Hungry Globetrotter Korean Barbecue Review Winter 2013

hungry globetrotter korean barbecue

I love quarterly subscriptions because I usually forget when they ship and it is always such a pleasant surprise to find their box at my door. I was excited to get the Winter Hungry Globetrotter because I already knew the theme was Korean BBQ which I’ve been dying to try out for a while now!

hungry globetrotter korean barbecue box

The Cost: $34.95 a quarter, including shipping

The Products: Each quarter, Hungry Globetrotter helps you discover new international cuisine through gourmet ingredients. You can read my past Hungry Globetrotter reviews here.

hungry globetrotter korean barbecue

Spicely Organic Sesame Seeds – Retail Value $3.28

Sea Snax Wasabi Seaweed Sheets – Retail Value $1.50

I always keep sesame seeds on hand because they come in handy with so many recipes. I love the Spicely brand (I got Garam Masala from the Hungry Globetrotter rewards that I adore!) so this was a double win for me.

Sea Snax are one of my favorite seaweed snack brands, but I do not really like the wasabi flavor. I will probably give these away!!

hungry globetrotter korean barbecue

Jay One Fermented Red Pepper Paste - Retail Value $4.69

I can’t wait to try this out with my cooking! If you have any recipes, please share!

hungry globetrotter korean barbecue

J1 Korean BBQ Sauce Kalbi Bulgogi - Retail Value $3.98

Whole Spice Korean Chili Flakes - Retail Value $6

I am so curious as to how the Korean BBQ sauce tastes. I have been looking through a few recipes on the Hungry Globetrotter website for inspiration.

Thoughts: This was a very fun box for me. I’ve always wanted to try Korean barbecue ever since I became close to one of my old trainers who was always talking about the Korean barbecue chicken her mother used to make. I am sure nothing I can make will come close to it, but at least I have the essentials to try!

What do you think about Hungry Globetrotter and the Korean barbecue box?

Hungry Globetrotter Review Paella Party August 2013 – Food Subscription Box

I’ve been wanting to try Hungry Globetrotter for the longest time. After a while, I simply could not come up with any reasons why I could hold off anymore. I am so happy that i finally did subscribe!

The Cost: $34.95 a quarter

The Products: Hungry Globetrotter delivers a selection of ingredients you will need for a meal based on a specific location around the world. They find the best and most hard to find You can read my other Hungry Globetrotter reviews here.

The theme of the August Hungry Globetrotter box was Paella Party and came with a recipe for paella and patatas bravas. I love paella and patatas bravas is one of my go-to tapas at a Spanish restaurant, so I was thrilled to get this box!

Santo Tomas Arroz Bomba – Value $15
Chiquilin Paella Spice with Saffron – Value $8

While I was in university, I was a nanny for two young girls. Their father was from Spain and so their house was full of exotic chorizos and bags of rice and beans. (Their mother was from Iceland, so they also had an equally amazing selection of dried fish!). I always wanted to try the food because I imagine it would be so much better than anything you can find in the supermarket. I am so happy to have both products here.

Enzo Sevillano Queen Olives Stuffed With Manchego Cheese – Value $8
Ferrer Brava Sauce – Value $5

One thing I miss about where I lived in London is that there were maybe 4 or 5 really nice Spanish restaurants in the area. The olives bring me back to my favorite salad while the Brava Sauce tastes just like the sauce used in the patatas bravas from our favorite restaurant.

Thoughts: I’ve never made paella because I heard it was hard to get right. Now that I have good rice and seasoning, I might give it a chance. I will definitely be dining on the olives and making my patatas bravas though! I am really happy with my first Hungry Globetrotter box and cannot wait for my next!

What do you think of Hungry Globetrotter? Have your tried making paella before? How did it go?
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