Little Black Bag Review July 2013 – Women’s Subscription Box

Okay, confession time: I think I have a bit of a crush on Little Black Bag. Soon after receiving my first box, the company had a bit of a sale, so I convinced my mom to go halves on another box with me!

The Cost: Varies according to your first item – typically between $26.95 and 129.95, plus shipping
The Products: Designer accessories, beauty products and home decor items. You can read my past Little Black Bag reviews here.
This was out haul. I closed our bag after 48 hours because I was afraid of getting too sucked in with the trading. I am pretty happy with what we got!
These were a bit longer than it looked in the pictures, but they are sill really cute! I can’t wait to wear them to work!
Deux Lux Lucky Wallet – Value $53
I really wanted a new wallet when I opened my first box which I suppose what was what convinced me to go ahead and open another. This is not the wallet I hoped to get, but I still love it! The quality is great and is great for every season.
There is just so much space in my wallet. I feel like I need to get more cards to fill it up!
This is the bag we opened with and kept. My mom really fell in love. I have to admit, I am in love too n

The bag has a ton of room and has a bit of a duffel-like shape to it. I keep a lot of stuff in my purses, so this is great for me. My mom is really small, so this might be a bit big for her. Maybe it won’t be hers for long?

Thoughts: We paid $56 for the box, including shipping and snagged over $165 worth of accessories that we love and will use until they fall apart. I think someone may have to cancel my account before I open another bag! The sunglasses, scarves and shoes are calling me now!
What do you think of Little Black Bag? Is the thrill of trading something you are interested in, or do you prefer the surprise of traditional subscription boxes?

Little Black Bag Review July 2013 – Women’s Fashion Subscription Box

You may have noticed that in the beginning of the month that my updates suddenly slowed to a crawl. This is because I decided to try out Little Black Bag’s social subscription service. Unlike other subscription boxes, there is a very social aspect to this company.

The Cost: Their VIP subscription charges you $9.95 a month and they credit your account $10 a month to use in their shop.The cost of opening a bag varies according to your first item. My bag cost me $56.95, including shipping

The Products: Designer handbags, accessories, jewelry, shoes and home decor.

The Concept: Little Black Bag is not your typical subscription box. Their VIP subscription charges you $9.95 a month and they credit your account $10 a month to use in their shop. When you open a bag, you get to choose your first item, which determines the overall cost of your bag. This cost is usually less than what the retail value of the item is, and they also include one to three additional items in your bag. The value of these products are also dependent on the retail value of the first item you pick. you can read my Little Black Bag reviews here.

After you’ve paid for your bag, you see the other items that was added. You do get a clue, as they tel you the category, brand name and retail value. At this point, you start trading your items with other people with open bags if you do not like what you received.

I decided I liked the bag I opened with, so started trading the other items. At the end, I ended up with my bag and a clutch as well as a shampoo sample that I was not allowed to trade.

Steve Madden Foldover Clutch – Value $58

I was not a huge fan of this clutch and I will be returning it. I just got tired of trading at the end and decided to ship my bag any way.

It is nice and roomy for a clutch and the material is nice and soft. I just do not like the colors.

This gives you a better idea of what the colors look like.

Nila Anthony Striped Satchel - Value $88

This was not the original purse I opened with. The one I chose had navy blue stripes, but somehow it was switched with this one just before I decided to close. I still love it though!!

It is nice and roomy and I love the bright little NA logos!

Thoughts: Little Black Bag is definitely addicting when you get into the trading. I think next time, I will have to open with a purse that I am not so in love with so I can have more fun trading everything. I paid a little over $56 and I received items that valued over $145, so this is definitely a great deal!

What do you think about Little Black Bag? If you tried it already, did the trading get you as sucked in as it did to me?