PupBox Review June 2014 Puppy Subscription

pupbox review


PupBox is a new subscription box geared toward furry babies. I was thrilled when they asked me to review their box.


pupbox review


The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each month, PupBox will curate a box of goodies based on your puppy’s age, personality, fur type, environment and more. The box will also include fun tips about caring for your puppy and a few tricks you can work on together.

The Concept: This box is mean to be a fun way to help foster a fun, educational “puphood,” made easier with the discovery of new products your puppy will love.


pupbox review

My Little Wolf Duck Hunter Dog Treats – Retail Value $5.99

I love that these snacks are softer for those little puppy teeth. They are also low in calories and are all natural.

Crump’s Naturals Liver Fillet Dog Treats - Retail Value $6.99

I love these natural dog treat an that they have no preservative or artificial colors.

pupbox review

Blue spider Plush Squeaker Toy

This squeaker toy is so cute and my grandmother’s dog loved it!

Orbee-Tuff Blue Dog Bone extra small – Retail Value $6.99

My grandmother’s dog is a tiny Papillon, so a lot of dog bones are too big for her, but this is the perfect size.

pupbox review

Himalayan Dog Chew Seasoning Powder- Retail Value $7.64

I never heard of seasoning for dogs before. It seems a little strange, but I am eager to see how the dog likes it.

BarkWorthies Sausage Roll - Retail Value $4.20

pupbox review


TUG Rubber and Rope Dog Toy – Retail Value $8

This toy is great for a high-energy dog that loves to play. It would probably be good for a larger puppy to use.

Thoughts: Overall, I like the concept of the box and love the extra information and guidance they include. I also like how each box is tailored to the puppies age. I am very happy with my box and I know I will be making a few other puppies very happy to with all the new treats I have! What do you think of PupBox?

PetBox Review April 2014

petbox review april

PetBox is a newer subscription box for both cats and dogs. You have the option to choose your own products or opt to get a surprise box each month. Petbox kindly offered me this box to review

petbox review april

 The Cost: $39 a month (less with a prepaid subscription)

 The Products: PetBox finds great emerging brands and high quality products for your pets to try each month.

 The Concept: PetBox is a way to get quality full-sized products for your pets to use each month.

 Other Reviews: You can read my past PetBox reviews here.

petbox review april

 Life is Pawfect Coffee Table Book – Retail Value $13

This is a cute little coffee book with pictures of dogs in different costumes.

petbox review april

Here is an example of one of the pictures – isn’t he adorable?

petbox review april

Vivamune Health Chews for Large Dogs – Retail Value $22.95

This vitamin chew is actually okay for smaller dogs to use too – they just get half a chew each day.

In Clover Grin – Dental – Retail Value $6.39

petbox review april

Blake Bow Tie – Retail Value $9.99

This tie is so cute, my grandmother’s dog is a girl, so I will be passing this to my co-worker.

petbox review april

The Fifth Paw - Retail Value $14.99

I thought this would be a handy product to have on-hand. It is much better than having to hold onto a bag or even worse – leave it on the ground!

Urine Off Dog and Puppy Formula – Retail Value $2.80

This is an essential for those first few months with a puppy – definitely a good addition to the box.

Thoughts: The total value of this box was over $70, however, I am not sure I would pay some of the prices that were listed. Overall, I did think it was a really great box for someone with a dog.

What did you think of PetBox?

PetBox Review March 2014

petbox reviews

PetBox is a newer pet subscription box that caters to cats and dogs. They kindly sent me this box for a medium-sized dog to review.

petbox review

The Cost: $39 a month (less with a longer subscription)

The Products: The PetBox delivers at least $50 in retail value each month with free shipping Boxes are packed with a surprise (or you can pick the items) based on your cat’s or dog’s age and weight.

The Concept: PetBox is a way to send you premium products for your furry family members as a way to discover some of the best products available to you each month.

Other Reviews: You can read my past PetBox reviews here.

petbox review

Skinneeez Stuffing Free Pet Toy Platypus – Retail Value $11.49

We used to get these toys for our dogs all the time and we love them. They are a great long-lasting toy that won’t leave stuffing all over your floor!

petbox review

Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care – Retail Value $12

This is great for those little scrapes your pet gets while out exploring. I know my grandmother will appreciate getting this for her pup.

petbox review

Bogo Bowl Healthy Weight – Retail Value $5

My co-worker’s dog is getting this as a gift. I wouldn’t say her dog has a weight problem, but she is a little “curvier” than other dogs in her breed, so we will see how this goes. I was surprised at how generous this sample bag is!

Jump Joint Healthy Chew Supplement – Retail Value $10

petbox review

Organic Oscar Shampoo and Conditioner - Retail Value $11.99 each

I am really interested in seeing how this works. $12 per bottle is more than I would spend, but it is always nice to be able to try something pricier for our pets.

Thoughts: The total value of this box was over $60 and the products were full or deluxe-sized. I loved the quality of everything and I am the best pet aunt ever thanks to this box.

What do you think of PetBox?

PetBox Review February 2014 – Pet Subscription Box

petbox review


Ever since adopting our new kitten, I’ve been obsessing over different subscription boxes for cat. When PetBox (who caters to both cats and dogs) offered me a box to review, I had to say yes!

petbox review

The Cost: $39 a month

The Products: PetBox has a wide selection of some of the best pet brands for pet. You can expect about 6 full-sized products in each box.

The Concept: PetBox believes every pet should be spoiled. You have the option to allow PetBox to select the items you get each month, or you can pick them out yourself.

