Orange Glad Review and Coupon May 2014

orange glad review may


A while back, I had a 6-month subscription to Orange Glad and I absolutely loved it. The desserts and treats in each box were always so delicious. I was thrilled when they offered me another box to review.

orange glad review may


The Cost: $15 a month, plus shipping

The Products: Orange Glad sends 5 – 6 delicious baked treats from bakeries around America. You can get double the treats for an additional $12.

The Concept:  This box was created to help you discover more of the amazing baked goods smaller batch companies in America have to offer that you may never otherwise discover.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.

The COUPON: YUMMY10 will take 10% off your first box.


orange glad review may

CiCi’s Handmade Italian Butterhorns  -Retail Value $2.50

These were amazing. I loved how they were crunchy, flaky and super cinnamon-y.

orange glad review may

Cranberry Orange Welsh Cakes Retail Value $3.22

These were really delicious. I loved every moment of eating them. My only concern is that they are super high in calories!

The Sconehenge Baking Co Ultimate Brownie (Gluten Free) - Retail Value $2.45

This was heavenly and you really couldn’t not tell that it was gluten-free.

orange glad review may


Baking Betty’s S’mores Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie   – Retail Value $2.78 each

These cookies were good. They tasted a lot like homemade cookies which gives it a fresher flavor, but also makes me think I could have made them.

Thoughts: I loved everything in the box except for the cookies which I thought were still good, but nothing too spectacular. I can’t stop thinking about the butterhorns and the Welsh cakes! What did you think about the May 2014 Orange Glad box?

Orange Glad Review February 2014 + Coupon Code!

orange glad february 2014

Orange Glad is one of my favorite subscription boxes to get each month. The different desserts and treats have always been a highlight of my month. I’ve been able to discover a ton of new treats to enjoy and share with my daughter. This is the last box in my sixth month subscription and I think I will definitely renew.


orange glad february 2014

The Cost: $15 a month, plus shipping

The Products: Orange Glad finds some of the best desserts around the country to include in their box. You can usually find 5 – 6 different desserts.

The Concept: The company’s mission is to help encourage your sweet tooth by helping you discover some of the best treats from gourmet and small batch companies.

The Coupon: You can use coupon code YUMMY10 for 10% off any subscription.

Other Reviews: You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.

orange glad february 2014




orange glad february 2014


Bissinger’s Chocolate Heart Lollipop

This is just too cute. I almost did not want to eat it, but I did and it was delicious. I love the creaminess of this chocolate.

Chocomize Hot Chocolate On A Spoon Milk Chocolate 

I’ve seen crafts to make these as Christmas presents, but if I can buy them premade, then that is even better for me. The concept is just so cute and I love the little red hearts!


orange glad february 2014

Renaissance Kosher Foods Coconut Macaroons

I love macaroons. Coconut and almond is always a good combination. These were lightly sweet and chewy,

orange glad february 2014


A Couple of Squares Love Heart Decorated Cookie

The meringue icing is a little hard to bite down on, but the cookie itself is so delicious. Sweet and buttery, it’s the perfect sugar cookie.

Desserts on Us Chocolate Almond Laceys

This is the best cookie all around. Toffee almond wafers with a rich dark chocolate. There are so many amazing things going on with this cookie. I loved it.

Thoughts: As usual, Orange Glad was able to impress with the variety and quality of the treats in this box. I loved everything here and wish I had doubled my subscription (you can get double the treats for an additional $12 a box). What I would love to see Orange Glad do in the future is create a light sweets box filled with delicious treats that are a little more guilt-free because this box is really starting to affect my waistline!

What did you think of the February 2014 Orange Glad Box?

Orange Glad Review January 2014 – Dessert Subscription Box

orange glad review january

Orange Glad is a subscription box made for anyone who has a sweet tooth. This is my favorite subscription box I have and as always, I was thrilled to see this at my door.


orange glad review january

The Cost: $15 a month plus shipping

The Products: Orange Glad searches the US for the best baked goods and desserts from small bakeries for you to discover and enjoy. You can read my past Orange Glad reviews to learn more about what you can expect each month.


orange review january

 Just Desserts Sour Cream Coffee Cake – Retail Value $2.50?

