Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review January 2014

I received an email from Fancy asking for my shirt size for my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box, so I was super excited about getting my box this month. Last month was a bit of a let down because of the two repeat items, so I was really expecting this month to be a lot better.

 The Cost: $39, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Jennifer Love Hewitt handpicks different items that reflect her personality to share with you each month. Boxes typically have a value of $80+ You can read all my Fancy box reviews here.


Black Diamond Earrings – Retail Value $20

These earring are so cute and I love wearing studs for work.


Message in a Bottle USB – Retail Value $28

I love this USB. I’ve been meaning to get a new one, so it was really convenient to get one in my box – especially considering how cute this is!

Cake Candelabra – Retail Value $8

I think this is a really cute step up from having candles stuck in in a cake (especially when you get to the point when you need more candles than your cake can fit!) It also makes a great prop and I will find a way to use it on A Cookie Named Desire at some point.

Very Fancy Tee by Baron Von Fancy – Retail Value $28

This t-shirt is super comfortable and soft – I just don’t know if I would ever spend almost $30 on it


Thoughts: I really love this month’s Jennifer Love Hewitt box, it is such a nice box to get after being so disappointed in the box I received for December (which they compensated for by providing me with a $30 credit). I hope that things continue on this way!


What did you think about the January JLH Fancy Box?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Subscription Box Review November 2013

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

Every month I most look forward to my Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy subscription box. I’ve been loving the fact that each box has their own theme and could not wait to see what the November theme was. For those of you who asked, the JHL Fancy box ships at the very end of each month and does not arrive until we are well into December.

 jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

The Cost: $39, plus $7.95 shipping

The Products: Each month, Jennifer Love Hewitt hand selects different products that reflect her personality. Each box is valued at $8o+. You can read my past Fancy box reviews to get an idea of what is included.

Tokyo Passport Manager by Zero Per Zero – Retail Value $30

I love the design of this passport manager which is the Tokyo underground train system. Every person I know (except for me) has been to Tokyo, so this would make a great gift since I haven’t been doing much travelling lately.

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

Passport Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty – Retail Value $15

I love the Mighty Wallets because they are eco-friendly and ultra-durable. I gave my Batman Mighty Wallet from my November Lootcrate to my sister for her birthday. I think I might keep this one for myself!

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

Wanderlust Rome Candle – Retail Value $15

I love the smell of this candle. The scent is described as a mixture of olive oil and lemons. I think that description is dead on.

jennifer love hewitt fancy subscription box review

The New York Times 36 Hours: West Coast – Retail Value $15

This is great if you are going on a trip around the west coast or already live in the area and want to discover new places in your area.

Here is an shot of the inside.

Thoughts: As an avid traveler, I do love the travel theme a lot, but half the items will probably end up as gifts. The value of the box was good at about $75, but a little lower than the promised $80. I cannot wait to see what the December box is like!

What do you think about the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy box? Which is your favorite Fancy box?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review September 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

My Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box finally came in and I have to say, I am thoroughly amused and loving the theme she came up with for the September box!

The Cost: $39 a month, including shipping

The Products: Each month, Jennifer Love Hewitt will handpick products she loves to be featured in your Fancy Box. You can read my past Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box reviews here to get an idea of what you can expect.

Final Touch Cocktail Shaker – Value $25

This cocktail shaker is amazing. I love that it has a few cocktail recipes right on the shaker! I love experimenting with cocktails, so this will definitely be handy.

Talk it Up Drink Masters – Value $10

This would have been great for our parties back in university, but it’s been a while since I was at a party (does that sound as sad as I think?) I will try and find a use for these soon!

Cosmopotian R-evolution Mixology Set – Value $29

I have a couple of pieces from this set from one of my past KLUTCHclub Cooking Essentials boxes. I am so happy to have the full set and cannot wait to start experimenting. You can make cranberry foam, citrus caviar, and cosmopolitan bubbles.

jennifer love hewitt fancy box review

Core Bamboo Mixology Bar Board – Value $15
Bamboo boards are great. I love that it has her favorite cocktail recipe right on the board.

