New Hello Fresh Valentine’s Day Special – One Day Only

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Hello Fresh has a new Valentine’s Day coupon code available!

Coupon code aValentine26dUSCJ gets you $26 off the Classic or Vegetarian boxes (not available for gift cards). This coupon expires at midnight tonight, so hurry!

I love Hello Fresh because the portions are generous, the recipes are easy to follow and mostly kid-friendly. You can read my Hello Fresh reviews here.

Hello Fresh Review and Coupon Code

Hello Fresh review

Hello Fresh recently had a 50% off coupon that I could not resist. I decided that I needed to order another box right away. Hello Fresh is a weekly meal subscription service that delivers fresh ingredients for delicious,  fast,  and easy to make meals.

The Cost: $69 per week for two people, including shipping

The Products: Each week, you can select three out of 5 Hello Fresh meals for you to make. They deliver enough fresh ingredients for you to make each recipe, plus usually a little more for left overs! If you have a bigger family, you can also choose to get enough for 4 people. They also have a vegetarian option for $59 a week. You can read my past Hello Fresh reviews here.

The Coupon: Use my code ZRX9QF  for $20 off your first box!

hello fresh review

This week I chose Creamy Fettuccine with Wild Mushrooms and Tarragon,  Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with Parsley Potatoes and Carrots and Chicken, and Linguine in a Spinach-Tomato Cream Sauce. I love how the recipe cards break down exactly what each recipe includes and what you will need to complete the recipe.

hello fresh review

Everything is securely packaged with exactly enough for that you will need for the recipe and is clearly labelled. I like that you can just grab the bags you need and go.

hello fresh review

They keep the fresh meat hidden under ice packs to keep them fresh. The ice packs were still completely frozen by the time I opened my box when I got home. As you can see, you are only getting exactly what you need for each recipe and everything looks incredibly fresh.

hello fresh review

This is the first recipe I tried from this box – the Chicken Linguine. Sorry for the messy photo, I was rushing to get the picture taken while it was fresh and I was really hungry!

It took a little longer than their estimated time for me to make the recipe. The way the recipe is worded is to be true to real-time, meaning they will tell you to start doing one thing and tell you later in the recipe when that should be finished cooking. In this instance, it was the linguine. You boil the linguine in the first step and by the fourth step, it should be finished. I found that my linguine finished cooking in the middle of the second step.

The recipe is incredibly simple to follow and the recipe was really simple, but had restaurant-quality flavor. What I really want to mention though are the Hello Fresh portion sizes. While my fiancee is away, my daughter and I have been living with family and there are six of  us in the house. It’s not fair for me to get a box for just the two of us, so I get the bigger box for 4 people. I constantly worry if there will be enough for more people, but the amount of food you get for 4 people is always more than enough for us. If you noticed on my social media last night I posted a picture of my pan I made the Chicken Linguine in. Not only did it feed 5 adults (my daughter didn’t like it, so she had her own meal), but it was enough for seconds and lunch today. They really give you plenty of food, so if you have a family that likes to eat, I think compared to Plated whose portions I think are “true to serving size,” Hello Fresh is definitely the way to go.

Thoughts: This is only my second box with Hello Fresh and I am still impressed with the quality of ingredients and simplicity of the recipes. I also love the amount of food you get with each recipe. Since the box has a ton of insulation and ice packs, it is very heavy so I recommend getting someone strong to bring the box in for you! I’ve kept all the recipes from my last box to make later and I am probably going to keep these recipes as well.

What do you think about Hello Fresh? What is your favorite meal subscription service?

New Hello Fresh Coupon Code 50% Off Expires Midnight Jan 6th

For today only, Hello Fresh has a coupon for 50% off  your first week for new customers and for e-gift cards! This is a HUGE savings and I took advantage of the deal.

Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service that sends you everything you need to create a delicious, fresh meal. The ingredients are usually organic and of the best quality. I tried the service a little while back and was really impressed. I ended up saving the recipe cards to recreate the recipes on my own.

Just use code  HELLO2014 when you check out!

Meals are approximately $10.75 per meal, including transportation costs which is a really great deal for a nice fresh meal that you don’t have to think about in advance!

Here are your meal choices if you sign up today:

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If you are new to Hello Fresh, you can take a look at my Hello Fresh review to see if it is something you’d like to try! Remember, this deal ends at midnight!

Hello Fresh Review and Coupon! September 2013 – Meal Subscription Service

A few months ago, I received a $25 gift card to Hello Fresh from one of my other subscription boxes. I finally had the chance to use it and I am so happy I did!

The Cost: Approx. $10 a meal

The Coupon: Use code DDU3H3 for $20 off your first delivery.

The Products: Hello Fresh creates a selection of meals for you to choose each week. You can get three meals per week for 2, 4 or 6 people a week. Currently, you can choose from their classic box, which includes meat, or their vegetarian box.

The Shipping: Hello Fresh delivers to the whole East Coast and as far out as Indiana. Check out their website for a full list of states they deliver to. If they do not deliver to your specific neighborhood, they can deliver it to your nearest FedEx location, provided they accept FedEx Ground shipments.

I decided to wait for a selection of meals I knew everyone in the house would enjoy. I was really impressed with this particular menu! This week was Chicken Paillard with Arugula Salad, Sweet Potato Fishcakes with Fresh Summer Salad, and Lasagna Style Baked Penne

I love that they kept each meal separated in their own bags, making it easier to figure out what went with which recipe.

These were the meats and fish. At a glance, I was not sure if it would be enough for everyone, but we had enough leftovers after every meal!

This is what the packing looked like. The bottom was full of ice packs which were all still frozen by the time I got home. My only concern is that it made it extremely heavy to carry into the house!

This is the Chicken Paillard with Arugula Salad. It had a lot of bold flavors that complemented the chicken very well. I loved this dish a lot!

Thoughts: I really wanted to take photos of some of the meals I made, but they were so good, we jumped right into eating before I could get a chance! The meals were easy to follow and so delicious! In total, each meal took between 20 – 40 minutes to make. I’ve kept the recipe cards to make the meals on my own. The Lasagna Style Baked Penne was a huge hit with my daughter, I see it as being a regular meal in our house.

I really recommend this meal delivery service for anyone who is ever stuck trying to figure out what to make each night or do not have the time or energy to buy groceries or come up with meal plans. The best part is that you can skip as many weeks as you like and you also get a couple of meal alternatives if there is something in the menu you do not like.

What do you think of Hello Fresh?
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