This is so moist and delicious – I could eat this all day.

Divine Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar – Retail Value $2

On Friday I forgot my lunch (and breakfast) at home. I did have this in my purse and this was my meal for the day. I regretted nothing because it was just absolutely delightful.


orange glad review january

Clairesquares Shortbread Cookies - Retail Value $1

These were indeed very buttery and not as sweet as shortbread can sometimes become. This is a good thing because it makes this a good shortbread to pair with your favorite jam or lemon curd.

Sweet Lydia Caramel S’Mores – Retail Value $3.66

I am beginning to become a huge fan of Sweet Lydia thanks to Orange Glad. This was incredible. The marshmallow was soft and light, but not sticky like fluff. I was also expecting the graham crackers to be harder, but they were crumbly and melted in your mouth. Delicious.


orange glad review january

Upper Crust Mini Rolls (4 ct) – Retail Value $1.77

I was able to share my mini rolls with others, but I am definitely inspired to try to recreate these rolls in my kitchen. They are just too good for me to afford to pay for a whole new addiction.


Thoughts: As usual, I loved all the treats in this month’s box. I really cannot choose a favorite, but I cannot stop thinking about the S’mores square and mini rolls. The value was really low compared to other months, so I do hope the value does go up again soon. Other than that, this month was a hit for me!


What did you think about Orange Glad? Are there any snacks you hope they include? I am still waiting on a mini pie!

Orange Glad Review December 2013 – Dessert Subscription Box

orange glad review december

Orange Glad is one of my favorite subscription boxes. I look forward to these treats each month and have yet to be let down by them! This is one of my favorite months so far!

orange glad review december

The Cost: $15 a month, plus $6.95 shipping You can double your order for an additional $12

The Products: Each month Orange Glad sends a selection of some of the most decadent baked treats for you to discover each month. You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.

orange glad review december

Fairytale Brownies in Toffee Crunch and Original – Retail Value $2.66 each

These brownies are perfect! They are rich, but not overwhelming; and not cakey, but not too fudgey either. Delicious!

orange glad review december

Funky Chunky Inc Chip-Zel-Pop 2oz. – Retail Value $3.50

This is such an amazing treat if you are a sweet and salty lover like I am. Chocolate covered pretzels, chips and popcorn – you just can’t go wrong!! I only wish we got the larger bag. ;)

Newark Nut Company Chocolate Covered Oreos (5) – Retail Value $1.50

My sister loved deep fried Oreos, so chocolate covered Oreos were a great gift for her to snack on!

orange glad review december

Donsuemor Traditional Madeleines (3) – Retail Value $0.58 each

This delicate and lighter cookie was a welcome addition to the box next to the rich, chocolate flavors. They were buttery and so addictive!

Thoughts: I loved this month’s box so much. I’ve been contemplating doubling my boxes – I think I will do that when my subscription renews. What do you think about Orange Glad and the December treats??

Orange Glad Review November 2013 – Dessert Subscription Box

orange glad review november

I have a major sweet tooth, which is why I always get so excited when I see my Orange Glad Sweet Box at my door. I heard a few spoilers about the box already and ended up digging right in the moment I saw the box!

orange glad review november

The Cost: $15, plus shipping and handling. You can double the products in your box for only an additional $12.

The Products: Orange Glad scours the US for some of the best tasting baked goods to include in their sweets box. You can expect 4 – 6 products in each box. Read my past Orange Glad reviews for an idea of what you can expect.

orange glad review november

Julian’s Recipe Vanilla Bean Belgium Waffle – Value $1.8

Choco La La La Chocolate Peppermint Chip Cookies – Value $2?

I ate the Belgium waffle as-is. It was not until after did I realize you were supposed to heat it up. It was incredible at room temperature. I probably would have gone crazy with how delicious it would be heated up.

