IHeartMD Review February 2014 – HealthStyle Subscription Box

iheartmd review

One of the most popular goals for many people in the beginning of the year is to live a healthier lifestyle. A great way to do that is with paying more attention to your heart health. This is where IHeartMD comes in. It is a new subscription box that focuses on your cardio health. I was really happy when they kindly offered me a box to review because I am trying to get healthier as well.


iheartmd review

The Cost: $30 a month, including shipping

The Products: IHeartMD sends 5 – 8 heart healthy snacks, plus drinks and wellness items. You also have access to a member’s area that has recipes, a place for you to submit questions to their on-staff cardiologist (did you know one of the co-owners is a cardiologist? One dollar of every box you order is also donated to charity.

The Concept: IHeartMD is on a mission to help make people healthier and more able to prevent health problems as opposed to reacting to them.


iheartmd review




iheartmd review


I like that the product card gives you so much information about why they chose the product and how it pertains to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

iheartmd review

Ghirardelli Intense Dark 72% Cacao Twilight Delight Squares

I have never been a dark chocolate person and these are seriously dark. They are better for you, so I will try to make an effort to go for darker chocolates.

iheartmd review

Pearls Olives to Go!

I have been eating a lot of olives lately, so I am glad to know they are so heart-healthy. I also like that these have no added flavoring, so I can tailor the taste to what I am in the mood for that day.

Matt’s Munchies Premium Fruit Snack

These make a great sweet treat for my daughter and myself (when she lets me have one). I would never buy them on my own because of their cost, but it is always nice to find them in one of my boxes.

iheartmd review


Mary’s Gone Crackers

I’ve had these before and love it! I had it with some heart-healthy homemade hummus and it was the perfect midday snack.

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal in Cranberry Apple

I got this once before and I loved it! It’s really nice to get more.


iheartmd review

Naked Wines $50 Gift Card 

I still have a collection of unused Naked Wines gift cards. This is one of the most unpopular gift cards to get in a subscription box, but it makes an appearance so often.

iTrain $50 Gift Card

I also have a few iTrain gift cards on hand, but I have been considering trying it out.

Thoughts: I decided to not do a price breakdown because I already knew by looking at the box that the values without the gift cards was going to be well under the $30 you pay per month. The gift cards are a great addition for some people, but not for most. I think the true value of this type of subscription rests in the additional benefits you receive online such as the informative articles and ability to get a chance for a Q&A from a cardiologist. Which is a good thing considering that this box is about promoting a heart-healthy lifestyle.

What did you think of the launch box for IHeartMD?

IHeartMD – New Healthstyle (Health and Lifestyle) Subscription Box

iheartmd subscription box

There is a new heart healthy subscription box is launching later this month and first boxes are being shipped February 2014. This subscription service is focused on promotion prevention and aims to provide the tools necessary to learn about living a healthier lifestyle in a fun and easy to learn manner.

The Cost: $20 a month

The Products: Each month the team at IHeartMD will choose 5 – 8 food, drinks, wellness and fitness products that fall in one of three categories: nutrition, exercise, and stress. management. Products will be loosely based on the Mediterranean diet and handpicked by 10 cardiologists across the country. For every box sold, they also donate $1 to non-profits that work to end obesity and hunger issues in the U.S.

Subscribers will also have access to exclusive digital content that includes recipes, nutrition advice, tips, infographics, and a monthly Q&A session with the owner of the company who is also a cardiologist.

What do you think about IHeartMD? Will you be giving them a try?