Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review Summer 2014

fortune cookie soap


If you haven’t noticed, I am very behind on reviews. I received my Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box earlier this month and it is just as good as every other box they send. I cannot wait for them to start a monthly box (rumor is that it is in the works!) The summer theme was Candy Aisle, inspired by the board game Candy Land!


fortune cookie soap


The Cost: $19.95

The Products: Fortune Cookie Soap sends 6 – 8 samples of not-yet-released product lines and scents every season. Each box also includes a $10 gift card to spend in their shop.

The Concept: This quarterly box is a way to give you an insider trial of their upcoming products and learn about launch releases as well as their quarterly sales.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Fortune Cookie Soap Box reviews here.


fortune cookie soap Here is the product card for the box.


fortune cookie soap

Sweet Dreamsicle Wax Tart

I don’t have anything to use the wax tart on (but I just ordered a Scenty warmer, so I should have one soon!). The smell of the dreamsicle is so intoxicating though, I am almost tempted to lick it !

Rock Your Socks Off Solid Sugar Scrub 

Again, this smells incredible. It’s like every grape candy you’ve ever had amplified. I love how exfoliating it is too. It lasts for a few showers which is great.

fortune cookie soap

Lick Your Lips Fortune Cookie Soap 

This reminds me a bit of mint ice cream, which I think is what they were going for when they made it. I would have liked the scent to be a bit more creamy.

fortune cookie soap

Lollipop Your Cherry OCD Hand Sanitizer

This smells like a cherry Blow Pop. It’s fantastic.

The Sweet Spot Sparkle Mist

This is like a slightly tropical fruit salad. It’s very yummy. I was a little worried about the glitter, but it is not as intense as I originally though.

fortune cookie soap

Lemon Drop It Like It’s Hot Microdermabrasion Scrub

I love citrus scents like this! I’ve been pairing it with my lemon-y Juice Beauty moisturizer.

fortune cookie soap


Captains Buried Booty Whipped Cream

This smells like Captain Crunch cereal, only much better. I love their whipped creams and will probably get this in full-size along with a few other scents.

Blow Me Lip Scrub

This smells like that really hard bubble gum you used to get by the handful in school. You know, the one they included in the box (pictured with the product card)  I adore it.

Thoughts: This box was super sweet and I loved how they created a whole experience by adding some candy with it. I was delighted opening the box and it left a lasting happy feeling that I always get with my FCS boxes. It remains my top favorite box to get each quarter. What did you think about the Summer Fortune Cookie Soap Box?

Paper Dots Review May 2014

paper dots review

Paper Dots is a newer book subscription that sends a book and an extra surprise to you each month. As an avid book lover, I was excited to be offered the chance to review their service.

paper dots review

The Cost: $25 a month for paperback, $30 a month for hardcover

The Products: Each month Paper Dots sends a book, plus an extra gift to make the reading experience come alive. If you’ve already read the book, you can send it back for free.

The Concept: Paper Dots curates a book selection for you each month based off the profile you fill out each month. You can also leave feedback to help tailor future book selections.

paper dots review

Here is a letter they send with your box.

paper dots review

Speak by Laurie Anderson – Retail Value $9.99

This is one of the few books where I’ve actually seen the movie before reading the book. I did enjoy the movie and am excited to get a chance to read the book. This is not the kind of book I typically would choose to read, but am glad to get a chance to enjoy. I did leave feedback indicating more specifically as to the type of books I really enjoy reading.

paper dots review

Bienfang Young Artists Sketchbook – Retail Value $6.18

My sister is really good at sketching, so this will make a great gift for her as this may be wasted on my stick figures.

General’s Charcoal Pencil 557-HB Hard – Retail Value $3.82

paper dots review

This was a sketch I found on the inside of the sketch book, I thought it was beautiful.

Thoughts: I really like the experience of getting a surprise book in the mail and I thought the extra gifts really fit with some of the themes in the book. I am really excited to start reading my book and to see what next month’s selection will be!

What do you think about Paper Dots as a book subscription box?

Flicker Box Review February 2014 – Candle Subscription Box

flicker box review february 2014

Flicker Box is a candle subscription box that launched mid-2013. I tried one of their boxes in August and I loved it, so I decided to get another when I saw a spoiler for one of their February candles. We are really into candles in our house, so I love discovering new companies to try.

flicker box review february 2014

 The Cost: $25 for your first box and $32 a month afterward.

The Products: Flicker Box delivers a selection of artisanal candles from small companies around the country.

