The Bouqs Review – Flower Subscription Service

bouqs review


My fiancee owned his own flower shop when he was living in Estonia, so we always had fresh flowers around the house. A subscription service like Bouqs is really nice because it means we can always have a new beautiful bouquet of flowers in the house without having to go out and buy them. When Bouqs kindly offered me the opportunity to review their service, I had to say yes!

 bouqs review

The Cost: $40 for the Original bouquet, $50 for the Deluxe bouquet

The Products: The Bouqs has two primary categories of flowers from which you may choose: The Volcano Collection from South America or their California Collection. Only their California Collection offers next day delivery.


I originally wanted to review the service in time for Christmas orders, but because of scheduling conflicts (I was out of the country for a little while), I had to push back my order and didn’t receive the flowers until December 19th. Instead, I decided to take my time reviewing the service and how well the flowers stood up against the test of time.

 bouqs review

I opted for the Deluxe bouquet which was enough flowers to nicely fill two vases. The flowers arrived promptly on the 19th after I arrived home from work. The flowers were securely wrapped in the box and attached to the box to ensure they would not budge. When I opened the bouquets, the flowers were still cool and even a little damp. You could still smell the freshness.

 bouqs review

The next day, the roses bloomed and were stunning to look at; I had a nice time pretending my fiancee actually got them for me! The fragrance was also very strong, you could smell the roses about three feet away from the bouquet.

 bouqs review

The flowers began to show signs of wear on the 7th of January, so that is two and a half weeks of beautiful flowers. As of the 9th, the roses are looking wilted and a little forlorn. One bouquet is holding up better and may last another couple of days.

My care routine. I am sure how you care for the flowers affects how long they last, so here is how I cared for them:

I cut the bottom of the stems at a 45 degree angle and filled each vase with about a pint of water and added the flower food that came with each bouquet. I changed the water once every other day and kept the flowers from fruit, heat sources and direct sunlight. I would also cut the stems a bit more at the opposite side to allow for more fresh water.Someone moved one bouquet next to a lamp for a few days and this is the bouquet that showed the most signs of wear. Today, I removed one of the roses and some of the flowers. I also removed the leaves as many were dried out. The roses that remain still look beautiful.


Thoughts: I was impressed at how well The Bouqs packaged the flowers were and the beauty and quality of the flowers. I did not expect for them to last as long as they did and I am really pleased with how long they’ve stood the test of time. This would make an excellent treat to yourself, as a way to brighten up an office, or as a gift to someone. You really can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Shipping was prompt and I think the price is fair considering how long the flowers hold up.


What do you think about The Bouqs?