PoochPax Review November 2013 – Subscription Box for Dogs

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

I’ve been wanting to do a pet subscription box review for a while now, so I was thrilled when PoochPax kindly offered me this box to review. We do not have any pets in our home, but close relatives have dogs and my father also owns a dog training business so I thought these boxes would make great gifts.

poochpax review

The Cost: $29 for one month, price drops once you prepay for at least 3 months

The Products: PoochPax finds the best age and size appropiate snacks and toys for your dog. You can expect 4 – 6 products in each box

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

Smoke House Bacon Twist – Retail Value $2.49

Spunkeez Rubber Tug Toy – Retail Value $3

Like humans, every dog seems to just love bacon, so I know this bacon treat will be much appreciated to any dog I gift this to for Christmas!

I really like this tug toy because you are able to get a good grip and put in a good game before your dog cheats and uses his paw to swipe the toy away from you!

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

Flash & Glow Dog Ball – Retail Value $9.69

Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Yam Lotsa Chicken Dog Treats - Retail Value $4.99

I love this Flash & Glow ball – it is so much fun! My sister had her cat over this week and my daughter would play with the cat with the ball who also loved the flashing colors.

What I like about these dog treats is that they are full of wholesome ingredients and you don’t have to worry about any nasty unknown additives.

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

A-Plush Kermey the Frog Rope Toy – Retail Value $6.99

This little frog is just too cute! I can’t wait to gift this to my grandmother’s dog this Christmas!

poochpax review subscription box for dogs

EXCLUSIVELY PET Dog Smoochers Drops with Yogurt Treat in Pumpkin – Retail Value $6.09

I was so happy to see these treats in the box. Since I don’t go shopping for pet treats a lot, I was really excited to see something pumpkin flavored. Why should we enjoy the pumpkin madness this season without our furry family members?


Thoughts: The total retail value of the box is over $30 which is a really good value. I think this box was a ton of fun and I know any dog would be happy to get a PoochPax each month. I thought the box was a great mix of treats and exciting new toys for your pet.


What do you think about PoochPax? What is your favorite dog subscription box?