No one liked the chocolate peppermint cookies in my house but I really enjoyed them.

orange glad review november

Cary’s of Oregan English Toffee – Value $1

Newark Nut Company Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle – Value $3?

I love English Toffee and Peanut Brittle so these were both just such a treat to eat. I am so glad there are only a few in each bag because I would have eaten it all at once and gained about 5lbs if there was more!

orange glad review november

CrispyCake S’Mores – Value $3.95

I loved the Crispy Cake in our October PopSugar Must Have box, so I was ecstatic to try another flavor in the November Orange Glad box! This one was even better with the gram crackers and the chocolate. I think this may be in my top 5 favorite desserts now! By the way, if you are a CripsCake fanatic like me, you may want to know Orange Glad has a box of 8 CrispyCakes on sale for $32, including shipping!

Thoughts: This was a really great box of treats this month! I enjoyed everything and really think this is the best treat for yourself once a month and would make an awesome gift. By my calculations – and two of the prices are just estimations – the box was a little low on value – just under $12, so I do hope the value does go back up next month!

What did you think about the November Orange Glad Sweet Box?


Orange Glad Review October 2013 – Dessert Subscription Box

I was so excited to get the October Orange Glad dessert subscription box! I was expecting something really great for Halloween!

The Cost: $21.95 a month, including shipping

The Products: Orange Glad searches for the best baked treats from bakeries around the US. You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.

Sugar Knife Cookies and Cream Marshmallows – Value $2.30
Cheryl’s Buttercream Frosted Pumpkin Sugar Cookie – Value $2.50

I’ve never had a cookies and cream marshmallow before, but they are incredibly delicious and I need more of them in my life!

The cookie did get a little crushed in transit, but the cookie is so melt-in-your-mouth soft that I was impressed at how well mine held up!

Seth Greenberg’s Authentic New York Brownie Crunch – Value $4.95
Marché Noir Cabernet Brownie – Value $3

The Brownie Crunch is basically brownie chips which I already know will be incredible.

I never heard of wine flour before, but was surprised to learn it was a key ingredient in this brownie. It is flour made from the skins of different wine grapes. I wish I had a glass of red wine with the brownie because it would have paired really well. For those of you who do not like wine, the brownie did not taste anything like it!

101 Teas – Value $2
Guerilla Beekeepers Wild Flower Honey – Value $3.5

I understand not everyone was happy to have tea in their boxes because it did not exactly go with the overall concept of the box, but I really enjoyed having it and thought the tea went incredibly well to balance the treats in the box.

Thoughts: This box was a huge hit with me! I felt as though they created a great box for October by giving a nod of the head to Halloween while still keeping everything universally pleasing and high quality. Orange Glad also announced in this box that they’ve opened up their own shop on their website for you to buy more of the products you find in your boxes as well as other products the featured brands make. I’ve discovered so many wonderful treats in my boxes that I am ecstatic to hear about this new change!

What did you think about the October Orange Glad? Which was your favorite treat?

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Orange Glad Review September 2013 – Dessert Subscription Box

I tried Orange Glad in July when they first launched and it was one of the best subscription box experiences I’ve had in a while. I decided I should sign up for a 6- month subscription!

The Cost: $15 a month, plus shipping

The Products: In each Orange Glad box, you will receive a selection of desserts and baked treats from different small bakeries around the country. You can read my past Orange Glad reviews here.


Kelley’s Kookies Chocolate Dipped Macademia Shortbread – Value $1.50
Cinderella Cakes Lemon Sugar Cookie – Value $2.50

I love shortbread, especially with homemade lemon curd, so this chocolate dipped shortbread was such a welcome indulgence for me!

I also really love traditional sugar cookies like this and this was baked perfectly.

Modern Bite Designer Chai and Almond Spice Cookie – Value $7
Cinderella Cakes Oreo Cookie Cake Push Pop – Value $3

I loved the presentation of the spice cookies – they were just as delicious as they looked! I did not realize there was another cookie in the box until I went to try it. Such a pleasant surprise.