Thoughts: I just thought this box was really entertaining simply because Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant! I have a theory that she is trying to live vicariously through her subscribers! Although each product is centered around making cosmos, this would work just as well to make a fun mocktail if you do not drink. I do not ever throw parties or do much entertaining, but I will definitely use this set for my own personal drinks. I would definitely love to see more themed Fancy Boxes in the future.

What did you think of this Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review July 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

The Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box is one of my new favorite subscription boxes. I loved every box so far and the July box is no exception.

The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping.

The Coupon: FOLLOWUP10 gets you 10% off your purchase.

The Products: Each Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box has four to five products handpicked by Jennifer. The minimum value of this box is $80.You can check out all my Fancy Box reviews here.

Motion Arm Band - Value $25
Matte Top Coat Nail Polish - Value $18

“I can’t work out without listening to music – this motion armband helps me focus on what needs to get done.”

For a while, I’ve been looking around for an arm band for my phone, but could not decide on a brand. Now, I don’t need to make any decisions!

“Give any nail polish matte effect with this clear top coat that gives even the shiniest of polishes a flat finish. Its a fun way to change up your favorite nail polish!”

The only matte finish I have is from NYC and cost about $3. I am really excited to try this and see how it stacks up with the higher price tag.

I Heart Realism Tote - Value $22

“Carry your heart on your tote and be real.”

I love this tote so much and I cannot wait to use it at the grocery store. I do wish it was a little larger though.

Flavor It Infuser Water Bottle – Value $16

“Water gets boring sometimes – I use this to add flavor and fruit to these hot summer days.”

Ever since my brief obsession with SneakPeeq, I’ve been lusting over this water bottle. I am so happy to finally have one! I really appreciate the small recipe book it came with.

Lipstick Tank – Value $30

“I love a good tank top and this one happens to be one of my favorites. It is simple and yet so me.”

I put this tank on as soon as I finished taking these photos. I do not normally wear clothes with any type of graphics, but I feel like I pull it off.

Thoughts: I loved this box! I feel as though out of every Fancy Box I’ve seen, the JLH Box speaks to me the most. I cannot wait for next month. I find her boxes both fun and functional, which is what really makes a good subscription for me. Not to mention the total value of this box is over $110!

What do you think about the July Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box? What Fancy Boxes do you try or would like to try?

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review and Coupon June 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

I loved the first Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box, so I could not wait to get the June Box. This morning, I woke up and made a bowl of cereal when I noticed a bit green box in the dining room. After opening the box, I wished I hadn’t made breakfast already!
The Cost: $39 a month, plus $7.95 shipping

The Coupon: Use code FOLLOWUP10 for 10% off any order.

The Products: The Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box is personally curated by Jennifer herself. Each box has about 4 products with a total value of at least $80. You can check out my other Fancy Box reviews here. .

I love how the logo covers the interior of the box and the cute Fancy envelope.

My daughter just loves the stickers – I do too!

What an amazing box! See what I mean about breakfast?

The one thing I really love about these boxes are the cards explaining why each item was chosen.

“As a kid used to make waffle sticks all the time and dip them into maple syrup. There was never a need for a fork or knife – you just needed two fingers and an appetite.. and some sugar powder… and chocolate chips. ;)”

Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker – Value $25

I love waffles> Love them. They are one of my go-to breakfasts on a weekday morning when we do not have enough time to sit down and eat. These will make it even easier to have an awesome grab and go meal!

“Staying healthy and fir is really important to me, even when it’s a time crunch. That’s why I always pack my gear on the go in this waterproof and ultra lightweight gym bag. A savior for travelling – rolls up and fits into the tiniest space in your suitcase too.”

Nylon Pack Cloth Gym Bag – Value $18

To be honest, I’ve been neglecting the gym a bit ever since I had to pause my training sessions. The chance to carry this around is really making me find some more time in my schedule to go! The neon pink is perfect for the summer and its so light to carry and roomy!

“My stylist showed me that cuffs should never overwhelm your outfit. It should always complement. This one-of-a-kind geometric cuff adorns my arm with the right amount of embellishment and chic. You can stack with different textures but I find the cuff alone is perfect, day or night!”

