Phone Case of the Month Review May 2014

phone case of the month review


I’ve been getting Phone Case of the Month for a while now, but I always seem to forget to take photos of my cases before slapping it on and getting it dirty two seconds later. I wanted to do a quick review of my latest case while I could!



phone case of the month review


The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Each month you will get a new novelty phone case for your Iphone or Samsung.

The Concept: This subscription gives you a selection of new and unique phone cases to keep your phone safe and stylish.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Phone Case of the Month reviews here.

The COUPON: Use code ILOVEPCOTM for 50% off your first case.



phone case of the month review


Nerd Love

This is a really cute case and I love how different it is. It is certainly not something I would pick out for myself, but I am happy to have it.


phone case of the month review

Thoughts: I like the variety that you get with Phone Case of the Month and that everyone gets a different case from one another each month. It is definitely worth the money for me to get something new and step outside of my style comfort-zone wit my phone! What do you think about Phone Case of the Month?


Try the World Subscription Box Review: Tokyo + Coupon!

try the world subscription box review

The Try the World subscription box, who kindly sent me this box to review, is a newer travel subscription box that sends a new box based on an international location every other month. I love travel, so this box is perfect for me! Tokyo is one place I haven’t had a chance to visit, so I was so excited to get this box.


try the world subscription box reviewThe Cost: $45, every two months

The Products: Every other month you will receive unique products from a different city in the world as well as fun facts and important information you would need to know if you went to visit that country.

The Concept: Try the World is a great way for you to learn and experience a different city in the world without having to leave your home. The detailed information they provide would also be useful if you chose to visit that country one day, making this the perfect box for seasoned travelers too.

 The COUPON: Use coupon code SUBSCRIPTIONMAVEN to get $10 off your first box!


try the world subscription box review

The box included an information card on the food and lifestyle items.

try the world subscription box review

Also included in the box was a postcard and a ton of different informational cards on Japanese culture.



try the world subscription box review

Origami Paper – Retail Value  $7.95

I remember when I was in grade school a woman from Japan came to our class and tried to teach us origami. Ever since, I’ve had an obsession with the craft. The sheets included are so cute, I can’t wait to create a few animals for my daughter.

try the world subscription box reviewChopsticks Retail Value – $2.00 each

I learned how to use chopsticks in college  while eating Indian food. Ever since, I love to use chopsticks any chance I can get. These are so beautiful (I will probably take a close up of the pattern on Instagram), I don’t want to use them!

Imuraya, Yokan Red Bean Jelly - Retail Value  $3.99

These were very interesting. They are lightly sweet, but also a little savory. The mixture of the bean mixed with the slightly chewy jelly is definitely a combination you need to get used to. My mother used to eat these as a child, so she was more than happy to take them.

try the world subscription box review

Aoi Tea Company, Matcha, Sencha and Genmaicha Teas - Retail Value $3.00

I love green tea and trying different types. I am going to have lots of fun trying these. Matcha is a finely powdered green tea that is actually very good to cook with! I especially love making green tea cookies with it.

try the world subscription box review

Takaokaya, Nori Roasted Seaweed - Retail Value $1.00

I love seaweed, so this was great to get in the box.

 Konpeito Sugar Candy – Retail Value $1.50

I didn’t try these candies yet, but one of my sisters did and she didn’t feel any particular way about them. She said they didn’t really have a strong flavor.

try the world subscription box review

Kingodo, Senbei Rice Crackers – Retail Value $2.50

Yum! I love rice crackers! I ate one of them before I could take this photo and the rest were gone in a couple of days.

try the world subscription box review

S&B, Ginger Paste – Retail Value $2.75

I love cooking, so any ingredients are always exciting to get. I’ve never used ginger paste, so it will be fun to use it to make traditional Japanese dishes.

Morinaga Milk Caramels – Retail Value $3.00

Thoughts: I really liked this box. My values were estimations and on the  low end, simply because I was not able to find really good values online. Besides that, I am super impressed with the variety and number of products. I’ve never come across most of these products before. The level of detail about Japanese culture was also a lot of fun to read and learn. I think that while this box is on the pricier side, it may be worth it for someone who is planning on traveling because this makes a wonderful introduction to the culture.

What did you think of the Tokyo Try the World subscription box?

Phone Case of the Month Review March 2014

phone case of the month

I’ve been getting Phone Case of the Month for a couple of months, but I keep forgetting to share my cases with everyone!

phone case of the month

The Cost: $10 a month (Your first case is only $5)

The Products: Each month, you will get a new novelty printed phone case. They currently offer phone cases for:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4

The Concept: This subscription allows you to constantly change up your phone case with a new and unique case.

The Coupon: ILOVEPCOTM will get you the first case for only $5!

