Value $1.30

bulu box weight loss review november

Mudd and Wyeth YaffBar – Retail Value $3

Energems in Mint Fusion – Retail Value $1.70

I thought the Yaff car was such an unique concept. I don’t have any pets to test it on, but my daughter and I both enjoyed it.

I see a lot of energy products on the market, but mint chocolate treats is a new one for me. Normally, I steer clear of anything like this, but I was just too curious. I was satisfied with how it helped wake me up in the morning.

bulu box weight loss review november

Gimme Cheddar Cheese Roasted Seaweed Crumbles – Retail Value $1.70

I love crunchy seaweed as a healthy snack for my daughter and myself, so I was so happy to find this in the box. We gobbled these up immediately.

Thoughts: The total value of the box was only just over $8 so it did not have the best value, but I did enjoy the products as a whole much more than previous boxes. I would like it if more boxes were like this with larger samples – but maybe with at least one more product or with one high value product to push the value up just a bit more.

What did you think of the Bulu weight loss box this month? If you got the original box, what did you get in yours?


Bulu Box Weight Loss Review October 2013 – Fitness Subscription Box

I am finding that the more boxes I get from Bulu Box, the more I enjoy their samples. I was really excited to get my box this month and see what new weight loss products they had to sample.

The Cost: $10 a month, including shipping. They regularly have promotions to get subscriptions at half off.

The Coupon: TWEET10 will get you one free box.

The Products: Bulu Box focuses on fitness and active lifestyles. They offer a standard fitness box and a box focused on weight loss. I currently subscribe to their Weight Loss Box. You can read my past Bulu Box reviews here.

Rootology Nasal Health – Value $1.70 for 4 pills

This product is actually created to help prevent nasal congestion and provide allergy relief. I am not entirely sure how it fits with weight loss except perhaps to help with any outdoor allergies which are worse in cold weather and may deter you from going outside to work out. I suffer from pretty bad allergies, so I am pleased to try them out nonetheless.

Body 360 Burn 360 – Value $3.60 for 2 pills
Natural Vitality Calm Drink in Raspberry-Lemon

I heard of Body 360 before on television, so it will be interesting to see if the claims are true!

I tried the Natural Vitality drink before and while I didn’t necessarily feel more calm, it was delicious!

NeoCell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews in Chocolate Mint 
Pocket Protein Formulated for Women in Strawberry – Value $2.99

Beauty Bursts are supposed to help add and hydrate collagen to strengthen skin, hair and nails. It is supposed to beautify you from the inside out. I got Beauty Bursts in my very first Bulu Box and received two samples. This month there was only one. With a product like this, I really would have enjoyed a full or deluxe sample size to get an idea of how it works. It does taste good though!

I had to hide the Pocket Protein from my daughter otherwise she would have thought it was a snack for her! After trying it, I really did like it and as it turns out, you can actually get another sample for free on their website.

Thoughts: This was a pretty good month for Bulu Box. I discovered two products I really liked and got the chance to re-sample some old favorites.

What do you think of the October Weight Loss Bulu Box?



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Kona Kase Review September 2013 – Snack and Fitness Subscription Box

I love Kona Kase because they have such a balanced mix of healthy snacks and fitness supplements. I also appreciate that none of the fitness-related products are packaged in a way that makes me feel as though the box is better suited to someone who is a more serious athlete!

The Cost: $15 a month, including shipping

The Products: Kona Kase delivers a selection of snacks and fitness supplements to promote a healthy and active lifestyles. You can read my past Kona Kase reviews here.

Crum Creek Mini Breadsticks – Value $0.65
Surf Sweets Jelly Beans – Value $0.89

My daughter ate most of the breadsticks, but the few I had were surprisingly flavorful. I normally do not associate breadsticks as a snack that has much flavor, but these tiny bites were very good.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars in Peach Apricot – Value $1.25
Balance Bar in Dark Chocolate Brownie – Value $1.25

Most of the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars I’ve had were Raspberry, so I was really excited to try a new flavor!

Clif Bar Crunch in Peanut Butter – Value $2
Wai Lana Fruit & nut Bar in Tropical Macadamia – Value $2.99

I absolutely love Wai Lana bars, so I was so excited to see one in this month’s Kona Kase!

Ultimate Super Foods Ojio Sport Electrolyte Mix – Value $1
Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix – Value $1.95

I love these drinks for not only pre-and post-work out, but even as a mid-day drink!

Thoughts: This was a great month for Kona Kase! I loved pretty much everything in this box and cannot wait for next month.

What do you think of Kona Kase? What is your favorite fitness and snack subscription box?
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Bulu Weight Loss Review September 2013 – Weight Loss Subscription Box

Bulu recently had a deal to get your subscription for half off and there was no way I could turn down an offer like that! I immediately signed up for a 6- month subscription, but now I wish I just committed to the full year!

The Cost: $10 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: TWEET10 gets the first box free!

The Products: Bulu has two boxes for you to choose: Original and Weight Loss, both offer fitness samples, but the Weight Loss box is geared specifically to fitness samples that are believed to help with weight loss. You can switch between the boxes any time during your subscription. You can read my Bulu Box reviews to see what you can expect in a typical subscription

Simple Being Slimming Smoothie in Vanilla Bean – 1 packet, Value $4
Body Glove Surge Chocolate Energy Gel – 1 packet – Value $3

I had the shake for breakfast and I was pleasantly surprised at the taste. Usually, I stay away from vanilla protein powder because the taste is too sweet and artificial, but this was definitely not as sweet as other. Plus, it’s only 1 carb!

I am not a huge fan of the Body Glove Surge products, but I could certainly tell that it is effective in giving you more energy from the times I have tried it.

Thirty30 Enliven in Pure Lemon – 1 packet, Value $2
BSN AMINOx – 1 serving, Value $1
My workout of choice is kickboxing, so anything that gives me an extra boost of energy and endurance is worth trying!

Erba Vita Propolus Sooting Syrup – Value $.60

I wish I had a larger sample of this product because I am very curious as to how well it works. I cannot run in winter because I have weather-related asthma, but I imagine this coupled with my inhaler would help make it easier to do a light winter jog every so often.

Thoughts: This was a pretty decent box. I actually liked the smoothie sample and may try it in another flavor. I definitely like the brands featured in the Bulu boxes, but still wish we were able to have one larger sample in each box!

What did you think of the Weight Loss Bulu box? What kind of weight loss products would you like to see in the box?
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