Interlink Cuff – Value at least $17

This was the only item I was not so sure about. It is very pretty and fashionable. But, as you know, I am picky about my jewelry and this is not really my style. It is a big big and I am not a fan of jewelry that doubles as a musical instrument. I also could not find the value of the cuff on The Fancy website. This is going in the gift pile.

‘Having blogger Emily Shuman’s first published book around is like having that best friend who knows every “how-to” on fashion, food, beauty and interior design. You don’t know how many times I would reach for my favorite bookmarked tips on my coffee table, right before I host a dinner party!”

Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Shuman – Value $20

I am really excited to have this book. I love her blog and I did not even know she had a book out. This will definitely have a place on my nightstand!

Thoughts: I am completely ecstatic about this box and I am so happy I decided to keep my subscription. In total the value of the box is definitely at least $80. The quality of the cuff definitely warrants a higher value than just $17. Each product will definitely be used at some point. At the rate this subscription is going, the July box should be incredible!

What did you think of the June Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box? Do you subscribe to any of the other Fancy boxes – what do you think of them?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review May 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review

After waiting [im]patiently for the first Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy box to arrive for what seemed like months – it finally arrived! My box was a little beat up, but I didn’t care – I was just happy to finally see what JLH would put in her subscription box. I wanted to wait to open the box since I had to do a few errands after work, but I couldn’t wait any longer and took a few quick pictures of everything.
The Cost: $39 plus shipping

The Products: A selection of unique items hand-selected by Jennifer Love Hewitt with a guaranteed value of at least $80

You can read all my Fancy Box reviews here.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review

I love the Fancy logo stickers they include in the envelope – I just need to find a place to use them!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review

I think one of my favorite aspects of the celebrity boxes is that they include product cards that explain why she chose each item for the box and what they mean to her. That kind of personal touch really goes a long way with me and really makes me feel a lot more connected to each item.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review

Verse Headphones by Urban Beatz in Turquoise – Value $40

“In-ear headphones are always falling out of my ears. Always. Not anymore, though. I switched to what I call “real” headphones – Verse Headphones by Urban Beatz. The sound is amazing, they are super comfortable and they stay on my ears 100% of the time.”

I do have to say that I agree with her wholeheartedly.You can get them in black, pink or turquoise and I am so glad I got this color because it is exactly my style and they also match my sneakers perfectly!

Fluorescent Orange Cuffed Beanie by American Apparel – Value $20

“Even in the summertime, nights get cold and my chilly weather dilemma is always how to keep warm without looking like a dork. This fluorescent orange cuffed beanie does the trick every time. I love it!”

I was really confused when I saw this at first – it is June after all. Where I am, nights are just as hot as the day, so I won’t be getting much use out of this any time soon. It is a little chilly at night at the beach, so I might pack it when I go to the beach this summer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review

Simple Wayfarer by Free Clothing Co. – Value $15

“I’ve noticed that most things tagged ‘classic’ are simple in design, which is probably what first drew me to these Simple Wayfarers. They’re stylish, offer UV 400 protection and are simple – just the way I like them.”

I don’t look good in most sunglasses, but I actually like the way these look so I am really happy to have them! I really can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can go out and wear them. The Wayfarers are also relatively inexpensive, so I won’t feel too bad if I lose or break them which tends to happen a lot with me.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box Review

Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet by Katie Dean Jewelry – Value $25

“Katie Dean designed the Bad to the Bone Turquoise Skulls Bracelet with gold. It’s spectacular and so is her fashion advice: ‘Don’t be afraid to put your individual spin on your look, express what you want to express and own it.’ Amen.”

These are my favorite item in the box. She included a lot of items to adorn your head, so it was nice to have something different. I also love that it matches my headphones and the earring I got with my Charm & Chain gift card from my May 2013 PopSugar box. I am giving the earrings to a friend for her birthday, so this will probably be included too.

Thoughts: I love this box and everything in it! I can’t wait to see what Jennifer Love Hewitt puts in the next box! The total value of the box was $100! (I used the retail value of the bracelet instead of the sale price). I have a ton of great gifts my friend will love. and a couple of things to me too!

What did you think of the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box? Will you be subscribing to this or any other Fancy Box?