Other Reviews: You can read my other Phone Case of the Month reviews here.

 phone case of the month

This phone case is Light Up My Life. It would be a really cool case to use when going to a concert. I absolutely love the tie-in with the Kurt Cobain quote. Although I really like this case, I wouldn’t imagine myself using it any other time than going out.

phone case of the month

Thoughts: I still really love the concept of Phone Case of the Month and I love that there are only 200 of each print made. I do wish there was a way to rate our cases so we can be sent cases that fit our personality and style more. I cannot wait to see what other case I get next!

What do you think of Phone Case of the Month? What are your favorite phone case prints?


Q Box Review February 2014 – Japenese Subscription Box

Q Box review February 2014

Since my January Q-Box took so long to get here and we thought it would be lost forever, the kind ladies at Q-Box offered me the February box to review. (If you took a look through my reviews, you can see that I did eventually receive the January box). I’ve been wanting a subscription box that sends out Japanese products and this is exactly that, so it is a true pleasure to be able to review two of their boxes!

 Q Box review February 2014

The Cost: $24.95

The Products: Q Box sends a selection of novelty products from Japan and Korea. You can expect lifestyle products, snacks and beauty products. You can read my past Q Box reviews here.

The Coupon:  ENJOY1ST will take 10% off your first box. The March box is already sold out, but you can preorder the April box now!

Q Box review February 2014


I love how they packaged everything inside the tote!

Q Box review February 2014

 Beam Lights Moonin Tote Bag  - Retail Value $10(?)

This is just too adorable! I already have an extensive collection of totes which I usually end up using to store more subscription box items, but I think I will try and find another use for this.

Q Box review February 2014

Beam Lights Matching Pouch – Retail Value $5(?)

I found surprise snacks in my pouch. I love this little pouch and will probably end up using it to help me organize my purse.

Snacks – Retail Value $3?

I love seaweed snacks, so I was pleased to find some in my pouch. And I love Brookside chocolates!

Q Box review February 2014

Too Cool For School Blush – Retail Value $15.99 (?)

I was not able to find this exact product online, but I am loving this blush so much! I’ve been reading review on other products from their line and everything seems to be amazing, so I am going to have to buy some more products from them! Out of all the blushes I have, I think I like this the most. The color matches so well with my skin tone and gives the perfect bit of flush. Plus, I love the packaging. I don’t mean to gush so much about it, but I really am in love with this stuff.

Q Box review February 2014

Love Heart Shape Photo Clip – Retail Value $5(?)

These photos clips are so perfect for Valentine’s Day! Since it’s already passed, I will probably find another way to use them. Hearts and love are year-round anyway.

Q Box review February 2014

Harajuku Lovers Pearl Earrings - Retail Value $25

These are super cute, but not for me. I will be passing these on to my sister.

KOKO Cat iPhone 5 Case – Retail Value $10.99

I am one of the last few people who are still using an IPhone 4S I think. My other sister recently upgraded to the 5, so I will give this to her. It is very cute though!

Q Box review February 2014


Mystery Item: Duck Nail Clippers – Retail Value $2 (?)

I think these nail clippers are just too cute. They’ve been great to get my daughter to let me cut her nails. They work well on adult nails too!

Thoughts: I am really happy with my Q Box this month. I can’t wait to try the blush and although I won’t be using the heart clips for Valentine’s Day, they will still make a great decoration. Everything else is also really cute and exactly what I was expecting with this subscription. I wasn’t able to find accurate values or websites for most of the items, which is expected because of the novelty of the subscription. Overall, I think I even like this box more than January’s!

What did you think of the February Q Box?

Box of Dread Review January 2014

box of dread review


When I found out there was a subscription box called Box of Dread and it was based off everything horror-related, I squealed with joy. I squealed even louder when I was kindly provided a box to review.

box of dread review


The Cost: $20 a month, including shipping

The Products: Box of Dread finds the best horror merchandise around, including movie-related novelty and promotional products and collectibles.

box of dread review


Alien Ripley Action Figure – Retail Value $19.99

I am not really into action figures, but I think this was a great addition to the box and would be something I know a lot of people will love. I am gifting this to someone I know will appreciate it.

The Frighteners Deluxe Movie Cards – Retail Value $1

This is one of those rare cases where I actually found prices higher than this online, but since the sticker price on the cards state this price, this is what I am using. I used to collect different kinds of cards, so this brings me back to those days. Again, these will be gifted.

box of dread review


Insidious 2 Hurricane Lantern – Retail Value $10?

My daughter loves this lantern and I think it was really cool to get this because I couldn’t find it anywhere online (my price is just an estimate) and i love the movie.

Insidious 2 IV Bag Water Bottle – Retail Value $5?

This is another really cool product for Insidious 2. I think the shape is really fun and I love that it can be folded down a lot for easy storage in your bag.


Thoughts: This is a really neat subscription box and although I had to guess on most of the items’ retail value, the one item that was easy to find was worth the cost of the box alone, so everything was extra already. I would love to see Box of Dread continue on with delivering such unique items, but I do think they could improve in the overall presentation of the box.