Graze Review March 2014

graze reviews

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my Graze boxes. I usually end up eating my snacks long before I think about taking photos.


graze reviews

The Cost: $6 a box (I pay only $5 because I am grandfathered into their earlier subscription model)

The Products: Each month you will get four single-portion snacks to try. You can rate your snacks to tailor what you get in future boxes.

The Concept: Graze believes in delicious snacking and find ways to make healthy taste just as good as anything else you may crave!

The “Coupon:” You can use my referral code to get your first and fifth month free J24HL4T2

Other Reviews: You can read my past Graze reviews here.

graze review

My Thai

This was good, but nothing I would go out of my way to try again.

graze review

Toffee Apple

I. Love. This. The toffee is the best stuff I’ve ever had in my life. I ended up using my finger to dig out every drop of toffee.

graze review

Nature’s Immunity Nuts

This nut mix was delicious with just a hint of salt.

graze review

Raspebrry Coconut Muffin

This is one of my favorite snacks from Graze. I think I could possibly live off this and be happy forever. The raspberry cranberries are phenomenal !

Thoughts: I received each of the snacks previously, so it was nice to revisit them, especially since two of them are my favorite snacks from the company.

What do you think of Graze?

Graze Review December 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

graze review december

I feel as though it’s been a while since I’ve last had a Graze box. I’ve missed it terribly!

The Cost: $6 a box for new subscribers

The Products: Graze delivers a selection of healthy and slightly decadent single-portion snacks on a flexible time schedule that you dictate. You can read my past Graze reviews here.

graze review december

Key Lime Pie - lime infused raisins, sponge pieces, mini meringues and green raisins

I had the Key Lime Pie before and I loved it so much. I did everything I could to find a link infused raisin like Graze’s to no avail. My daughter and I devoured these immediately!

graze review december

My Thai - sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites

I love the dippers and the Thai sweet chili sauce is no exception. I was really happy to get this snack. I saw they added more dippers like Jalapeno Hot Chips – I can’t wait to try them!

graze review december

Jalapeno Fiesta - jalapeno peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds, salsa almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds

This is a new snack, so I was excited to give this a try. I love the combination and they had a nice amount of spiciness.

graze review december

Summer Berry Flapjacks - rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries

It is no surprise that the Graze flapjacks are incredibly delicious. They aren’t the lowest in calories as they average 300 calories or more per pack, but boy are they good!

Thoughts: This was a great week of Graze snacks – I got to relive some of my absolute favorite snacks and try out a few new ones. I am always so impressed with how delicious all their snacks are.

What do you think about Graze? What are your favorite Graze snacks?

Graze Snack Subscription Box Review November 2013

graze snack subscription box review

Graze is one of my favorite snack boxes to get. They have so many snacks that I could happily live off the rest of my life. I always squeal with glee when I see their box in my mail!

graze snack subscription box review

The Cost: $5 for older subscribers, $6 for new subscribers

The Products: Graze sends 4 single-serving snacks created by their food experts. They offer a standard box or a light box filled with snacks from 50 – 150 calories per snack. You can read my Graze reviews here.

graze snack subscription box review

Cherries & Berries - cherries, lingonberries, cranberries and jumbo raisins

The dried cherries were incredibly delicious- they are actually infused with apple juice and I wish I had a whole bag of them!

graze snack subscription box review

The Herb Garden - herb and onion peanuts, baked herb bites and oregano rice crackers

The baked herb bites were so delicious. This mix goes perfectly in a spinach salad with avocado vinaigrette.

graze snack subscription box review

Honeycomb Crunch - milk chocolate coated honeycomb, raisins and almonds

I wouldn’t normally expect milk chocolate honeycombs and raisins would go together, but they were surprisingly delicious.

graze snack subscription box review

Black Pepper Pistachios - roasted pistachios with black pepper

I love pistachios and pepper, so to have both together is a great match for me

Thoughts: Two of the snacks were repeats for me (herb garden and honeycomb crunch). I loved the snacks, but with the huge selection they have, I would have expected to not have so many repeats in a box. You still need a code to join Graze, or you can sign up for their waitlist. I recently ran out of codes to give, but a reader kindly offered to allow me to post her code here for anyone to join: ELLEN7NP. Thank you!

What snacks did you get from Graze? Which was your favorite?


