Go Bites Review October 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Go Bites is a healthy snack subscription box that focuses on organic, wholesome snacks you can bring with you anywhere. They consider each snack to be more of a “mni-meal” packed with nutrients that is tasty and satisfying. I am on a bit of a snack subscription mission, so I had to try them out!

The Cost: $27.86 for 14 Go Bites including shipping

The Products: Go Bites is a healthy snack subscription that sends healthy single-portioned snacks in handy to-go packets. All snacks are organic and made of whole foods. They allow you to chose your snacks, or let them choose based on your snack profile – you may also control the frequency in which you get your snacks!

Essential Energy
Sweet Siam

The Essential Energy mix was a lot like a regular trail mix, but perfectly portioned which is so handy because I tend to eat half the bag when I buy it!

I’ve never had rambutan before, but I really loved the combination with the walnuts and raisins!

Path to Tibet
Chocolate Monkey

Cashews, dried bananas, chocolate… the Chocolate Monkey is just the perfect snack for me! Delicious!

Apple Berry Cherry
Incan Treasure

Incan Trasure was one of my favorite snacks in the box. The dried mangoes were soft and chewy and went surprisingly well with the dark chocolate cocao nibs!

Umami Crunch
Tropical Chocolate Mix

Sadly, someone beat me to the Umami Crunch, but the tropical mix was such a lifesaver as my mid-day snack at work.

Mayan Treasure
Pineapple Coconut Mix

I loved Mayan Treasure and the Pineapple Coconut – both were simple in flavor, but was great as a combination!

Forbidden Rice Mix
The Silk Road

Banana Split
Tropical Gluten Free Granola

I love dehydrated and dried bananas so the Banana Split was really great for me. It was so nice with the raisins and unsweetened coconut shavings.

So far, I’ve never had anything like the Tropical Gluten Free Granola, but I would love to get more of it!

Thoughts: Each snack is valued at $1.99 and I think that is definitely a fair price. I really like the customization Go Bites offers. Unlike Graze, Go Bites allows you to choose your snacks as well as quantities, or allow them to choose for you. I do prefer the uniqueness of Graze and their flavor options, but Go Bites is definitely a top snack subscription that is perfect for the whole family to share.

What do you think of Go Bites?



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