Cate and Chloe Review and Coupon Code!


I was really excited to hear about the new jewelry subscription box, Cate & Chloe. The jewelry on the website is so beautiful, so when they kindly offered me a box to review, I had to say yes!

cate & chloe vip review

The Cost: $39.99 a month, including shipping

The Products: Each VIP member gets two pieces of jewelry with a total value of over $200 (Cate & Chloe ship one piece of jewelry every 15 days instead of two pieces at once), plus codes for free shipping and 20% off to spend in the shop. All new subscribers also get an extra piece of jewelry with a total value of over $300. They also have a referral program.

The Concept: The Cate & Chloe VIP membership is supposed to introduce you to some of the pre-release jewelry items from the company, plus also give you the opportunity to keep your jewelry collection up-to-date with beautiful pieces.

The COUPON: Use coupon code SubscriptionMaven2014 for 20% off your first box, plus get an extra item in your box.

cate & chloe jewelry


cate & chloe


Layla “Beauty” Pendant Necklace – Retail Value $115

This pendant necklace is beautiful! It is small, dainty and very feminine. The necklace is silver plated with a central  CZ Stone with CZ embellishments (in case you were wondering, CZ is a diamond substitute that keeps all the beauty without the exorbitant prices. I showed this necklace to my mother who sells diamonds and she loves the necklace and loved how high quality this necklace is.

Thoughts: This necklace is so beautiful and you can really see the quality of the necklace. I loved the pieces on the website, but seeing this necklace in person is even better. The value and quality is definitely there and for me, this is a great jewelry subscription if you are looking for classic pieces to add to your collection.


What do you think of the Cate & Chloe VIP membership?

MJ Project DIY Review February 2014 Cold As Ice

february 2013 project diy review What I’ve realized from my different craft subscription boxes is that my favorite type of craft is jewelry crafting. I think there is something so great about making a beautiful piece of jewelry and being able to proudly exclaim that you made it when someone compliments you when you wear it. When MJ Project DIY kindly offered me a box to review, I was thrilled to try their Cold as Ice box.

february 2013 project diy review The Cost: $30, including shipping

The Products: MJ Project DIY sends everything you need to create 2 – 3 unique jewelry pieces based off a monthly theme.

The Concept: Project DIY is aimed to help you explore your creative side and provide you with simple ways to create fashion-forward and unique jewelry pieces.

Other Reviews: You can read all my Project DIY reviews here.

february 2013 project diy review They include an explanation of the theme and why they chose the pieces.

february 2013 project diy review On The Rocks Bracelet Duo

I never really considered mixing silver and gold together. I’ve always been tempted to and now I have the perfect excuse to experiment!

february 2013 project diy review Crystal Clear Statement Necklace

I thought the main piece would be clear, but it is frosted. I like that it provides you with the ability to really make the necklace your own.

Thoughts: The entire concept for the Cold as Ice box and the bold jewel tones are things I would normally never get on my own, but I am really excited to make my new pieces of jewelry. I will post photos of the finished projects on social media.

What did you think of the February 2014 MJ Project DIY Box?


Here is my completed project!


Your Bijoux Box Review December 2013

your bijoux box reviews

I’ve been wanting to try Your Bijoux Box for the longest time, so I was thrilled when the company kindly offered me a box to review. I could not have said yes any faster. Your Bijoux Box is a newer jewelry subscription box that sends beautiful high-end pieces of jewelry.

your bijoux box reviews

The Cost: $35 a month, including shipping

The Products: Your Bijoux Box sends 2 -3 high-end boutique pieces of jewelry each month. If you link up with them on social media, they also show you different ways to wear each piece with different outfits. (I also love to go to A Year of Boxes for subscription box fashion inspiration!)

your bijoux box reviews

Dauphine Gems Necklace

I adore this necklace. the rich blue and green tones are perfect for winter, but I think would also look gorgeous worn year-round with the right outfit.

your bijoux box reviews

Pave Bracelet

The Pave bracelet was the December spoiler and I have to say, it is even prettier in person! I thought it would be too much sparkle for me, but seeing it in front of me I think I could pull it off.

your bijoux box reviews

Gold Strand Necklace with Blue Gems

I love how different this piece is. The blue gems have a coarse, crystal-like texture to it and gives the necklace that extra detail that makes you do a double-take. I wore this with a sweater to work and received to many compliments.