The Oreo push pop was my lunch (Whoops!), and it was so yummy – I wished it was bigger!

JJ Bakery Almond Nougats – Value $5

This almond shortbread was really amazing! I had these as little mid-day treats.

Thoughts: I really do not see how you can go wrong with this subscription. It is the best box for a nice treat each month. If you have a sweet tooth like the people in my family, this is a box I really recommend! My only recommendation for Orange Glad would be to acquire nutritional information on each treat. Although they do include an ingredient list, those of us who are watching our weight need to know how many calories are in each treat.

What do you think of Orange Glad? What is your favorite dessert?
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Orange Glad Review and Coupon July 2013 – Dessert Subscription Box

When I first heard about the new dessert subscription box, Orange Glad, I could not be more excited. For a while, I was already searching around for a subscription that sent out scrumptious desserts each month. This literally answered my prayers. I was beyond thrilled when they offered me a chance to review their first box for free.

The Cost: $21.95 a month, including shipping

The Coupon: Use code SUBMAVEN to save 10% off your subscription

The Products: Orange Glad searches the country for the best bakeries around and chooses the best to feature in the box. The boxes are expertly packed to keep treats fresh by the time they reach your door. You can read my Orange Glad reviews here.

I loved that they have their own labels to inform shippers about the contents. When I got home, my box was nicely tucked away from the hot sun.

On the bottom of the box, they have this sentence for you to finish and send back to them as a text or picture. I thought that was cute.

Most of the treats were wrapped in the foil which had two ice packs keeping everything cool. The ice packs long since melted, but everything was still a little cool.

I really appreciate a good, detailed product card, but the ingredient list is what I loved the most. So many people have allergies these days, so an ingredient list is vital to any food subscription.

Twenty Pixels Orange Glad pins

I thought these were very cute! I just need to find a place to use them now.

The Secret Chocolatier Chocolate and White Chocolate Bark – Value $2.50 approximately

I only tried the white chocolate so far and I love the macadamia in it. I am saving the other piece for a special occasion.

Yummes Complete Peanutbutterness – Value $5

This was incredible. I am so glad there was only one on the box because I would have eaten them all. In one sitting. Alone.

orange glad review and coupon


Alice’s Stick Cookies in Vanilla – Value $9.95

These cookies were melt-in-your-mouth good. They were rich, buttery and went well with the homemade lemon curd I made this weekend.

Fat Witch Bakery Brownie – Value $2.95

Oh my goodness, I ate this last night and it was the most moist and decadent brownie I’ve ever had. It was really on the verge of being gooey chocolately fudge, but still had that density and crunchy outer shell that let you know this was a true blue brownie. Yum, yum yum.

Sweet Lydia’s S’More Bites – Value $4

I have not tried this yet because I want to wait until movie night with my daughter. I think this is the perfect summer treat and I am so excited to try it out! I think this was the one dessert I was most excited about.

Thoughts: I am so happy to have Orange Glad in my life! This is the perfect monthly treat I need .The total value of this was over $25 and every product was incredible. I cannot wait to see what future boxes hold.

Have you tried Orange Glad’s inaugural box? What did you think? If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to use my code for 10% off!

New Subscription Box Alert! Orange Glad + Coupon Code!

I have a serious sweet tooth. It’s pretty bad. I could eat nothing but dessert for dinner and be the happiest person on earth. (Just don’t tell my person trainer that!) That’s why I literally jumped out of my seat when I heard about Orange Glad – a new dessert subscription service.

The Cost: $21.95, including shipping
The Products: Only the best delectable desserts from bakeries around the country.
To be honest, I actually had a business idea similar to this, but I am glad that Orange Glad is here because that means I can just sit back and enjoy my dessert and let them do all the work. Thanks guys!
The folks at Orange Glad were also kind enough to give me an exclusive coupon code for my readers! Take 10% off your subscription with the code SUBMAVEN.
What do you think of this new dessert subscription service? What delicious treats do you hope they include in their boxes? I am hoping for mini pies and cookies and slices of cake and macaroons……..