Taste Trunk Gourmet Premier Box

taste trunk premier gourmet


A couple of weeks back, Taste Trunk had a deal for 50% off their Gourmet Premier box, which I decided to get because it’s been a while since I last tried Taste Trunk. I thought it would make a good Mother’s Day gift to myself!


taste trunk premier gourmet


The Cost: $55 normally (I used their 50% off coupon that is now expired)

The Products: Each box has 6 – 10 premium, hand-picked items which are subject to change each month.

The Concept: The Taste Trunk Gourmet Premier box was created as a way to introduce you to full-size gourmet products you will enjoy experimenting with.

Other Review: You can read my past Taste Trunk reviews here.

taste trunk premier gourmet


Each Taste Trunk has a small package full of information about each product and their producer.


taste trunk premier gourmet


Saucy Mama Sweet Heat Marinade – Retail Value $6

I am going to save this for a barbecue this summer. I think it would go great with some chicken or pork with a side salad and of course, corn!


taste trunk premier gourmet


Elki Artichoke Piquillo Bruschetta – Retail Value $6.95

Yum, I actually tried this before and loved it, so I am glad to get a full-size jar. I will be enjoying this during the weekend.


taste trunk premier gourmet

Terrapin Ridge Farms Strawberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip – Retail Value $7.30

Yum. I never heard of such a combination, but I am going to make some fresh pretzels to pair with this dip !

taste trunk premier gourmet

Sticky Fingers Raspberry White Chocolate Scones – Retail Value $5.99

These scones were unbelievably soft – more like biscuits. I would have liked more raspberry and white chocolate, but overall, super delicious!

taste trunk premier gourmet


Himilayan Salt Block - Retail Value $16.95


I’ve wanted to get a salt block for the longest time, so I am beyond thrilled to have one now. I think I want a second so I can use one for hot items and one for cold because I heard once you heat it, it loses some of its “power.”

Thoughts: The total value of this box was just over $43, but there were only 5 items, so I am wondering if maybe one of the products was missing from my box. Despite the value, I am really happy with this box and I think it made a great Mother’s Day gift to myself and I think it is a nice Mother’s Day Gift for anyone else who enjoys good food.

What did you think of the Taste Trunk  Gourmet Premier box?

Treatsie Review and Coupon April 2014

treatsie review april

Treatsie was on my to-try list for a long time. When I discovered their $10 off coupon for new customers, I had to take advantage of the deal because I love any box that focuses on chocolate and desserts!

treatsie review april


The Cost: $15 a month, plus $4.95 shipping

The Products: Treatsie sends a selection of gourmet candy and other baked treats from artisan and small batch companies.

The Concept: Treatsie was created as a way to share the delicious treats created by some of the small batch companies that you may never otherwise discover.

The COUPON: Use code WELCOME44 for $10 off your first order (

treatsie review april

Hot Cakes Peanut Butter Bites – Retail Value $7.5

Yum, these bites are simple, yet really delicious. This is a treat you could easily end up eating an entire bag of without noticing!

Hot Cakes Bling Bling - Retail Value $5 (Full-Size!)

Yum, this reminds me of those boxed frosting-filled cupcakes you get at the store, but 1000% times better. Absolutely delicious.

treatsie review april

 Brix Bites Chocolate for Wine – Retail Value $0.54 each

I wanted to save these chocolates for when I had wine around, but someone ended up eating them while I was at work. I hope they were good because no one would ‘fess up to it!

treatsie review april Grey Ghost Bakery Lemon Sugar Cookies – Retail Value $9 (Full-Size!)

Yum! I have a special love for lemon sugar cookies, so this was an immediate win for me!

Thoughts: For my first box, I am really impressed with Treatsie! There is a ton of really great treats and the sizes of each were more than generous. The total value of the box was just under $24 which is a great value for a dessert box like this. I look forward to trying out the May box soon.

What did you think of the April 2014 Treatsie?

Tyler Florence Fancy Subscription Box Review February 2014

I was so excited to see my February 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box in the mail the other day! They were late sending the January one, so it’s nice to get back to back boxes, especially since I have yet to find a product I didn’t love in this box.
The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: This Fancy Box is curated by Tyler Florence who handpicks a selection of high quality kitchen items worth $80+

The Concept: This box is meant to help you be better in the kitchen through the discovery of useful kitchen gadgets and ingredients.

Other Reviews: You can read my Fancy Box reviews here.