Thoughts: I was really impressed with this collection. The box was so festive for the holiday season and each piece can be easily mixed and matched with so many different styles. The quality is also really great and I think the value of each piece  definitely exceeds the cost of the subscription.

What are your thoughts on Your Bijoux Box? Which is your favorite piece?

Wantable Accessories Review December 2013

wantable accessories review december

Out of all the different Wantable boxes available, the accessories box has always been one of my favorites. I was not really sure what to expect this month since I left everything in my profile as “like” just to see what they would come up with! I was kindly provided this box to review.

wantable accessories review december

The Cost: $36 a month

The Products: Wantable Accessories box has 3 – 4 jewelry and accessories based on your style profile. You can read my Wantable reviews for an idea of the type of items you can expect.

wantable accessories review december

Bethany Watch – Retail Value $36

I was not expecting this watch at all. This piece is very unique and not something I see around everyday which is what I really like. I do feel as though this watch is better for Spring and even Summer because of the lighter colors.

wantable accessories review december

Lottie Ring – Retail Value $26

This ring is amazing!!! I love everything about it! I am a huge fan of mixed metal jewelry because it means I don’t have to worry about being so matchy-matchy with my accessories. The best part is that all the different pieces move! I wore this ring over the weekend to my office Christmas dinner and I could not stop playing with it.

wantable accessories review december

Sarah Jane Earrings – Retail Value $8

What I like about these studs is that they are so simple and understated. It goes great with the ring and makes it easy to finish off a look without looking like you are trying too hard.

Thoughts: This was a really great box. Two of the pieces I am really in love with and the third (the watch) is something I like, but not what I was expecting for a December accessory box. The value of the box is great at $70 , but I have been noticing the values from my first few boxes were higher than they have been recently.

What did you think about the box? What are your favorite Wantable boxes?

MJ Project DIY Joan of Arc Review – Jewelry DIY Subscription Box

project diy joan of arc review

I’ve only done one jewelry craft subscription before, and that was with Project DIY. I loved the first project so much and I was thrilled when the kindly offered me  the Joan of Arc box to review. I can’t believe how late I am posting this review, but I just couldn’t help it! I wanted to finish both my projects before I finished my review. I think this may be the second hardest DIY for me to complete (the first I still haven’t reviewed or even started yet!). I just could not decide on a pattern for my cuff. Even now, I am not sure if I made the right decision.

mj project diy joan of arc review

The Cost: $30 a month, plus you can get a free starter kit for a limited time ($20 value)

The Products: Project DIY sends you everything you need to create a selection of different high-end jewelry pieces. All trimmings are from their parent company, M&J Trimming and they also have a free app you can download that provides you with detailed instructions. (You could also go online to get the instructions!) You can read my Project DIY reviews here. By the way, you can go to M&J Trimming to buy the past kits for individual pieces.

This month’s theme was Joan of Arc and I was excited to see how they were incorporating the theme with their usual modern twist!

project diy joan of arc review

These were the products for the cuff. You could wrap the beads on as they were, or cut them down individually. They provided a few different patterns for you to choose from, or you could make up your own. I felt this project had the most versatility in the design and would allow you to make sure that your piece was entirely unique to you.

project diy joan of arc review

When I first saw the photos of the necklace, I did think for a moment that we would have to link the chain together. Luckily this was not the case, although my daughter manage to pull one link off, I was able to get it on with ease using my starter kit from my first box. I did think the instructions for adding on the rods were a little vague from the app, but I think I did alright. I love that you can use nail polish to change the color of the gem.


project diy joan of arc review

Here are the final pieces! What do you think?


project diy joan of arc review

Here is the closeup of the pattern on my shield. I ended up changing the color of the gem about 5 times. This was my first idea that I kept coming back to and decided to keep. My second choice was a burgundy with gold microglitter, but I thought the blue and silver would make it something I could wear year-round more. I used my Color Club nail polish from my Holiday Wantable Box in case you are curious!


project diy joan of arc review

This is a closer up view of the cuff, so you can see some of the pattern on the side of the cuff. I am debating whether or not I should add the beading to the top and bottom of the cuff like in their photos – thoughts?



