From the Lab Beauty Subscription Box Review March 2014

from the lab beauty subscription box review After taking a couple months break from From the Lab, I was anxious to get re-subscribed – and at a good time too since they have since stopped their chartered membership pricing.

from the lab beauty subscription box review

The Cost: $29.95, plus $5.95 shipping

The Products: From the Lab sends 1 – 3 beauty products that have yet to be released in the US market. All products are cruelty-free.

The Concept: From the Lab is aimed to help you become an innovator in beauty by providing you with a 30 day supply of luxury beauty products before any one else can try them.

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Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724 - Retail Value $65 (estimated)

This cleaning oil is suds-free and also helps to repair your hair from damage done from hair products and everyday wear. It acts as both a shampoo and condition and is supposed to work even on oily hair. Using this was a really interesting experience. Without the soapy suds I am used to, I kept feeling as though I was not using enough cleanser. Once I was out of the shower, my hair felt softer and looked more shiny when it was dry. I cannot wait to see what my hair looks like at the end of the month.




I love that so much information is included about the products they send!

Thoughts: I am really impressed with this product and it is unquestionably one of my favorite products that From the Lab has sent so far (besides the eye cream and the face cream no 590). I love that this is a completely different product than anything that I’ve ever heard about before. It definitely meets the subscriptions innovative purpose.

What did you think about the March 2014 From the Lab?

Last Chance for Discounted Membership with From the Lab!!

from the lab discount


For a while, you’ve been able to get a monthly From the Lab subscription for $25.90, including shipping, they are now about to close this deal and memberships will then become $35.90, including shipping.

From the Lab is a unique monthly beauty box that delivers high-end beauty products directly from some of the most renowned cosmetic labs in the world before they are available in the US market. I’ve loved getting their box (You can read my From the Lab reviews here) because their box is so different from anything out there in the market.

I also love that they now have a points system so you can accumulate points to spend in their shop. Right now 500 points = $5. You can only gain points by referring friends at the moment, but they will be releasing new ways to gain points soon.

Will you be signing up for From the Lab?

From the Lab Review November 2013 – Beauty Subscription Box

from the lab review

I was so excited to get From the Lab this month because the spoiler said there would be two products this month. After a three-month period of one-product boxes, I could not wait for this duo!

The Cost: $19.95 plus $5.95 shipping

The Products: From the Lab works with top cosmetics companies to deliver not-yet-released beauty products directly to you to sample before they hit the shelves. Product retail value is supposed to be between $40 and $200 and each sample is guaranteed to last a full 30-days. You can read all my From the Lab reviews here.

from the lab review

Face Cream No. 590

Face Serum No. 591

The face serum is made with the Yarsagumba mushroom. When used topically, it is believed to enhance facial skin radiance, increase the complexion’s brightness and decrease transparency. It also contains Coffea Bengalensis, which use triple layer technology to replump and restore a fresh, youthful appearance without the dehydrating effects of caffeine.

The Face cream works complementary to the serum, also made with the two main ingredients, plus a biomimetic peptide which is supposed to help increase skin firmness and elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

I was really in love with the first face cream From the Lab sent a few months back and did not think they would ever be able to send another that I would like. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it’s worked so far, but I will need to test it out more before I can give any conclusive opinions!

Thoughts: The total estimated retail value is over $200 which is very impressive. I was really happy to see two products and even happier to see one was a face serum. I was surprised to see more skincare products as I was expecting them to do a makeup box. Overall, I am really excited to use my products and I can’t wait to see what is in the next From the Lab box – I expect something really exciting for December!

What did you think of November’s From the Lab box?


From the Lab Review October 2013

What I love about From the Lab is that they are completely unique to any other beauty subscription box out there. One of the things I love most about subscription boxes is the ability to discover new products and this company takes discovery on a new level for me.

The Cost: $19.95, plus shipping and handling

The Products: From the Lab works with labs from across the globe to provide high-end beauty products that have not yet been released in America. You can expect between 1- 3 products each month with a total estimated retail value between $40 and $200. You can read my past From the Lab reviews  here.

AM/PM Cleanser

I love getting facial cleansers in my boxes! I know not a lot of people like that due to skin sensitivities, but this product seems to be gentle enough for most skin types. What I really like is it’s high-level multi-functionality. This cleanser is said to removes makeup, cleanses, tones, and treats skin all without having to use any water.

Thoughts: I am really excited to try this product. I never heard of any product that can do as much as this one can and it will be hard to not use any water while testing it! The only downside to this box for me is that it is another one- product box – making that three in a row. Saying that, I know this product is definitely worth a lot of money – at least I know I’d be willing to pay a lot for it!

What did you think about the October From the Lab box?