Short Stack Editions Eggs and Buttermilk – Retail Value $12 each

I love these little recipe books! I really want to get the rest of the collection now. I’ve been browsing these for a while and I found a ton of recipes I want to try!

 Citrus Zester Zinc Positive – Retail Value $15

I already have a zester that I love, but it is not as fancy as this. I love that it creates strips of zest which are perfect for those finishing touches for your meals.

 Shortstacks Maple Syrup – Retail Value $13

Yum, you can’t go wrong with a bit of fancy maple syrup in my opinion. I love quality real maple syrup, but I hate the prices, so to get any in a box is a real treat.  I will be pairing this with homemade buttermilk waffles from the Buttermilk recipe book.

 Spoon Spatula Art and Cook – Retail Value $13

Maybe not the most exciting item in the box, but certainly useful. You can never have enough spoon spatulas around!

 Primula Tempo Coffee Press 6 Cup – Retail Value $18

I am not a big coffee person, but something about a coffee press really makes me want to be the kind of person who has coffee in the morning. I think I will be trying it out when I can get some quality ground coffee.


Thoughts: I love that this box had a clear theme. And the theme happens to be centered around my favorite meal of the day: breakfast! Everything in this box will be used, even the coffee press because I just cannot help myself. Tyler Florence is certainly proving to be one of my favorite subscription boxes.

What do you think of the February 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box.

Hatchery Tasting Box Review February 2014

hatchery review february

I was really impressed with my January Hatchery Box review, so I was really excited to receive my March box. So far, this has been on the top of my list for discovering small batch and artisan food items.

hatchery review february

The Cost: $20

The Products: Hatchery Tasting Box sends a selection of food ingredients from small batch and artisan companies across the country.

The Concept: It is the company’s mission to allow people to break the norm and experience new flavors from the comfort of their own home by making different flavor discoveries you may never otherwise find.

The COUPON: Use coupon code SAVE10 to get your first box 50% off!

Other Reviews: You can read my past Hatchery Tasting Box reviews here.

hatchery review february

hatchery review february

Hepps Salt Co Roasted Garlic Salt

DAK’s Spices Butt Kickin Buffalo

I am really excited to try this. They have a recipe for buffalo chicken nachos that I am dying to try!

hatchery review february

Butcher’s Bunches Get Your Guav On! 

I love guava, but I never thought about turning it into a jam. This is light, sweet and heavenly. I love it!

Cloud 9 Orchard Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I am a bit of an extra virgin olive oil aficionado, so I love trying new brands. I cannot wait to bake some crusty bread to pair this with.

hatchery review february

Baron’s International Kitchen Mild Jerk Sauce

I love experimenting with jerk sauce. I was really happy to find this in the box and cannot wait to start cooking with it.

Better Off Spread Every Rosemary Has It’s Thorn Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

I did not know how I felt about this at first, but the more I tried it, the more I liked it. It is mildly sweet and salty which goes well with the rosemary. It is a pleasant shock to the senses, but may be an acquired taste for some.

Thoughts: As before, I am incredibly impressed with the overall curation of the box. I am delighted by the different flavor combinations and companies featured. I think this is a really great box for foodies and non-foodies alike, just as long as you like to eat and explore!

What do you think of the February Hatchery Tasting Box?

Tyler Florence Fancy Box Review January 2014

I think this is the latest I’ve ever received and reviewed a Fancy Box. Apparently there was an issue with getting one of the products that was supposed to be in the shop, then there were shipping delays due to the weather in my area. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to finally see my Fancy box at the door and tore through it.


The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Each month you will get product handpicked by Tyler Florence. All boxes are estimated to be worth $80+

The Concept: This Fancy box is to help you become better in the kitchen by giving you unique kitchen essentials and ingredients.

The Coupon: Use code FOLLOWUP10 for 10% off any purchase on Fancy

Other Reviews: You can read my Fancy Box reviews here.
Precision Pierced Stainless Steel Colander – Retail Value $25

Colanders are a must-have in any kitchen and you have never have enough. I was so happy to get this because I only have one other colander that I regularly use.

Pizza Wheel – Retail Value $10

I already have two pizza cutters, but this is my favorite cutter by far. I think it is time to get rid of my old pizza cutters.
Tyler Florence Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce – Retail Value $9 (each)
I was really excited to try a sauce from Tyler Florence. Unfortunately, I received two of the vodka sauces instead of also receiving a puttanesca sauce. As it turns out, they ran out of sauce.

