Foldigo Review July 2013 – New Kids Craft Subscription

I sometimes watch a younger cousin of mine who just turned 7. When he is home, he spends most of his time in front of the TV, so when he is with me, I try to make sure he is more active. Sometimes, I have difficulty finding new crafts for him, especially since he requires something simple. When I came across Foldigo, a kids paper craft subscription, I was really excited! Even more so when the agreed to send me one to try out!

The Cost: $4.95 a month for a digital subscription, $11.95 for a printed subscription

The Products: Each month, Foldigo sends out an activity pack with a theme and story line. As each month goes on, you go further in the story series until you move on to the next story! Each paper craft is easy-to-do and often involve 3-D elements to make the craft and play after more fun. Every new subscriber begins with the Livingston and Friends – The Tournament series.

I wanted to wait until my cousin came to the house so I can take a few action shots of the finished project, but it doesn’t seem as though he will be around any time soon!

The first in the series comes with an easily digestible short comic-book.

I love that the comic book is blank so you can do the coloring yourself! I used to love coloring as a kid, so I would have even liked to see the front of the comic book uncolored as well.

The activity kit came with cut-out characters you can color and use to reenact the story. The small sheets are glue dots to help bring everything together in a 3-D scene.

The 3-D dots are supposed to help stick strips marked out on the first page adhere to the house to help prop it up on its own. Again, you color in the entire scene yourself!

The cute little dog is a full-3-D punchout figure. I really wanted to try and put her together on my own, but so far I’ve been good with waiting for my little cousin to come over.

Thoughts: I thought this was certainly a fun and easy activity for a child. The perfect little craft to help pass the time in a way that we can all enjoy. I am really curious about what the other packs and stories are like!

What do you think of Foldigo? Is this something you think your child would like?

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