Other Reviews: You can read my past PetBox reviews here.

petbox review

Aussie Naturals Aussie Ear – Retail Value $2.50?

I wasn’t able to find a value for the ear, but this will be a nice gift for my grandmother’s dog.

In Clover Glow – Skin and Coat - Retail Value $8.99

These treats are packed with essential nutrients to keep your dogs healthy and their coats soft and shiny. Another great gift for my grandmother’s dog.

petbox review

Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel – Retail Value $17.25

I was really excited to get this. I feel as though we don’t focus enough on good oral hygiene for our pets.

The Honest Kitchen Valentine’s Day Quickies – Retail Value $9.99

These are meant for dog, but they are just dehydrated fish, so I figured they are okay for cats too and out little kitten LOVES these. I mean, she goes wild whenever she sees the tube in my hand.

petbox reviewBistro Bites Peanut Butter and Applesauce – Retail Value $6

These sound really delicious, I can’t wait to see what my grandmother’s dog’s reaction is when she tries them!

Furminator Medium Long Hair Dog deShedding Tool - Retail Value $52.99

I was shocked at what this retails for and I would never buy it at this price, but now that I have it, I am really excited to see how well it works. I checked the website and although this says it is for dogs, it can be used on cats as well.

Thoughts: I did not tell the company that I have a cat because the box was created before we got her. I am still able to keep half the box for her which is pretty impressive since this box was originally going to be for my grandmother’s dog. The total value of the box was just under $98 which is really impressive for a $39 box. I can’t wait to try this box again with treats for our new kitty!

What did you think of the February PetBox?


PetBox Review December 2013 – Pet Subscription Box

petbox review

I’ve come to love discovering new pet products through pet subscription boxes because they’ve made great gifts for people we know who have pets and are great for my dad to use with the dogs he trains. When PetBox kindly offered me a box to review, I was excited to see the products they have for their dogs!

The Cost: $39 a month, including shipping (less with a pre-paid subscription)

The Products: PetBox differs from many pet subscription boxes because they offer you the chance to pick your own products from their store to put in your box or you can opt for them to surprise you. all the items they have on stock are tried, test and natural.

petbox review

Earth Heart Inc Canine Calm Mist – Retail Value $12.98

Keep Doggie Safe Pet Rescue Decal - Retail Value $5.99

The Canine Calm works like an aromatherapy spray for your pets. You rub it on their ears or in their favorite blanket whenever they seem unsettled. I am interested to see how it works.

petbox review

Sliders Tender Sticks Beef and Cheddar – Retail Value $1.66

Sliders Chicken and Cheddar – Retail Value $9.95

I cannot wait to wrap these treats up as a Christmas present for my grandmother’s dog. I just know she will love these because she adores anything with cheddar!


petbox review

Healthy Dogma Pumpkin Ginger Flavor Barkers - Retail Value $5.95

NoviPet Multi-Vitamin – Retail Value $11.99

I ended up giving the Healthy Dogma snack away before Christmas because I was excited to see how the pup would like the pumpkin ginger flavor which sounds amazing to me!

petbox review

The Honest Kitchen Smooches – Retail Value $7.99

I love The Honest Kitchen products. When we had a dog, this was my go-to brand for all his food and treats.

Thoughts: I loved the variety of products in this box. I was really interested to see the calm spray because it was entirely new to me. The box costs $39 and I received over 455 in products which is a really great value.  I also really like the customization of their boxes – even if you ask them to surprise you, they still ask about pet size, name and even date of birth!

What do you think about PetBox?

PoochPax Review November 2013 – Subscription Box for Dogs

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

I’ve been wanting to do a pet subscription box review for a while now, so I was thrilled when PoochPax kindly offered me this box to review. We do not have any pets in our home, but close relatives have dogs and my father also owns a dog training business so I thought these boxes would make great gifts.

poochpax review

The Cost: $29 for one month, price drops once you prepay for at least 3 months

The Products: PoochPax finds the best age and size appropiate snacks and toys for your dog. You can expect 4 – 6 products in each box

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

Smoke House Bacon Twist – Retail Value $2.49

Spunkeez Rubber Tug Toy – Retail Value $3

Like humans, every dog seems to just love bacon, so I know this bacon treat will be much appreciated to any dog I gift this to for Christmas!

I really like this tug toy because you are able to get a good grip and put in a good game before your dog cheats and uses his paw to swipe the toy away from you!

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

Flash & Glow Dog Ball – Retail Value $9.69

Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Yam Lotsa Chicken Dog Treats - Retail Value $4.99

I love this Flash & Glow ball – it is so much fun! My sister had her cat over this week and my daughter would play with the cat with the ball who also loved the flashing colors.

What I like about these dog treats is that they are full of wholesome ingredients and you don’t have to worry about any nasty unknown additives.

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

A-Plush Kermey the Frog Rope Toy – Retail Value $6.99

This little frog is just too cute! I can’t wait to gift this to my grandmother’s dog this Christmas!

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

EXCLUSIVELY PET Dog Smoochers Drops with Yogurt Treat in Pumpkin – Retail Value $6.09

I was so happy to see these treats in the box. Since I don’t go shopping for pet treats a lot, I was really excited to see something pumpkin flavored. Why should we enjoy the pumpkin madness this season without our furry family members?


Thoughts: The total retail value of the box is over $30 which is a really good value. I think this box was a ton of fun and I know any dog would be happy to get a PoochPax each month. I thought the box was a great mix of treats and exciting new toys for your pet.


What do you think about PoochPax? What is your favorite dog subscription box?