KLUTCHclub Snack and Tea Box – Health Subscription Box

KLUTCHclub has a great rewards program where you can earn KLUTCHbucks and use them toward their specialty boxes. I decided to get their Snack and Tea box.

The Cost: 225 KLUTCHbucks (not available for regular sale.

The Products: The KLUTCHclub Snack and Tea box is full of healthy snacks and a selection of teas.

Green & Black Dark Chocolate – Value $2
Taylors Tea in Green Tea with Lemon and Organic Chamomile – Value $0.50 for 2

I do not really like dark chocolate on its own, so I ended up mixing this in my overnight oats for breakfast a few times.

Corazona’s Blueberry Oatmeal Squares – Value $2
Good Greens Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites – Value $1
Perky Jerky - Value $2

The oatmeal square was an amazing treat! It was very rich and tasted incredibly indulgent. You could not tell that it was good for you!

Tea of a Kind in Pomegranate Acai White Tea – Value $2.50
Honest Tea in Honey Green Tea – Value $2

I was confused about the white tea at first. As it was, it simply looked like a white tea with no flavoring, but when you opened it, the pomegrante acai white tea is released and infuses the water. I did some research and it turns our they did this to help preserve the freshness of the flavors and antioxidants.

Pop Potato in BBQ – Value $1
Ola Granola in No Nut Vanilla – Value $1
Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers – Value $1

Thoughts: There were a lot of great snacks in this box as well as a few tea brands I never knew about. The value of the box was about $15, which is pretty nice considering you do not have to actually pay for the box.

What did you think of the Snack and Tea box? Would you want to spend your KLUTCHbucks on the box?

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KLUTCHclub Cooking Essentials Box Review – Health and Fitness Subscription Box

KLUTCHclub has a great reward system where you are able to gain “KLUTCHbucks” through your activity. You can use these bucks to purchase products from their store or a selection of their Special Edition boxes. I decided to try their Cooking Essentials box.
The Cost: 300 KLUTCHbucks (not available for regular purchase at the moment)

The Products: The Cooking Essentials box is a one-off subscription box that delivers healthy cooking ingredients, a recipe book and snacks.

Agar Agar Sample – Value $1
The first thing I noticed about the box was that it included this molecular gastronomy recipes, plus a few tools. I’ve never used Agar Agar before, but now I think I need to make some vegan caviar!

Zoye Vegetable Oil – Value $2.50
Truvia Stevia – Value $3

Manitoba Hemp Hearts – Value $9
Pure Matters Chocolate Protein – Value $4

I love Hemp Hearts thanks to subscription boxes and just ran out of my last bag so I am so happy to get this!

I’ve tried a plant-based protein drink before and I was not a fan. This brand was a lot better, but it is something I would definitely need to add more flavors to before finishing it.

King Arthur Flour Whole Flax Meal - Value $5

What I did not know about flax meal is that it can replace eggs or the fat in your recipes! This helps make your recipe healthier and lower in fat. I am planning on baking some cookies using this. I will let you know how it goes!

Thoughts: I am really excited to have a lot of these products and I can’t wait to try out some of the ingredients. Everything will be used. Considering the name of the box, however, I was expecting different products.

What did you think of the Cooking Essentials KLUTCHclub box?

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KLUTCHclub Review July 2013 – Women’s Fitness Subscription Box

I was a little disappointed when I received a shipping notice from KLUTCHclub regarding my next box. When I signed up, I purchased a 3-month subscription and they’ve already sent me a box earlier this month meaning I will only receive one more box. Nonetheless, I was very anxious to see what was in the box!

The Cost: $18 a month, including shipping

The Products: Health, fitness and home products for active lifestyles. KLUTCHclub offers three boxes: Men, Women and Mom. This is a review of the Mom Box. You can check out my last review here.

Excuse the lighting, I took these photos early in the morning before work! 
Sneakz in Chocolate – Value $2.50
I first learned about Sneakz from my June Conscious Box. I was happy to have it here again for my daughter to have. She really seems to like them and I hope they will hit stores soon! 

Flavrz in Citrus Hibiscus – Value $9.60 for 8

Okay, so by now, we all know I am a new fan of Flavrz, so I was not upset to see them in my box, especially in such a high quantity! I do with there was more variety in flavor though!

Slice of Life Sugar-Free Multi Gummies – Value $18
Chef Sleeve Disposable IPad Sleeves – Value $4

I first got into gummy vitamins when I was pregnant and could not take down any pills. I haven’t had any in a while, but it is so nice to have a bottle of gummy vitamins around because it is nice to have a bit of a treat while you do something good for your body!

I don’t have an iPad, but I am pretty sure this will still fit my tablet. If not, I have plenty of people I can gift this to.

I love freeze-dried snacks and these were no exception! Unfortunately, my daughter ended up eating most of the bag!
Dapple anti-bacterial wipes are so handy wen you have a toddler around because they are getting into everything!
I am so happy to have the arnica gel handy. I used to use arnica tablets when I got my tongue pierced in high school and it works incredibly well at reducing swelling. I am sure this gel will really come in handy with any future injuries. 
I had the good bar at work at my mid-morning snack and it was exactly what I needed to tide me over until lunch. I didn’t even realize it was lunchtime a couple of hours later! 
I am really excited to get wheatgrass seeds. I need to go out and buy a small pot for me to plant them. I never really experimented with wheatgrass, so this will be a fun experiment!
Thoughts: Even though I would have preferred to wait until August to get my second box, I am very happy with what I received in this box. I thought the products were very useful and I will use pretty much everything here. I am especially excited to grow my own wheat grass! 
What did you think of the July KLUTCHclub? What was your favorite product so far?

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KLUTCHclub Best Of Box – July 2013

For the 4th of July, KLUTCHclub offered a special deal on their Best Of box for only $8. There was no way I could pass up on such a good deal!

The Cost: $25, including shipping

The Box: The KLUTCHclub Best Of box sends out some of the most popular products featured in previous boxes. Products range from home, lifestyle, fitness and health. The total value of the box is guaranteed to be valued at $75.

This box was seriously packed with awesome stuff. I could not believe how much they were able to fit in there.

QSpeed – Value $3.95

CocoaVia – Value $13

I’ve seen CocoaVia around and wanted to give it a try. I am so happy to see this in the box. I am not a huge dark chocolate fan, but I am sure I can mix it with something to make it even better!

Alo Drink Exposed with Honey – Value $2.75

This was delicious! I was first introduced to Aloe Vera water when I was working in a health food store in university when it was a huge craze. I didn’t really like it at the time, but I completely adore it now.

Coromega Big Squeeze Omega-3 in Lemon – Value $19.99

This Omega-3 supplement is creamy and thick. It is supposed to be a better alternative to other oil supplements that have a fishy aftertaste. I may be over paranoid, but I feel like I still get a fishy taste when taking it straight. I prefer to mix it in my overnight oats for a nice lemon meringue flavor.

Crystal Deodorant Towelettes – Value $3.50
Crystal Deodorant Travel Stick – Value $2.50

This may sound a little weird, but I can never have enough deodorant around and tend to buy in bulk. It is not that I smell awful – I just like to always have some on-hand. As such, I am really happy to have more to add to my collection.

Goldbaum’s Pop Potato in Onion and Garlic – Value $1.99
Shea Terra African Black Soap – Value $3

These Pop Potato chips were really awesome I wish the bag was bigger! I did not use the African soap, but I cannot wait to try it. The product is completely new to me

Nurse Noni’s Hangover Sucks Pops – Value $4.95
Earnest Eats in Dark Choco Expresso – Value $1.75

One of my sisters recently turned 21, so it was only fitting that I gave her the Hangover Pops. She was already sleeping off a hangover and didn’t even have the good sense to try it. Hopefully, she will remember to try it the next time she goes out.

iBodyFit.com One Free Year
Daily Burn $30 Free Gift, 2 Free Months $10 credit
Luminosity 1 Free Month

Out of these gift cards and coupons, I am most likely going to use the Luminosity since I’ve had accounts with them for years. I will need to look into the others more, but they do still seem like great offers!

Thoughts: In total, the value of the KLUTCHclub Best Of Box was about $60, without the gift cards and coupons, so the total value is definitely over the $75 mark. Overall, I am really happy with everything.

What did you think of the KLUTCHclub Best Of Box or their regular subscriptions? Will you be signing up?

KLUTCHclub Mom’s Box Review July 2013 – Women’s Fitness Subscription

A few weeks ago, Plum District had a discount available for a three-month subscription to KLUTCHclub and I could not pass up the opportunity. I’ve been wanting to try this subscription for a while, but kept holding it off. This was just what I needed to motivate me. I have to say, I am really glad I subscribed!

The Cost: $18 a month, including shipping, less if you purchase a longer subscription.

The Box: KLUTCHclub sends out a variety of health, fitness and lifestyle products based on the type of box you choose. Currently, they offer three boxes: Men. Women and Mom. I decided to try the Mom box simply because it seemed to have a little more variety.

This is on the flap of the box Just before you open it. I love it so much! I wish something like this was on all my boxes.

The shape of the box is much like a shoe box, so it is hard to see everything that is in here, but I already see a ton of things I like!

This was on top of everything. Although it is a cute reminder for kids, I do not know what we should do with it since it would not have a great placemat.

Queasy Pop Kids – Value $4
Kirk’s Castile Original Coco Soap – Value $3

My daughter is a little too young for these pops according to the packaging. There is no rule against me using it if I ever feel queasy though! These are a definite keeper for me.

I’ve heard of Kirk’s soap before and I am really excited to try it. I usually stick with Dove, but it is nice to branch out when I can!

Smarty Pants On-The-Go Vitamins for Kids – Value $2
Smarty Pants On-The-Go Vitamins for Adults – Value $3.25

Ola! Vanilla Almond Granola – Value $1.50
Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars in Raspberry – Value $1.25

I have not had a chance to try the granola or the fig bars – someone took them before I could even get a taste. I already tried the fig bars in my May Mommebox and I already know they are very yummy.

Radius Doc Multi-Use Suction Holder – Value $7.99
Just Chill in Tropical – Value $2.50

I love the Doc – it is a very neat product. I have no used it yet simply because I am still trying to find different uses for it. I love that it is multi-functional because of the way it is made. I think I might end up being uncreative and simply use it for my toothbrush!

I loved the drink – I am not sure if it made me feel more calm, but I did feel happier!

Yoga Vibes Coupon – Value $60
Kirk’s Castile Soap Laundry Detergent Recipe

I am not much of a yoga person, but I suppose this will be a good time to check it out. I was never a fan of online classes or videos for working out, but maybe I can connect my computer to my TV.

Thoughts: I was very pleased with this box and am happy that I took the deal to try KLUTCHclub. The toal value of the box, minus the coupon is about $25.49 which is pretty good considering you pay only $18 per box (I paid just over $11 per box with my coupon). I can’t wait to see what is in next month’s box!

What did you think of the KLUTCHclub Mom box? Do you subscribe to any of their other boxes?