Graze Review and Codes October 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Every time I get a new box from Graze, I fall more and more in love with them. They recently finished their first part of their US expansion by opening a kitchen in New Jersey (Did you know I applied to work in their marketing department? I didn’t get the job though!)

The Cost: $5 a box with flexible delivery times.
The Products: Graze creates their own brand of healthy, but very delicious snacks for you to experience each month. All snacks are in single-portion packs for you to take with you on the go. You can read my past Graze reviews here.
Orange and Ginger Flapjacks - rustic rolled oat flapjack with orange and stem ginger
I love the Graze flapjacks. They are not the healthiest snacks they offer, but they are incredible. I would not mind a box of just the flapjacks. These had a really nice orange flavor, but I definitely think they could have gone just a tad harder on the ginger!
Raspberry and Coconut Muffin - amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes
This was my favorite snack in the entire box this week. I love their flavor-infused dried berries – I’ve never had anything that good before. (You should have seen me with their lime insured raisins!) I could live off this snack and die happy.

El Picante – jumbo salted corn, hot chili peanuts and mini paprika breadsticks

I love a good spicy snack every so often. I ate these to tide me over when I was making dinner the other night and I need to find more of those jumbo salted corn!

Seedsational – roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with soy sauce

This was not the most adventurous snack I’ve had, but it was the perfect salty addition to top my morning yogurt.

Thoughts: I think that with the recent expansion, the snacks are definitely getting better – and the shipping is much faster which I appreciate!



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Graze Review September 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Graze is one of my favorite snacks boxes to share with my daughter. They have such a wide variety of snacks and flavors to keep each box interesting.

The Cost: $5 a box

The Products: Each Graze box has four perfectly portioned snacks. Most of the snacks are very healthy, but there are a few snacks that border healthy and indulgent for people who love sweets! You can also opt to receive their Light Box which only contains snacks with 50 – 150 calories per snack.

Bakewell Tart – cherry infused raisins, cranberries and almonds

I admit I already started snacking on these before I took the photo. The cherry infused raisins were too good with the almonds!

Apple Cinnamon Flapjacks – rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon

A few people told me they thought the flapjacks were too sweet, but I have a big sweet tooth so these were amazing to me. I do see how some people may not like it though!

Boston Baguettes – BBQ relish with tomato breadsticks

These were so delicious. I did not know which I liked more, the baguettes or the relish that tasted like a sweet tomato chutney.

Toffee Apple - sticky toffee sauce with granny smith apple slices

I’ve been waiting a long time to try the toffee apple because I heard so many rave reviews. I want a jar of that toffee!

Thoughts: This box was a huge hit with my daughter and I! Unfortunately, the box was billed at the beginning of the month and I only just received it, which means it took two and a half weeks to get to me. I emailed them expressing my disappointment in the extended delivery time and they kindly credited my account for a free box which I appreciated.

What did you think of my Graze box? Have you tried any of these snacks? Which was your favorite?
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Graze Review August 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Graze. It is always such a happy surprise to find their box at my door.

The Cost: $5 a box (flexible shipping frequency)

The Products: Each Graze box contains four single-serving healthy snacks. You can check out my past Graze reviews here.

Cheddar Gorge – I normally do not like cheesy cashews, but they worked really well in this snack! My daughter, who is not a fan of cashews ate them up merrily! This is in my top 5 favorite Graze snacks so far.

Tropical Daiquiri – I thought the lime-infused raisins were a unique twist and the whole snack was a very nice treat.

Korai Chutney – Normally, I love everything chutney and Indian, but this was not the best snack for me. I would have rather saved the chutney for something else and eat the curry bites separately.

Hot Cross Buns – Okay, this snack is AMAZING! The cinnamon honey almonds were so addictive and the the orange raisins were delectable. Yum.. I want to eat this every day!

Thoughts: This was a really great box for me. I was able to find two snacks that I absolutely adore and find a snack that I am not to happy with which is actually a nice surprise because now I know they aren’t perfect. I really think I will have to see about getting a whole box of the Hot Cross Buns soon.

What do you think of Graze? What is your favorite and least favorite snacks by them?

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Graze Review August 2013 – Healthy Snack Subscription

I think Graze is one of my favorite snack subscription boxes. I think my only problem with the box is that I end up eating everything almost right away!
The Cost: $5 a box (sent as frequently as once a week or as infrequently as one a month)

The Products: Graze sends out four single-portion snacks and a napkin. Each snack is expertly created by their in-house nutritionist and taste expert. You can check out my past Graze reviews here.

