Kiwi Crate Storytelling Box Review November 2013 – Kid’s Subscription Box

kiwi crate storytelling review

Kiwi Crate quickly became one of my favorite subscription boxes for my daughter. As soon as she sees the box, she knows it is for her and cannot wait to do the craft inside.

The Cost: $19.95 a month – you can do a sibling add-on for $9.95 per child each month.

The Products: Kiwi Crate provides materials you need for 2 crafts and usually includes a small story book and a mini craft. The crates are targeted to children aged 3 – 7, but my two year old enjoys doing the crafts with my assistance. You can read my past Kiwi Crate reviews here.

kiwi crate storytelling review

I love the storybook they include in each box. It is so much fun to read through and it really sets up the theme for that particular crate.

kiwi crate storytelling review

Here is a page of the story in this month’s box.

kiwi crate storytelling review

Our two crafts were My Story Theater and My String Puppet.

kiwi crate storytelling review

My String Puppet

These are the materials for the string puppet. I tied the string to the rod and twisted the fuzzy pipe cleaner as well as did the legs. My daughter was able to do everything else. She loved the finished product and laughed every time I made him dance. Unfortunately, his head fell off within half an hour.

kiwi crate storytelling review

My Story Theater

My daughter wasn’t too amused by the theater itself. She preferred to play with the stickers and put them on the film strips. It is one of those instances where I had more fun with the main part of the project.

Thoughts: This was definitely a fun craft for us to do together. Although my daughter did not quite appreciate both crafts equally, it is not exactly a box made for her age. I know she would love it once she is a bit older. Overall, I really love Kiwi Crate for my daughter and she plays with the projects we do in this box more than any other toys I buy her. This is the one kid’s subscription box I find I recommend more than any of the others.

What do you think of Kiwi Crate? What id your favorite kid’s subscription box?


Kiwi Crate Glowing Animals Review October 2013

Kiwi Crate is one of my new favorite kid’s subscription boxes. They have such fun crafts for me to do with my daughter that we really enjoy playing with long after the activity. I could not wait for our October box!
The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: Kiwi Crate creates a box of 2 – 3 crafts with one or more mini activities for your child to do. The targeted age range is 3 – 7, but my 2 year old is able to do many of the crafts with my help. You can read my past Kiwi Crate reviews here.

The explore book had a really cute story about the little Kiwi bird going out camping and meeting lots of new friends who glow in the dark. In the back there was a mini activity to make a firefly. I had to do this for her because it involved a lot of cutting.

We received two crafts in this box. One to make two glowing jellyfish you can make race up and down along a string. The second craft is a cute little glowworm stuffed toy. The instructions for the crafts are very easy to follow. Most children will not need any assistance with either crafts. The only part which younger children may need help on is cutting the ribbons to 12 inch pieces.

These are the glowing jellyfish we made! My daughter loves to play with them and we like to do a little race each night before bed!

Thoughts: These crafts were such a blast to make and my daughter really loved them! I also really love that you can now buy past crates as well as special non-subscription crates in their shop. They also offer affordable sibling add-ons if you have a few children.

What did you think of the Glowing Animals Kiwi Crate?



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Kiwi Crate Review September 2013 – Kid’s Craft Subscription Box

A while back, there was a deal on Plum District for Kiwi Crate and since I wanted more boxes for my daughter (plus I cannot refuse a good deal!), I decided to sign up! Everyone who used the Plum District deal would start off with the Wonders of Water box. Kiwi Crate is a kid’s craft subscription box that has a selection of creative and education crafts send yo you each month.

The Cost: $19.95 a month, including shipping
The Products: Each month, Kiwi Crate will select different crafts for you to do with your child and provide every thing you will need to complete the craft – right down to the safety scissors! Crates are designed for children aged 3 – 7, but my two year old has been able to do the crafts with my help and has enjoyed them very much! If you find a past Crate that you really want to try, you can also buy it in their shop. They also have a sibling add-on if you have more than one child!

I never caught on until now that Kiwi Crate was named after the Kiwi bird – I actually thought it had to do with the fruit!

I loved that each child got their own Kiwi bird mascot to keep in their first box. My daughter absolutely loves her bird and brings him everywhere! With him in this picture are two of the craft booklets to make water color animals and a floating sailboat. Each of the crafts have bonus activities ad materials that are related to the primary craft.

This was an additional craft that was also more of a science experiment. This was the only activity that was really best suited for an older child. It explores density and how things float on water. We do have a cousin who is 7, so we will be saving this for when he comes to visit.

These are the materials for the crafts. So far, we’ve only done the water color craft and my daughter loves the water color animals she’s made. The extra craft/experiment was to draw lines on a sheet of paper and sit it in water and watch the color bleed and create a rainbow once the water gets soaked up. We ended up just continuing on coloring and spraying the paper because that was more fun for her.

I loved that the box was also a little craft itself. My daughter had so much fun coloring this in!

Thoughts: I am already in love with Kiwi Crate! I loved the stuffed toy, the craft selection and the overall presentation. Although I did not do a price breakdown for the items in the box, I believe this is definitely worth the price. For me, the true value of the box lies not within the retail values of the craft materials, but for the overall experience the crafts have for my child.

What do you think of Kiwi Crate? If you are a current subscriber, are there any past crates you recommend we try?
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