The Concept: The aim of Flicker Box is to share their love of candles and the quality that comes from artisan and small batch candle makers that you may have never otherwise have been able to discover.


flicker box review february 2014

In each box, you can find a card detailing all the information about the candles and candle makers.

flicker box review february 2014

Sweethearts Candies

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, these sweetheart candies were also included. I thought this was such a cute touch.


Flicker Box also includes matches for you to light your candles. I love that they also include matches from features companies if they are available.

flicker box review february 2014

Aloha Bay Candles in Romance and Love – Retail Value $6.60 for both

I love how these candles look like they have a lot of texture in them. Romance is a mix of citrus and musk while Love has a mix of plumeria and cinnamon that is very spicy, but sweet.

flicker box review february 2014

Sunbeam Small Red Heart Candle - Retail Value $6.99

I admit, this was the spoiler that made me want to get this month’s box. I could not resist a heart-shaped candle. It is just too cute! I love that it is made out of beeswax and has an unbleached wick.

Sunbeam Red Votive Candle – Retail Value $3.99

flicker box review february 2014


PurBliss in Love Potion – Retail Value $6.95

I fell in love with my Pumpkin PurBliss candle in my Vegan Presence box, so I was really excited to get another candle by them. The scents are so strong without being overbearing.

Walter & Rosie Enchanted Rose – Retail Value $10

This smells exactly as though I am smelling a bouquet of roses. It does not have that artificial smell most rose-scented candles tend to have.

Thoughts: I absolutely loved this month’s box. The selection and quality of the candles are wonderful. Thanks to subscription boxes, I’ve become very particular about the products I bring to my home and prefer natural products and especially those from smaller companies. Flicker Box does a great job of providing both these features with the candles they select. This box also makes a great gift for other candle lovers I know. The total value is over $34, making it a good value for what you pay too.

What do you think of Flicker Box?

Honest Co. Essentials Trial Pack Review – Home Subscription Box

I resisted trying Honest Co for many reason, but when they had their code to try a trial pack for free, I saw no reason to at least try them out and see what the products were like.

The Cost: $5.95 for a trial pack, $35.95 a month, thereafter

The Products: The Honest Company sends out natural home cleaning and personal care products

Honest Shampoo and Body Wash
Honest Laundry Detergent
Honest Face and Body Lotion

I used the laundry detergent immediately. I like that it is dye-free, but I was disappointed that the bottle was only enough for one load.

Honest Healing Balm
Honest Hand Soap

I do not usually use healing balm, but I think I will have to start!

The hand soap was great. I decided to add this to my regular bundle for the coming month.

Thoughts: I did not do a price breakdown because I already knew I was getting a great value since I did not pay anything for the pack. I decided to try out the regular Essentials Bundle to try out a few more products and see how I like each.

What do you think about The Honest Company? Which products do you recommend I try (I am most interested in cleaning products!)?

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Flicker Box Review August 2013 – Candle Subscription Box

My mom has a love for candles. It’s pretty serious. When I first hears about Flicker Box which is a new candle subscription box, I had to find out more information for her. While searching for a coupon, I started talking to the owners who offered me this box to review.

The Cost: $32 a month
The Products: Flicker Box discovers handmade, artisan candles made in the United States. 
The Shipping: US only. 

Aromacandles in Sweet Orange - Value $8

I love Sweet Orange and anything citrus for that matter which is perfect because I seem to get a lot of this scent. This particular candle actually has a general citrus scent that reminds me of sweet orange and lemon together. Delicious. I also love that the description says it is good for stress-relieving and also makes a great aphrodisiac.

One Honey Chicago Honey Co-Op Votive Candles – Value $6

These candles are so cute and my daughter loved them too. She ended up playing with them for a little while, lining them up and putting them in different boxes.

Milton + Margie’s Soy Wax Candles in Tall Grass – Value $12

This candle reminds me of dewy grass on an early summer morning which is fitting considering the scent is Tall Grass. The scent is subtle and when I used this candle, the wax barely seemed to evaporate at all, even after 6 hours or burning which is pretty impressive.

Abbey Brown Candles in Sweet Home Chicago - Value $8

This candle had the best scent for me. It was sweet and intoxicating without being overwhelming The tin is also very cute and I think I will be re-purposing it once the candle has burnt out.

Thoughts: I really loved this box.The candles smelled great and I love the fact that they are all-natural. I also feel as though they last a bit longer than our other candles which makes them even more amazing. Artisan and handmade products will always have a special place in my heart and this is why I absolutely love subscription boxes like Flicker Box!

What did you think about the August Flicker Box?

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