I love the cute little box it comes in. It reminds me of the Bento boxes this one Japanese take away restaurant would give you.

Herby Bread Basket - mini garlic croutons, mini basil breadsticks and oregano rice crackers.

These were the first Graze snacks I’ve seen and I was really excited to be able to try them for myself. They were amazing.

Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl – Blueberry yogurt raisins, raspberry-infused cranberries and black currants

This was the best snack in the box! I wish there was more of this. As usual, my daughter ended up eating most of this one!

My Thai – Sweet chili sauce and baked soy chips

I love Thai sweet chili, so these were a hit with me. I actually loved the sauce more than the soy bites!

Roasted Pistachios -

These were simple pistachios without any of the fuss. They were delicious.

Thoughts: Another great box of snacks from Graze!

Have you had the chance to try Graze? What do you think of their snacks?

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Graze July 2013 Review – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

I love Graze so much – there is something about getting these cute portable snacks in a little box that just really makes me happy.

The Cost: $5 a box, including shipping.

The Products: Graze sends you four single-serving healthy snacks based on your snack preferences. Once you sign up, you have the ability to go through their available snacks and rate each. Snacks you “trash” will never find their way in your box and snacks you “love” will appear more frequently. Currently, Graze is by invitation only as spots are limited and unfortunately, I already used up my invitations!

Smokey Gazpacho Dip – I liked this, but it was not my favorite. The gazpacho dip reminded me a lot of the caramelized onion spread in the cheese sandwiches at Pret a Manger, which I love, but not without the cheese!

Honeycomb Crunsh – I love anything that involves honeycomb so this was just amazing!

Pina Colada – This really did remind me a bit of a pina colada. It is very simple in its ingredients, but are wonderful together

Hickory Smoked Nuts and Seeds – I think this was my favorite in the box. I’ve been on a bit of a hickory smoked snack kick for a while now.

Thoughts: Overall, another great box from Graze! I just wish that they delivered early in the morning so I can bring this to work with me. I always end up eating everything before the next day!

What do you think of Graze? What is your favorite Graze snack?

Graze Review June 2013 – Snack Subscription Box

Graze is a snack subscription box that originated in the UK where is did incredibly well. They’ve only recently launched in the US, so it is available by invitation only. I’ve searched high and low and finally found a code and got my box yesterday!

The Cost: $5/box. You can choose to get your box every 1, 2 or 4 weeks.

The Products: In each Graze, you get four healthy, delicious and perfectly portioned snacks. The team is a group of 7 friends who decided that there was a real need to healthy and affordable snacks – I agree!

Elanor, is the head of the taste team and is responsible for creating the snacks you find in each box. Unlike other snack boxes, you can personalize your Graze box. Once you sign up, you can rate the available snacks and each box you get will be based on those ratings. You will never see any snacks you “trash” and snacks you “love” are sure to make repeat appearances.

It was about 97 degrees out yesterday, so the chocolate was a bit melted.

Honeycomb Flapjacks Rustic rolled oat flapjack with honeycomb and milk chocolate- I am a sucker for anything honeycomb. These were great! Soft, chewy and had a nice buttery honey flavor. My daughter had a hard time sharing with me!

The Herb Garden Herb and onion peanuts, baked herb bites and oregano rice crackers- The oregano rice crackers would be perfect in a tomato bisque. The baked herb bites are full of flavor and have a very satisfying crunch.

Shangri-lLingonberries, pineapple, almond slices and pumpkin seeds- This was the lightest of the snacks and the simplicity of it was very refreshing and a great pairing with everything else. I actually think this might be my favorite out of the four.

Jaffa Cake Roasted hazels, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate buttons - This one was completely melted by the time it got to me. We still ate it and thought it was delicious! I am not a fan of actual Jaffa Cakes, but this is definitely something I can munch on! Jaffa Cakes are a popular treat in the UK that has a soft biscuit and orange jelly all covered in chocolate.

Thoughts: Graze is definitely a keeper! I originally set my account to send out a box ever 4 weeks, but just changed it so I can get another sooner. For only $5 a box, this is definitely worth it!

What do you think about Graze? Will you be out on the hunt for a code? If you already subscribe, what has been your favorite snack so far?