Thoughts: I love each piece a lot. What I love about both projects is that I feel as though it would be near impossible to not have a fabulous piece of jewelry at the end of it all. The materials individually are striking and work well together. The most difficult part about making the necklace and cuff is deciding how to best express your personality through each piece and even then, it is fun to experiment with different compositions and try new things out!


What did you think about the Joan of Arc Project DIY? What did your final pieces look like?

Project DIY Review and Coupon September 2013 – Jewelry Craft Subscription Box

A friend from college used to make our small group of friends jewelry and I was always so impressed with her talent. I’ve wished for a long time that I could one day figure out how to make pieces that looked as high quality as hers. When I heard that MJ Trimmings was starting their own jewelry subscription box called Project DIY, I signed up immediately!

The Cost: $30 a month, including shipping. You can purchase a jewelry making starter kit for $20

The Coupon: Use code MJDIY8 for 20% off your first subscription – you can use this to add on your starter kit for free!

The Products: Each month, Project DIY will send you 2 – 3 accessory crafts for you to make, plus provide detailed instructions via their website or free mobile app – just search Project DIY!

This is the jewelry maker starter kit. It comes with  needle nose plier, wire cutter, chain nose plier, jump ring opener, assorted clasps, earring hooks, jump rings, and chain extenders.

I love how well-organized the projects are. These containers are really cute! I did not realize the small bag actually escaped one of the containers in shipping until after this photo was taken.

Suede Tassle Keychain

This was the craft I was not too excited about at first, but it was one of the more simple crafts to do and it actually looks really cute in person!

Horseshoe Wrap Bracelet

I love wrap bracelets and the photos of the finished product is what really drew me to this subscription box in the beginning. This took the longest to make and required a bit more skill using the tools from my starter kit. It also hurt my fingers a bit working with the gold wire. The end product was so worth it though!

Equestrian Charm Necklace

This was the second craft that drew me in with this box. I thought the overall look and feel was perfect for Autumn and was just my style! I did this craft first and it was the easiest and fastest out of the three. I am so in love with the finished product!

Here are my finished projects:

project diy review

Thoughts: This was such a fun box! The projects were fun and did not take too long to do. I actually sat down and did all three at once. I used the app for instructions and it made it very easy to figure everything out. Right now, I feel like I can take over the jewelry-making world because of this box!

What did you think of Project DIY? Which of the pieces did you like the most? Which crafts do you want to see for October?
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Bamshell Review September 2013 – Jewelry Subscription Box

Bamshell is a new jewelry subscription box that delivers a selection of jewelry to your door each month. I never heard of the company before, so when they asked if I could do a review, I could not turn down the opportunity!

The Cost: $18.99 a month, including shipping

The Products: Bamshell offers a few different box options which vary in jewelry type. If you prefer just bracelets and earrings or if you are more of a necklace and ring kind of person, they have a box for you. If you want a bit of everything, they can accommodate that too!

Rectangle Pearl and Diamond Earrings

I like that these are very sparkly. They would be great to wear on date night with my fiancee or my friends.

Round Pearl and Diamond Studs

I love studs because they make a classy finishing touch to any outfit. These earring are definitely something I would wear!

Gem Wrap Bracelet

Wrap bracelets are very in now, so it was fitting to get this in the box. I am not a huge fan of multi-colored gems in a piece of jewelry, but I know a few people who would love to have this so it is going in my gift pile!

Thoughts: I did not receive a detailed product card, so I was not sure what the value are for the pieces. My mom works in jewelry and she did tell me that the price of the box is reasonable for what I received – so that is good enough for me! I would suggest to Bamshell to definitely tell us more about each piece for future boxes!

