Green Kid Crafts Review – June 2013 Kids Subscription Box

I know I am very late with this review, but in my defense, the box got lost in the mail and only arrived just now. A friend of mine is am ambassador for the company, so she gave me this box for free. Green Kid Crafts specialize in eco-friendly and earth-conscious craft for young children between 3 – 8. This month’s theme was Backyard Science.

The Cost: $19.95 a month, including shipping. Add another $10 for a sibling box

The Products: Each Green Kids Crafts box contains everything you need for 3 – 4 crafts – including a snack! Each craft or science project is simple enough for young children, while still engaging their minds and helping them learn more about the world around them.

I loved that each of the projects were separated so we could keep everything organized while deciding which crafts to try. After taking this picture, my daughter ripped up the Happy Family Caramel Apple yogurt snacks and devoured them within minutes.

The card gives you a preview of each of the crafts. I love that two crafts actually involve the box. What a great idea that we can certainly do over and over again! Each first-time subscriber also receives safety scissors for all future crafts.

Nature Collecting Bag

I loved this craft. My daughter loves to color and paint, so to have an art craft she can show off everyday without taking up extra space on the fridge is pretty exciting.

Leaf-stamped Pendant

This craft is a little too advanced for my daughter, so we are keeping this one of younger relatives who we sometimes babysit. It really seems like such a fun craft though!

Sunprint Magnet Frame + Summer Shadow Box

I love this craft because it uses the box as the focus. For me, this was one of the most fun crafts in the box!

Thoughts: I am really impressed by this craft subscription. Even though it is for an older child, my daughter still enjoyed trying out the crafts with my help. I think I might start subscribing for a few of the children in our family for when we babysit.

What do you think about Green Kid Crafts? What is your favorite kids subscription box?