 Cipriani Pappardelle – Retail Value $8

I love this pasta. It is my first time eating this type of pasta and I was surprised at how thin, yet durable it is. It is great with seafood!
Acacia Salt Cellar – Retail Value $16

This is such a simple item to get, but I absolutely love it. It is so nice to not have to use a salt shaker or grinder for salt. Since I do a lot of baking, this also helps with measuring the amount of salt. I need.

Thoughts: This was a really good box for me. I love that the Tyler Florence box is always so practical for me and I am glad that I decided to switch my subscription for a while. Even thought this box was very late, I think it was worth the wait.


What did you think of the January 2014 Tyler Florence Fancy Box?

Orange Glad Review February 2014 + Coupon Code!

orange glad february 2014

Orange Glad is one of my favorite subscription boxes to get each month. The different desserts and treats have always been a highlight of my month. I’ve been able to discover a ton of new treats to enjoy and share with my daughter. This is the last box in my sixth month subscription and I think I will definitely renew.


orange glad february 2014

The Cost: $15 a month, plus shipping

The Products: Orange Glad finds some of the best desserts around the country to include in their box. You can usually find 5 – 6 different desserts.

The Concept: The company’s mission is to help encourage your sweet tooth by helping you discover some of the best treats from gourmet and small batch companies.

The Coupon: You can use coupon code YUMMY10 for 10% off any subscription.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.

orange glad february 2014




orange glad february 2014


Bissinger’s Chocolate Heart Lollipop

This is just too cute. I almost did not want to eat it, but I did and it was delicious. I love the creaminess of this chocolate.

Chocomize Hot Chocolate On A Spoon Milk Chocolate 

I’ve seen crafts to make these as Christmas presents, but if I can buy them premade, then that is even better for me. The concept is just so cute and I love the little red hearts!


orange glad february 2014

Renaissance Kosher Foods Coconut Macaroons

I love macaroons. Coconut and almond is always a good combination. These were lightly sweet and chewy,

orange glad february 2014


A Couple of Squares Love Heart Decorated Cookie

The meringue icing is a little hard to bite down on, but the cookie itself is so delicious. Sweet and buttery, it’s the perfect sugar cookie.

Desserts on Us Chocolate Almond Laceys

This is the best cookie all around. Toffee almond wafers with a rich dark chocolate. There are so many amazing things going on with this cookie. I loved it.

Thoughts: As usual, Orange Glad was able to impress with the variety and quality of the treats in this box. I loved everything here and wish I had doubled my subscription (you can get double the treats for an additional $12 a box). What I would love to see Orange Glad do in the future is create a light sweets box filled with delicious treats that are a little more guilt-free because this box is really starting to affect my waistline!

What did you think of the February 2014 Orange Glad Box?

New Hello Fresh Valentine’s Day Special – One Day Only

hello fresh


Hello Fresh has a new Valentine’s Day coupon code available!

Coupon code aValentine26dUSCJ gets you $26 off the Classic or Vegetarian boxes (not available for gift cards). This coupon expires at midnight tonight, so hurry!

I love Hello Fresh because the portions are generous, the recipes are easy to follow and mostly kid-friendly. You can read my Hello Fresh reviews here.

Hatchery Tasting Box Review January 2014 – Gourmet Food Subscription Box

hatchery review

After seeing so many reviews of Hatchery, I decided that I had to give them a try. Hatchery is a small-batch gourmet food subscription box filled with amazing ingredients and condiment samples and recipes to go along with them.


hatchery review

The Cost: $20 a month

The Products: Hatchery Tasting Box sends 5-6 hand selected artisan ingredients from small-batch producers, plus information on the producers.


hatchery review

Virtuous Living in Hope, Faith and Love – Retail Value $1? for all three

The quality of the herbs and spices they use are not like anything I keep in my kitchen and are balanced perfectly, making it hard for you to ruin a meal. There is nothing like being able to say “add a pinch of hope or a dash of love to finish your recipe” and not feel like my mom saying it. Fun Fact: Their spices are all organic, Gluten-free and Halal!


hatchery review

Virginia Chutney Co Spicy Plum Chutney (1.5 oz) – Retail Value $1.20

I love chutney. It is one of my favorite condiments to experiment with. This sweet and spicy spread goes with just about everything you pair it with.

