The Jungle Stand Taste Bar Review November 2013

the jungle stand taste bar review

I’ve been wanting to try The Jungle Stang Tasting Bar for a long time now. I love that it is a bit like a mini food game to test your pallet and enjoy a few new tastes. This month, our job was to figure out which of the snacks tasted green.

the jungle stand tasting bar review

The Cost: $9.95 a month, including shipping

The Products: The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar sends out a box of 6 different food samples or “tastes” and they provide you with a different task each month pertaining to that month’s theme.

jungle stand tasting bar review

They include two crackers as pallet cleansers. After each taste, you take a bite to clear your tastebuds. I thought that was a really great idea. They also include a spoiler card with the answers to what the different tastes were in this month’s box.

the jungle stand tasting bar review

The tastes provided this month were different types of dried fruits. Some freeze-dried, some with added sugar, others simply dehydrated. I was a little disappointed that these were the tastes this month because I am a bit of a dried fruit aficionado so I already knew what each taste was. As it turns out, there were two of the tastes that were the same fruit dried in two different ways, but it was a third fruit that matched the same flavor as the first or “green” snack – which is the first snack with the green dot.

the jungle stand tasting bar review

These were the answers to what each dried fruit sample was. The fruit match were the two types of mango, but the flavor match was the dried mango and the dried kiwi!



 Thoughts: The value of the snacks definitely do not match up with the price of the box, but I think the total value of the box really rests within the total experience the box presents. My daughter and I both loved trying the different snacks and trying to figure out which of the snacks tasted most alike. This is definitely a box I would want to try again!


What do you think of The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar?