Paper Dots Review May 2014

paper dots review

Paper Dots is a newer book subscription that sends a book and an extra surprise to you each month. As an avid book lover, I was excited to be offered the chance to review their service.

paper dots review

The Cost: $25 a month for paperback, $30 a month for hardcover

The Products: Each month Paper Dots sends a book, plus an extra gift to make the reading experience come alive. If you’ve already read the book, you can send it back for free.

The Concept: Paper Dots curates a book selection for you each month based off the profile you fill out each month. You can also leave feedback to help tailor future book selections.

paper dots review

Here is a letter they send with your box.

paper dots review

Speak by Laurie Anderson – Retail Value $9.99

This is one of the few books where I’ve actually seen the movie before reading the book. I did enjoy the movie and am excited to get a chance to read the book. This is not the kind of book I typically would choose to read, but am glad to get a chance to enjoy. I did leave feedback indicating more specifically as to the type of books I really enjoy reading.

paper dots review

Bienfang Young Artists Sketchbook – Retail Value $6.18

My sister is really good at sketching, so this will make a great gift for her as this may be wasted on my stick figures.

General’s Charcoal Pencil 557-HB Hard – Retail Value $3.82

paper dots review

This was a sketch I found on the inside of the sketch book, I thought it was beautiful.

Thoughts: I really like the experience of getting a surprise book in the mail and I thought the extra gifts really fit with some of the themes in the book. I am really excited to start reading my book and to see what next month’s selection will be!

What do you think about Paper Dots as a book subscription box?

Try the World Subscription Box Review: Tokyo + Coupon!

try the world subscription box review

The Try the World subscription box, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a newer travel subscription box that sends a new box based on an international location every other month. I love travel, so this box is perfect for me! Tokyo is one place I haven’t had a chance to visit, so I was so excited to get this box.


try the world subscription box review The Cost: $45, every two months

The Products: Every other month you will receive unique products from a different city in the world as well as fun facts and important information you would need to know if you went to visit that country.

The Concept: Try the World is a great way for you to learn and experience a different city in the world without having to leave your home. The detailed information they provide would also be useful if you chose to visit that country one day, making this the perfect box for seasoned travelers too.

 The COUPON: Use coupon code SUBSCRIPTIONMAVEN to get $10 off your first box!


try the world subscription box review

The box included an information card on the food and lifestyle items.

try the world subscription box review

Also included in the box was a postcard and a ton of different informational cards on Japanese culture.



try the world subscription box review

Origami Paper – Retail Value  $7.95

I remember when I was in grade school a woman from Japan came to our class and tried to teach us origami. Ever since, I’ve had an obsession with the craft. The sheets included are so cute, I can’t wait to create a few animals for my daughter.

try the world subscription box review Chopsticks Retail Value – $2.00 each

I learned how to use chopsticks in college  while eating Indian food. Ever since, I love to use chopsticks any chance I can get. These are so beautiful (I will probably take a close up of the pattern on Instagram), I don’t want to use them!

Imuraya, Yokan Red Bean Jelly - Retail Value  $3.99

These were very interesting. They are lightly sweet, but also a little savory. The mixture of the bean mixed with the slightly chewy jelly is definitely a combination you need to get used to. My mother used to eat these as a child, so she was more than happy to take them.

try the world subscription box review

Aoi Tea Company, Matcha, Sencha and Genmaicha Teas - Retail Value $3.00

I love green tea and trying different types. I am going to have lots of fun trying these. Matcha is a finely powdered green tea that is actually very good to cook with! I especially love making green tea cookies with it.

try the world subscription box review

Takaokaya, Nori Roasted Seaweed - Retail Value $1.00

I love seaweed, so this was great to get in the box.

 Konpeito Sugar Candy – Retail Value $1.50

I didn’t try these candies yet, but one of my sisters did and she didn’t feel any particular way about them. She said they didn’t really have a strong flavor.

try the world subscription box review

Kingodo, Senbei Rice Crackers – Retail Value $2.50

Yum! I love rice crackers! I ate one of them before I could take this photo and the rest were gone in a couple of days.

try the world subscription box review

S&B, Ginger Paste – Retail Value $2.75

I love cooking, so any ingredients are always exciting to get. I’ve never used ginger paste, so it will be fun to use it to make traditional Japanese dishes.

Morinaga Milk Caramels – Retail Value $3.00

Thoughts: I really liked this box. My values were estimations and on the  low end, simply because I was not able to find really good values online. Besides that, I am super impressed with the variety and number of products. I’ve never come across most of these products before. The level of detail about Japanese culture was also a lot of fun to read and learn. I think that while this box is on the pricier side, it may be worth it for someone who is planning on traveling because this makes a wonderful introduction to the culture.

What did you think of the Tokyo Try the World subscription box?

March 2014 PopSugar Must Have Review and Coupon

march 2014 popsugar must have review

I was so excited to see my March 2014 PopSugar Must Have box arrive this weekend! Although I already knew what was in the box, it is always exciting to actually get everything in person. This month’s theme was about new beginnings that come with Spring.

march 2014 popsugar must have review

The Cost: $39.95 a month

The Products: Each month, the PopSugar editors choose the must-have items women needs. You can expect items for fitness, home, beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

The Concept: This box is to help all women discover some of the best and most useful products around as well as give you a nice luxury treat.

The COUPON: Use coupon code MARCH10 to get $10 off your first box!

Other Reviews: You can read my past PopSugar Must Have reviews


march 2014 popsugar must have review

Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf – Value $72

Oh my gosh, this scarf is even prettier in person! I love the bright colors and how soft it feels.

march 2014 popsugar must have review

Active Forever Mini Exercise Ball – Value $9.95

This is a really nice reminder for me to start working out again. I have been looking up a few exercises I can use this with, so maybe after work I will be able to start testing them out!

march 2014 popsugar must have review

Bauble Bar Elephant Ring Tree – Value $12

I love this elephant ring holder! Elephants are my favorite animal, so this was an automatic hit with me. I may even just use it as decoration.

march 2014 popsugar must have review

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum - 15 ml Value $30

I only tried a couple of Jurlique products and I’ve loved them all. I am still using the serum from last month’s box (which I am loving, by the way!) I am really excited to give this serum a try next.

march 2014 popsugar must have review

Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make A Wish Necklace – Value $26

I love this necklace. Love it. The concept behind the necklace is that you make a wish before you put it on and the string is supposed to wear away. When that happens, your wish will come true. I have two big wishes I’d like to come true, so maybe I should get another necklace, they have a few different necklaces like “Key to Success,” “New Beginnings,” and “Karma.”


Snapea Crisps – Value $2

I’ve had these Snapea Crisps a few times and they are so good. I love to eat them on their own or toss in salads.

Nature’s Bakery All Natural Strawberry Fig Bar – Value $1.50

These bars pop up in subscription boxes from time to time and I adore them!


Thoughts: This was a really great box this month! I absolutely love the scarf, necklace and ring holder. Everything will go to use though. I’ve noticed that the boxes during the warmer months tend to be more exciting, so maybe that means the April box will be even better!

What did you think of the March 2014 PopSugar Must Have box?

IHeartMD Review February 2014 – HealthStyle Subscription Box

iheartmd review

One of the most popular goals for many people in the beginning of the year is to live a healthier lifestyle. A great way to do that is with paying more attention to your heart health. This is where IHeartMD comes in. It is a new subscription box that focuses on your cardio health. I was really happy when they kindly offered me a box to review because I am trying to get healthier as well.


iheartmd review

The Cost: $30 a month, including shipping

The Products: IHeartMD sends 5 – 8 heart healthy snacks, plus drinks and wellness items. You also have access to a member’s area that has recipes, a place for you to submit questions to their on-staff cardiologist (did you know one of the co-owners is a cardiologist? One dollar of every box you order is also donated to charity.

The Concept: IHeartMD is on a mission to help make people healthier and more able to prevent health problems as opposed to reacting to them.


iheartmd review




iheartmd review


I like that the product card gives you so much information about why they chose the product and how it pertains to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

iheartmd review

Ghirardelli Intense Dark 72% Cacao Twilight Delight Squares

I have never been a dark chocolate person and these are seriously dark. They are better for you, so I will try to make an effort to go for darker chocolates.

iheartmd review

Pearls Olives to Go!

I have been eating a lot of olives lately, so I am glad to know they are so heart-healthy. I also like that these have no added flavoring, so I can tailor the taste to what I am in the mood for that day.

Matt’s Munchies Premium Fruit Snack

These make a great sweet treat for my daughter and myself (when she lets me have one). I would never buy them on my own because of their cost, but it is always nice to find them in one of my boxes.

iheartmd review


Mary’s Gone Crackers

I’ve had these before and love it! I had it with some heart-healthy homemade hummus and it was the perfect midday snack.

TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal in Cranberry Apple

I got this once before and I loved it! It’s really nice to get more.


iheartmd review

Naked Wines $50 Gift Card 

I still have a collection of unused Naked Wines gift cards. This is one of the most unpopular gift cards to get in a subscription box, but it makes an appearance so often.

iTrain $50 Gift Card

I also have a few iTrain gift cards on hand, but I have been considering trying it out.

Thoughts: I decided to not do a price breakdown because I already knew by looking at the box that the values without the gift cards was going to be well under the $30 you pay per month. The gift cards are a great addition for some people, but not for most. I think the true value of this type of subscription rests in the additional benefits you receive online such as the informative articles and ability to get a chance for a Q&A from a cardiologist. Which is a good thing considering that this box is about promoting a heart-healthy lifestyle.

What did you think of the launch box for IHeartMD?

Flicker Box Review February 2014 – Candle Subscription Box

flicker box review february 2014

Flicker Box is a candle subscription box that launched mid-2013. I tried one of their boxes in August and I loved it, so I decided to get another when I saw a spoiler for one of their February candles. We are really into candles in our house, so I love discovering new companies to try.

flicker box review february 2014

 The Cost: $25 for your first box and $32 a month afterward.

The Products: Flicker Box delivers a selection of artisanal candles from small companies around the country.

The Concept: The aim of Flicker Box is to share their love of candles and the quality that comes from artisan and small batch candle makers that you may have never otherwise have been able to discover.


flicker box review february 2014

In each box, you can find a card detailing all the information about the candles and candle makers.

flicker box review february 2014

Sweethearts Candies

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, these sweetheart candies were also included. I thought this was such a cute touch.


Flicker Box also includes matches for you to light your candles. I love that they also include matches from features companies if they are available.

flicker box review february 2014

Aloha Bay Candles in Romance and Love – Retail Value $6.60 for both

I love how these candles look like they have a lot of texture in them. Romance is a mix of citrus and musk while Love has a mix of plumeria and cinnamon that is very spicy, but sweet.

flicker box review february 2014

Sunbeam Small Red Heart Candle - Retail Value $6.99

I admit, this was the spoiler that made me want to get this month’s box. I could not resist a heart-shaped candle. It is just too cute! I love that it is made out of beeswax and has an unbleached wick.

Sunbeam Red Votive Candle – Retail Value $3.99

flicker box review february 2014


PurBliss in Love Potion – Retail Value $6.95

I fell in love with my Pumpkin PurBliss candle in my Vegan Presence box, so I was really excited to get another candle by them. The scents are so strong without being overbearing.

Walter & Rosie Enchanted Rose – Retail Value $10

This smells exactly as though I am smelling a bouquet of roses. It does not have that artificial smell most rose-scented candles tend to have.

Thoughts: I absolutely loved this month’s box. The selection and quality of the candles are wonderful. Thanks to subscription boxes, I’ve become very particular about the products I bring to my home and prefer natural products and especially those from smaller companies. Flicker Box does a great job of providing both these features with the candles they select. This box also makes a great gift for other candle lovers I know. The total value is over $34, making it a good value for what you pay too.

What do you think of Flicker Box?

Q Box Review February 2014 – Japenese Subscription Box

Q Box review February 2014

Since my January Q-Box took so long to get here and we thought it would be lost forever, the kind ladies at Q-Box offered me the February box to review. (If you took a look through my reviews, you can see that I did eventually receive the January box). I’ve been wanting a subscription box that sends out Japanese products and this is exactly that, so it is a true pleasure to be able to review two of their boxes!

  Q Box review February 2014

The Cost: $24.95

The Products: Q Box sends a selection of novelty products from Japan and Korea. You can expect lifestyle products, snacks and beauty products. You can read my past Q Box reviews here.

The Coupon:  ENJOY1ST will take 10% off your first box. The March box is already sold out, but you can preorder the April box now!

Q Box review February 2014


I love how they packaged everything inside the tote!

Q Box review February 2014

 Beam Lights Moonin Tote Bag  - Retail Value $10(?)

This is just too adorable! I already have an extensive collection of totes which I usually end up using to store more subscription box items, but I think I will try and find another use for this.

Q Box review February 2014

Beam Lights Matching Pouch – Retail Value $5(?)

I found surprise snacks in my pouch. I love this little pouch and will probably end up using it to help me organize my purse.

Snacks – Retail Value $3?

I love seaweed snacks, so I was pleased to find some in my pouch. And I love Brookside chocolates!

Q Box review February 2014

Too Cool For School Blush – Retail Value $15.99 (?)

I was not able to find this exact product online, but I am loving this blush so much! I’ve been reading review on other products from their line and everything seems to be amazing, so I am going to have to buy some more products from them! Out of all the blushes I have, I think I like this the most. The color matches so well with my skin tone and gives the perfect bit of flush. Plus, I love the packaging. I don’t mean to gush so much about it, but I really am in love with this stuff.

Q Box review February 2014

Love Heart Shape Photo Clip – Retail Value $5(?)

These photos clips are so perfect for Valentine’s Day! Since it’s already passed, I will probably find another way to use them. Hearts and love are year-round anyway.

Q Box review February 2014

Harajuku Lovers Pearl Earrings - Retail Value $25

These are super cute, but not for me. I will be passing these on to my sister.

KOKO Cat iPhone 5 Case – Retail Value $10.99

I am one of the last few people who are still using an IPhone 4S I think. My other sister recently upgraded to the 5, so I will give this to her. It is very cute though!

Q Box review February 2014


Mystery Item: Duck Nail Clippers – Retail Value $2 (?)

I think these nail clippers are just too cute. They’ve been great to get my daughter to let me cut her nails. They work well on adult nails too!

Thoughts: I am really happy with my Q Box this month. I can’t wait to try the blush and although I won’t be using the heart clips for Valentine’s Day, they will still make a great decoration. Everything else is also really cute and exactly what I was expecting with this subscription. I wasn’t able to find accurate values or websites for most of the items, which is expected because of the novelty of the subscription. Overall, I think I even like this box more than January’s!

What did you think of the February Q Box?

New Hello Fresh Valentine’s Day Special – One Day Only

hello fresh


Hello Fresh has a new Valentine’s Day coupon code available!

Coupon code aValentine26dUSCJ gets you $26 off the Classic or Vegetarian boxes (not available for gift cards). This coupon expires at midnight tonight, so hurry!

I love Hello Fresh because the portions are generous, the recipes are easy to follow and mostly kid-friendly. You can read my Hello Fresh reviews here.

Q Box Review January 2014 – Japanese Subscription Box


q box review

Oh the wonders of the US Postal service. The lovely people at Q Box were so kind as to send me this box to review – 6 weeks ago. The box was returned once and then sent back out and was lost for weeks. We had all but lost hope until it magically appeared at my door yesterday. Anyway, Q Box is a new Japanese subscription box that sends quirky and unique novelty items from Japan and includes household and lifestyle items as well as the occasional accessory and snack.

q box review

The Cost: $24.95

The Products: Q Box sends 5 – 7 cute and unique products from Japan.


q box review

Thinsations White Fudge Drizzled Caramel Popcorn

I wish I could tell you that I liked this snack, but I can’t because my daughter ate the whole thing and didn’t leave one crumb for me to try. I am assuming it was good though.

Brookside Dark Chocolate with Goji with Raspberry 

I love this chocolate. I don’t like Goji berries on their own, but they pair wonderfully with most other flavors!

Stash Tea in Chocolate Hazelnut and Mango Passionfruit 

I love Stash teas and both these flavors are completely new to me. I cannot wait to try them out!


q box review


Touchscreen Stylus and Ballpoint Pen - Retail Value $15.99

I love multi-functional pens. I rarely ever use a stylus, but it is just nice knowing that I have the option.

Hello Kitty Cable Cord Holder Clips – Retail Value $5.99

This is just too cute for words. I always wanted to purchase a few cable clips to keep my cords organized because I just use twist ties now and they are not as cute!


q box reivew

Metal Feather Bookmark – Retail Value $5.99

This is so beautiful and really makes me want to start a new book so I can use it.

Mini Berkin Bag  Coin Case – Retail Value $4.99

The bag is super adorable and my daughter loves playing with it. She likes to hide lots of random objects in there for me to find.

q box reivew

Sparrow Key Ring and Key Holder – Retail Value $12.99

This is so cute and my favorite item in the box! The bird house is such a great touch and I love that the sparrow is also a whistle. I would love to actually use this, but my daughter loves it so much, she’s been keeping it to herself and brings the bird with her everywhere.

q box review

Mom Bird’s Nest Necklace – Retail Value $23.99

I like how unique this necklace is. I don’t wear hold often, but I am sure I will find a nice outfit to pair this with.

q box review


Here is a close up of the necklace.


q box review


Bow Magic Leak Proof Silicone Mug/Cup Lid - Retail Value $8.99

I am not sure what the original use of this lid is, but I use it to keep my new cat away. We recently rescued a kitten and she loves to try and drink out of your cup, so this is the perfect way to keep me from having to constantly get a new cup of water. It’s already the most used item from the box!


Thoughts: I am really impressed with this box! I don’t think Q Box could have sent a better inaugural box. I definitely think this box is perfect for younger girls in college and younger, but everything in this box is being used and really appealed to my fun side.  The value was great at just under $79 – snacks not included! I can’t wait to see what next month’s box is like.


PopSugar Must Have Review February 2014

popsugar must have reviews


My February 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box arrived Saturday and I’ve been happily playing with everything before getting my review finished. Iwas super anxious to get this box because I was expecting a good box for Valentine’s Day.

popsugar must have reviews

The Cost: $39.95 a month, including shipping

The Products: The PopSugar Must Have Box includes “must have” items for women aged 18 – 40 as chosen by the PopSugar editors. You can read my past PopSugar reviews to get an idea of what you can expect.

popsugar must have reviews


Sugarwish Candy Cinnamon Hearts- Retail Value $6.25

I’ve always wanted to try Sugarwish candies (I’ve given a box to a friend once before, but she lives across the country so I couldn’t try hers!) I like the cinnamon hearts because they are a little spicy and a little sweet which is my favorite flavor combination.

popsugar must have reviews


ncLA Nail Polish Rodeo Drive Royalty - Retail Value $16

Despite the fact that I have a huge collection of nail polish, I have very few reds, so I am always happy to get more in my boxes. I love how the polish coats your nails evenly and it is fairly fast drying.


popsugar must have reviews

Model Co. Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and LipStick - Retail Value $16

I love this lip gloss! I think it is so neat that it comes with a matching lipstick for better, longer lasting color. I am still working through a few lip balms and glosses, but as soon as they are finished, this will be next in line.

popsugar must have reviews

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum - Retail Value $23.99

I have Nourish Organic Face Lotion from one of my Ipsy bags, so I was happy to get another product from the company to try. I have a ton of face serum in my collection, but I’ve been putting this in front of the line to try because I love the lotion so much. The smell and texture is fantastic!

popsugar must have reviews


k. hall Designs Peony Candle Tin - Retail Value $11

I love this cute little candle. It is packed with a wonderful flowery scent without being overpowering. I love lighting candles, so this will be used very shortly.

popsugar must have reviews

Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll - Retail Value $45

This is such a pretty pink/red color and very well-made. I would love to use this as a clutch somehow because I already have a jewelry roll. I only need to think of a place where I would use a clutch.




Dial Vitamin Boost Lotion Infused Body Wash – Retail Value $3

I was shocked to see this in the box – it doesn’t really align with the brand image of PopSugar Must Have in my opinion and I initially thought that Dial may have paid to be included in the box, but this is just a guess.


Thoughts: In total, this box came to be over $120 in value which is really great. I am in love with my serum and lip gloss and I really liked the candy and candle. This isn’t my favorite PopSugar Must Have box to date, but certainly not a bad box to get overall!

What did you think of the February 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box?

Yuzen Spring 2014 SPOILERS!

yuzen box

There are spoilers available for the Spring 2014 Yuzen Box! The company just recently posted the brands and products that will be featured in the box on their website.

The Cost: $33 a month, including shipping

The Products: Yuzen includes a selection of high end spa and wellness products aimed at a keeping you relaxed and promoting a more hollistic way of life.


yuzen spring 2014 spoilers


For your convenience, here is a breakdown of the products mentioned on the website and links to the products.

Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment

Balanced Guru Balm Me Up

CHOCOLOVE Cherries and Almonds Chocolate Bar

LOTUSWEI Infinite Love Mist

Sranrom Calm Down Hand Cream 

Sranrom Mindful Living Candle 

Sumbody Bath Fizzers

Sumbody Bath Melts

I am REALLY excited about the Spring box and I can’t wait to get it now! I absolutely love my Yuzen boxes and look forward to them each season. If you want this box, try and sign up now because Yuzen usually has a waitlist that lasts a long time. I was on the waitlist for months! You can read my Yuzen reviews here.