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From the Lab Review September 2013 Beauty Subscription Box

from the lab review september 2013

From the Lab is a subscription box that sends out 1 – 3 beauty products each month before they are released for general sale. The products are obtains directly from the top cosmetics labs in the world. I just received my September box.

The Cost: $19.95 a month, plus $5.95 shipping

The Products: From the Lab searches for high-end beauty products from cosmetics labs around the globe to feature months before they are released in America.

from the lab review september 2013

Hair Mask 718

The main ingredient in this hair mask is a Swiss apple called Uttwiler Spätlauber. It is believed to have a powerhouse of nutrients for your hair making it an all-in-one repairing treatment for all hair types.

Thoughts: I am definitely intrigued by the hair mask. My hair is very thick and damaged, and soaks up a lot of hair mask so it will be interesting to see if it really works on my hair and how many times I will get to use it! Out of every box I’ve gotten from From the Lab, this is one I am most curious about.

Update: I finally had the chance to really use the hair mask and get a rounded idea of how well it works. I used it once last week and again last night. As predicted, I have already used up the bottle which is disappointing and it also did not have the apple-y smell that I was hoping for!

In regards to how well it actually works, I have to say I am pretty impressed. I ended up leaving the mask in my hair for about 30 minutes before washing it out. Once I did, I noticed my normally curly, frizzy hair, was not as frizzy when it dried. Instead, my hair stayed in fairly defined curls compared to how it normally is when I air dry my hair (think 70′s Afro). When I straightened my hair I noticed my hair was not as tangled, but my hair felt thicker than it normally does when it is first straightened. It instead has the feeling of being clean with the texture of 2-day unwashed hair (meaning thicker feeling and more style-able)

Overall, I do like the results and I think it would only get better with more use. Unfortunately, I do not have any more product left and I do not know if I would be willing to spend the money on getting more.

What did you think of the September From the Lab box?
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From the Lab Review August 2013 – Beauty Subscription Box

I was so excited to see that my From the Lab box came in the mail already and it is not even August yet! From the Lab is a subscription service that delivers high-end beauty products directly from some of the best cosmetics lab in the world.

The Cost: $35.90 a month, including shipping
The Products: In each From the Lab box, you will receive between 1- 3 luxury beauty products from the top cosmetics labs around the globe. 

I don’t know if I am just a real beauty novice, but I never heard of a body serum like this before. I was thrilled to see this product. Considering how much facial serums run, I can only imagine the total value of this.

I’ve been trying it and I love the way my skin feels after It is smooth, supple and I feel more moisturized without that heavy feeling some body lotions give me. The only thing that might not be appealing for everyone is that it does have a scent. It is a scent that I do not mind, but I know some people are sensitive to fragrance.

I love that they give you so much information about the product and what makes it unique. I wish more boxes provided detail like this.

Thoughts: I really love this subscription and I am so happy with my new body serum. My mom loves it too and uses everything I get – it might be about time I get her a subscription as well. The only thing I wish they did was provide the estimated market value for each product.

If you did not sign up for From the Lab yet, they currently have a waitlist, so sign up for an invitation now!

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From the Lab Review July 2013 – Beauty Subscription Box

When I first heard about the new subscription box company, From the Lab, I was really excited about the concept. I love the idea of getting to sample some of the best beauty products around before they even hit the market. there was no way that I was going to miss out on trying this subscription!

The Cost: $35.90 a month, including shipping You can get a charter membership for $25.90 a month if you sign up now!

The Products: From the Lab sends you 1 -3 high end beauty and skin care products sourced from labs in Switzerland, Italy and the US, just to name a few. Unlike other sample subscription services, From the Lab sends out enough product to guarantee at least a 30-day trial of the product.  The total value of the products have a projected retail value of $40-$200. If you see a past month you just cannot go without, you can purchase the box or certain products from the box on their website.

I love the packaging. It really goes with their theme of keeping things simple and taking out all the fluff that just tacks on to the cost. I also get a bit of a futuristic vibe from it.

I love the eye cream. It is scentless, and very light weight. I’ve been using it for two days and I can already see significant differences! My mother was very jealous when she saw this, so I think I might be getting some for her as well.

I love this face cream. It is extra-moisturizing without feeling greasy. In fact, my face feels less greasy by the end of the day after using it.It does have a light scent, but it is not overwhelming. I think this might be my new favorite moisturizer!

Thoughts: I am really happy with my subscription and I do not see myself giving this one up any time soon! They say that you will get a 30-day sample, but there is no way I will use any of this product up in 30 days and I find it difficult to imagine anyone using up these samples that quickly either. . . I cannot wait to see what future boxes bring.

What are your thoughts on From the Lab? Will you be trying out this subscription?

Disclaimer: Although From the Lab is a paid sponsor, I did purchase this subscription out-of-pocket and my review is entirely of my own opinion.