Setter Mountain Norton Jelly (1.5 oz) – Retail Value $2.99

Jelly made with real wine. That is all I need to know. They recommend pairing with with carmelized onions, which makes me want to make my favorite cheese sandwich from Pret a Manger 


hatchery review

Bavaro’s Marinara Pasta Sauce (8 oz) – Retail Value $4.78

Unfortunately, this leaked a bit in the box. Nothing too terrible and I think it is salvageable. I will be emailing the company before using it.

hatchery review

 Dave’s Homemade Dark Chocolate Malted Fudge – Retail Value $5?

I love hot fudge. This is probably one of the hot fudges I’ve ever tried. The malted flavor really brings me back to my childhood, making this a perfect weekend treat.


Thoughts: I loved the presentation of the Hatchery Tasting Box and I really enjoyed the different samples. This is exactly the kind of box that fits my interests. The value that I calculated is a bit low at about $15. Since I liked the items so much and really like the uniqueness of the products and overall curation, I can look past that for now, but would still like to see higher value boxes in the future.

Rue La La Deal for Club W!


club w deal

Rue La la just released a new deal for the newest wine subscription box, Club W! You can get a half case for only $35 (plus $19.95  shipping - regularly $78)! That’s a 55% savings!

Each case will include:

  • 2011 The Specialist Cabernet Sauvignon, California – This is a bold example of a fruit-forward wine. Earthy clove and bell pepper flavors lurk beneath the jammy top layer.
  • 2010 mrlt. Merlot, California – A long smooth finish combined with plum and blackberry flavors make this an excellent wine to pair with grilled meats.
  • 2011 #TBT Pinot Noir, California – The classic cherry flavor of this vino is sweet and spicy without ever being overpowering. Pair this red with Ahi tuna or poultry.
  • 2012 Cosmopolitan Sauvignon Blanc, California –This Sauv pairs well with almost anything. The tart lemon candy flavors are tempered by hints of green tea, making for an incredibly refreshing white wine.
  • 2011 Score Red Blend, California – This red blend achieves a wide variety of fruit flavors including strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and plum.
  • 2012 Geronimo! Chardonnay, California – A fresh take on America’s most popular wine, you’ll taste oranges and tropical fruits, but it’s the golden apple flavors that add a little extra oomph.

This is not going to be for a subscription – just a one-off box. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to try out the Club W subscription service (review coming later today) and I was really impressed with the quality of their wines. I will definitely be buying this to stock up on my wine collection.


Will you be taking advantage of the Rue La La deal?

Darby Smart Review and Coupon January 2014

darby smart january 2014


Darby Smart is a popular craft box that recently started their own subscription service. I love DIY and crafts, so I decided I had to try them out. The January box also had a really fun theme which made my decision that much easier!


darby smart january 2014

The Cost: $19 a month, including shipping

The Products: Each month, Darby Smart will create a new craft for you to try and send everything you need to finish the craft.

The Coupon: Use HOWDYDARBY for $10 off your first month


darby smart january 2014

The product card shows you what is in the box, plus a quick DIY tutorial for your materials and suggestions. I like that they provide guidelines instead of hard and fast directions so you can allow yourself to be as creative as you want.


darby smart january 2014 Valentine’s Mini Cookie Cutter Set - Retail Value $3.29

These cookie cutters are just too cute. These were included to create fondant shapes, but I think I will have to try to make mini sugar cookies with them.

Mini Rolling Pin – Retail Value $1.22

I’ve never seen a rolling pin this small before, it is so cute! I don’t know if I would ever actually use it, but it makes a nice decoration in the kitchen.


darby smart january 2014

Toothpicks - Retail Value $0.25?

Wilton Pearl Dust in Yellow and Ruby Red – Retail Value $4.49 each

I’ve never used pearl dust in my decorating, so I am excited to give this a try.


darby smart january 2014

Sprinkles Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcake Mix – Retail Value $14

I was so excited to see the Sprinkles Cupcakes mix in the box. I read the directions and it involves a lot of butter, so I will see about substituting some of the butter before I try to make it.

Fonadrific Buttercream Chocolate Fondant – Retail Value $4.29

I love playing with fondant, it is like edible playdough which is always a good thing.


darby smart january 2014


Wilton Do Something Sweet Baking Cup – Retail Value $2.09

I have a mini collection of cupcake liners, so I was happy to have some ready for Valentine’s Day!

Royal Brush Set Value Pack (Sable) - Retail Value $7.45


Thoughts: This was a great box for me! I am really excited to try to make these cupcakes and and share the end results with you. I hope the future Darby Smart boxes will be just as fun.


What did you think about this Darby Smart box?