What do you think of Bamshell? Is this a jewelry subscription box you would like to try?
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Wantable Review June 2013 – Jewelry Subscription Box

A lot of people recommended I try Wantable because of their great selection of high-end beauty and jewelry products found in their boxes. I finally caved and decided to try the jewelry subscription first since my makeup collection is slowly but surely getting out of hand.

The Cost: $36 a month, including shipping

The Products: The Jewelry Wantable box has between 3 – 5 boutique jewelry pieces that are personally curated to your personal tastes.

This was my introduction card explaining where their mindset was while choosing the June pieces. I ordered late June and was hoping that I would get a July box. As it turns out, they ship out your first box as soon as you place an order and each subsequent box and bill will come out at the same time each month.

I was surprised by the packaging. I was not all too enthusiastic by the model and the plastic bag.

Porsha Necklace - Value $24
I love this necklace. It goes well with pretty much any outfit and I feel great wearing it. This goes really well with my work outfits and I received a ton of compliments!

Hadley Earrings – Value $20

I thought these earring were really cute. Unfortunately, I was not able to see how they looked on properly because one of them is broke as you can see in the picture. Wantable has a great return and exchange policy and once I let them know about the earring, they sent out a new pair right away. I love a good company with great customer service!

Minnie Necklace – Value $22

I loved this necklace! This is such a cute every day necklace. It gives even the most casual outfit a little classy, cute touch.

Rosalind Bracelet – Value $24

Normally, I would never buy a piece like this. Big chains and bright red never really caught my attention. Wearing it, I am surprised at how much I actually like it and can find outfits to go with the piece. This is what I love about a good subscription box like this. They keep my tastes in mind while also giving me something to stretch my horizons.

Thoughts: Overall, I really liked this box! The value was  $90 which is incredible for the price I paid and I loved every piece. Usually, I tend to stay away from jewelry subscriptions because I have such particular tastes, but their style profile was really able to determine pieces that I would definitely wear on a regular basis. I am definitely a new fan of Wantable and I cannot wait to try out their beauty box!

What did you think of the jewelry Wantable box? What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

Lucid Box New York Review + Giveaway! June 2013 – Jewelry Subscription Box

I have seen a few jewelry subscriptions out there, but I never tried any because my taste in jewelry is so particular. Although I’ve only seen very cute pieces that I liked, I am still afraid that I might end up with a box of jewelry I wouldn’t wear! When Lucid Box offered to send me a box to review, I could not resist the temptation. The jewelry on their website was just too cute!

The Cost: $26 a month, including shipping

The Products: Lucid Box is a jewelry subscription box that sends out  two pieces of jewelry with a total value ranging between $58 and $74. They source their jewelry from their parent company, Lucid New York.

The little jewelry box is so cute! From what I understand, they sometimes use different packaging each month.

They included a really great letter about their company and subscription which I thought was a great personal touch.

These were my two pieces. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised!

Pink silk cord and chains wrap bracelet - Value – $59

When I first saw this piece, I thought it was a necklace, but as it turns out, it is actually a bracelet wrap. I think I would still wear it as a necklace depending on the outfit. I love this fact because it makes this a very versatile piece. The intertwining pink silk cord and chain is visually pleasing and has a very romantic feel to it. 
Blue beaded bracelet – Value $29
I really liked the color of the beads and thought that the gold band was a gorgeous touch. This is definitely another item I would wear!

As it turns out, both of these bracelets can come as a set for only $69, which is a really great deal if you missed out on this box and wanted your own!

Thoughts: Overall, I am very happy with my Lucid Box – I am definitely interested in seeing more of their boxes in the future! My only complaint was that I was not able to find a whole lot of information on the second bracelet on the website. In total, the value of the box is really $88 if you bought each item separately or $69 if you bought them as a set. Either way, you are getting a huge deal! If you want to sign up for your own subscription, you can go to their subscription website here.
The owner of Lucid Box was also nice enough to offer a July box to one lucky Subscription Maven reader! Just enter below! 

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